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Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In A Bathtub

Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In A Bathtub? What You Need To Know 

There are some unbelievable laws in America that could startle you. There’s even a probability that you may have broken one or more of these strange laws without even knowing.

Eating an orange in the bathtub was considered illegal around 1920 in California. What was the assumption that brought about this law? 

What happens if you eat oranges in the bathtub? Is it bad to eat orange peels? Can you bathe with orange peels? Is there a perfect time to eat oranges?

You’ll find answers to your questions and more in this article. But firstly, let’s answer the critical question.

Is It Illegal To Eat An Orange In A Bathtub?

No, eating an orange in a bathtub is legal. Californians once believed that the citric acid in the orange would react with the natural bath oils, resulting in a highly explosive mixture. However, this assumption isn’t right. 

Contrary to the weird assumptions that orange juice and natural bath oils would result in an explosive reaction, there may be other benefits of eating an orange in the bathtub. 

What Happens When You Eat An Orange In A Bathtub?

Eating an orange in the bathtub is probably the best self-care you can ever give yourself. You experience thin slices of sunshine when you consume oranges in the morning. Step into the steam; let the warm water flow over you with the fruit in my hand.

It feels so great to start your day with this dazzling ball with many minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. Well, it doesn’t matter how you peel it; remove the peels with your fingertips. Then, if necessary, remove the large chunks of the peel with your teeth.

Allow the juice to trickle down your chin and into your chest. Then, scrape the fiber portions out of the hollow with your teeth.

The orange juice goes all the way to the base of your spine here. The aroma in the orange flows straight to the nerves in your nose, thanks to the dampness in your shower.

This intense smell sets a number of your brain synapses on fire. The sensual feeling of orange sourness on the tongue, the juice on the cheeks and chin, and the bloom of fragrance in the bath steam give you a therapeutic sense.

Is It Possible For Orange Smell In The Shower To Cure Anxiety?

The US National Library of Medicine publishes that orange oils and scents positively influence physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

This positive effect is partly because the citrus contains vitamin C that has a calming impact on the limbic system. This system is a complex brain structure responsible for emotion, motivation, learning, memory, and anxiety.

If you surround yourself with the smell of oranges in the shower, you’ll notice an instant boost in your mood. Furthermore, the aroma calms you down, decreases your stress levels, and puts you in a better frame of mind.

In addition to improving your mood and psychological health, eating oranges in the morning can give you more energy and make you happier.

Is Orange Juice Good For The Skin?

Drinking orange juice every day could be beneficial to your skin. Orange juice is high in antioxidants, especially vitamin C, important for battling free radical activity. These free radicals can make you age faster and cause your skin to become dull and wrinkled.

The high vitamin C in orange juice supports collagen production, giving you youthful and glowing skin. When combined with fruits like honey and banana, orange will perfectly cleanse the skin and restore its natural radiance. 

In addition, orange improves the skin tone and promotes the removal of dirt and filth from the skin pores. 

Is It Bad To Eat Orange With Its Peels?

No, it’s not bad to eat an orange with its peels. Although often thrashed, orange peels are high in essential vitamins, including fiber, vitamin C, and polyphenols.

While eating an orange peel may not be appealing, it’s quite tasty if you add them to smoothies or salads. Nonetheless, they’re bitter and difficult to digest when consuming them in high amounts. 

Orange peels may contain pesticide residues and dirt. However, you can minimize these disadvantages by washing them under hot water. In addition, orange peels lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, whiten the teeth, and reduce gum sensitivity. 

In addition, orange peels protect the respiratory system and aid weight loss by lowering cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, a study published in BioMed Research International shows that orange peels have anti-cancer properties. The peels are high in fiber and insoluble polysaccharides, which aid digestion by allowing food to move smoothly through your intestines.

Is It Safe To Bath With Orange Peels?

Yes, orange peels are great body scrubs. Dried and crushed oranges are excellent natural body cleansers. The peels make your skin silky smooth and help keep it free from infection because of their powerful antibacterial properties. 

In addition, orange peels contain compounds that help reduce skin inflammation, making the peel ideal for treating sensitive skin. Furthermore, the orange peel softens the skin and aids in the removal of dead skin and ingrown hair.

Would you love to try out the orange peels scrub? Fill a warm bathtub with crushed orange peel. Avoid using any other sort of soap in the water since it will counteract the benefits of the orange peel. 

After that, allow the heated water to cool for around 15 minutes before stepping into the tub for a soothing orange peel bath.

Is There A Best Time To Eat Oranges?

If you want your body to get the most minerals and vitamins, the best time to eat oranges is 30 minutes before a meal.

The stomach produces digestive enzymes during this period which aids in the digestion of the next meal. Avoid eating citrus fruits as a dessert right after dinner because it will increase the acid secretion in the stomach.

In addition, eating oranges right after a meal can cause heaviness and digestive issues and reduce nutritional absorption. 

Can You Freeze Oranges?

Yes, you can! Like other fruits, oranges have their peak growing seasons and aren’t readily available throughout the year. 

Always prepare your oranges before freezing them. Please take all of the oranges you want to freeze and peel them one by one until you’ve removed all of the peels.

Make sure all white rind has been removed before cutting each orange into quarters, just like you would while eating it. Then, either store them inside a freezer-friendly bag or a container.

If you want to freeze your oranges whole, all you have to do is wipe the peel under cold water and place it in a freezer-safe bag or container.

Freezing oranges is a simple process that ensures they remain fresh for a longer period, usually between six months and one year. 

Where Are Best Oranges Found?

California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona are the leading orange-growing states in the United States. Florida, known as the Sunshine State, produces over 70% of the total US orange crop, the world’s second-largest behind Brazil. 

The majority of orange lovers feel that Florida grows the best oranges.  Due to the rainy climate, Florida oranges are unrivaled and heavier than oranges cultivated in other US states.

Oranges from Florida can be found in every supermarket on the US East Coast, with dozens of popular types.

Which Is The Best-Tasting Orange?

The navel orange is one of the sweetest orange species. Navel oranges are seedless and have a distinct “navel-like” shape opposite the stem end. This shape is formed by a rudimentary second fruit that grew inside the primary fruit’s skin. 

The navel orange has an easy-to-peel skin; they’re seedless and exceptionally sweet. Thus, this premium orange variety is ideal for munching or snacking. The season for navel oranges begins in November and lasts until June.

What Causes Orange Stains In The Bathtub?

Hard water in your bathtub or shower is one of the causes of orange stains. Your water is hard if it contains too many minerals such as limestone, calcium, and magnesium. In addition, the iron or rust from the pipes can also generate orange stains.

The orange slime forms from a combination of moisture, iron content, and soap scum as the rusty iron color binds itself to soap scum around faucets and drains. 

Although bathing in hard water has no health dangers, the orange stain will eventually discolor your tub, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures.


Now you know eating an orange in a bathtub is not illegal. Rather, eating a fresh orange in a bathtub is both refreshing and stimulating. 

As stated here, orange consumption is therapeutic and could even make you happier. So instead of choosing yoga for a therapeutic cleanse, you can eat an orange in the bathtub for a different kind of rejuvenation. 

The sensual feeling of orange on the tongue, the sensory rush on the cheeks and chin, including the bloom of fragrance in the bathtub gives you a unique therapeutic feel.

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