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How To Prevent Car Accidents

How To Prevent Car Accidents: 5 Major Driving Distractions

When a driver sits behind the wheel, he has to watch out for many things at once: road, traffic signs, crossings, pedestrians, and still drive his own car carefully. The traffic situation can change within a second, and if the driver’s attention is distracted, the consequences can be tragic. Every day the number of cars on the roads increases and it’s getting harder to drive and avoid any conflicts on the road. Now let’s determine what are the main factors and what can be done in order to avoid accidents on the road.

Fatigue and drowsiness

Fatigue is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Driving while fatigued is no less dangerous in its effect than driving drunk. Cases where drivers are unable to cope with driving due to drowsiness lead to crucial consequences. In such a condition, attention is distracted, reaction speed slows down, and the ability to make decisions decreases. As a rule, after four hours of uninterrupted driving, the driver begins to feel tired. This is especially the case with drowsiness, if you have a long trip ahead, thus it’s best to make a stop and take a break for a short nap in the cabin of the car, if there is no motel nearby.

An alternative safe travel option may be to hire a car in the place where you have planned your trip. Thus, by renting a car you might be able to rid yourself of the long drive to your destination. Fortunately, automobile companies offer a huge selection of vehicles, so that everyone could choose a model according to their preferences and needs. Moreover, car rental is more affordable and profitable than ever, so you can rent a Toyota as well as a Lamborghini and stay comfortable and safe during the trip.

Mobile phones and digital devices

Another frequent circumstance of accidents on the road are mobile phones, without which we can’t imagine even a day. Approximately one-third of the drivers in the world use phones while driving a car, regardless of the prohibition of the law. As a result, every year the number of accidents on the road rises, which happened because the drivers, taking advantage of the phone at the wheel, were distracted from the road traffic. The conclusion is that, nevertheless, it’s worth it to limit the time spent on the phone while driving, this way you can answer messages and calls only after you get out of the car.

Voice control applications 

Oddly enough, although the invention of voice-activated control systems, which was intended to reduce distractions from the road, may also negatively affect our concentration behind the wheel. For example, some voice control systems distract drivers more than they reduce distraction from the road. Because of this, concentration and attention while driving is significantly reduced. Consider using voice guidance only in extreme cases, when you find it difficult to look at the navigator yourself.

Taking snacks while driving

Almost every modern car has cup holders and even folding tables. Also, nowadays, you can order and buy food without stopping, so you can eat on the go. Unfortunately, this convenience comes with a price with a high risk of getting into an accident. If you can’t pass up a meal, the best way to avoid problems is to eat or drink only when you’re parked and not on the go.


It’s clear that a lot has been said about the harmful effect of smoking on our health, but there is another aspect of this bad habit – lighting up. Ejecting ash and extinguishing cigarettes while driving increases the risk of getting into an accident. In addition, the smoker is forced to let go of the steering wheel to take a puff, which decreases the ability to drive safely. Obviously, the easiest way to avoid this is to quit smoking altogether, but if you don’t think that’s achievable, at least don’t smoke in the car.

By paying more attention to the factors that cause distractions, you pay more attention to your own safety, as well as, the safety of pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers. Remember to stay focused and be more aware when you are driving.

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