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Is Kixify Legit

Is Kixify Legit? Review Of Kixify

Kixify is referred to by many as the number one marketplace for snickers in the world. This company is more than that because you can personalize your shopping experience here. To enjoy the benefits of this website to its fullest, all you need to do is sign up for membership. All the top sneaker brands have their presence on this platform. You can talk about top brands like Nike, Asics, Air Jordan, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Vans, and Puma, to name a few. You can find varieties of men’s, women’s, and children’s sneakers on this site.

So, Is Kixify Legit?

Yes, Kixify is registered and does business legitimately online and in stores.

What Are The Main Features Of Kixify?

The Kixify website comes with several features that make it very user-friendly; these include the following;

1. Newest

The Newest section is where you should jump if you want to browse the latest sneakers offered by Kixify. This category offers information on all the most incredible additions to the product collections. You can keep a tab on your favorite sneaker brands here, and this is where you will find some of the best deals too.

2. Top Sellers

This is another exciting category where you can discover what most people are looking at or buying. The sneakerheads will help you discover which products are the best sellers. You can quickly discover what features make some sneakers the best options for buyers.

3. The Under Retail

You can find some of the most affordable sneakers here. You can find affordable sneakers from $100 upwards here, and this is just an estimate if you want the top range deals.

4. Brands

Are you looking for some specific brands? This is where you should head straight. In addition to the regular brands like Nike, Reebok, Air Jordan, and Puma, you will also find brands like Vans, Supra, and Timberland. There are more brands listed here than you know.

5. The Release Calendar

This is one interesting category or feature on this site that is great for those speculators curious about the release date for some sneakers. This is the area where you will see when your favorite sneakers drop. The calendar is designed for those waiting for when some shoes will be released, and you can even preview features of the new sneakers.

6. Gender/Age

Are you looking for a quick filter tool to help you discover sneakers specifically for your gender? You can use this feature even to search for sneakers specifically designed for a particular age range. This is a neat feature that will simplify your search.

What You Should Know About Kixify

The following information is important as a Kixify user;

1. How Does Kixify Work?

Like any retailer, Kixify is all about buying and selling, and the website is simple enough for beginner and expert internet users to use. If you are selling sneakers, you need to create an account as a new user or sign in if you already have an account. You need to have a PayPal address to be a seller on this platform.

Once you sign up, you can become a member and create your own Kixify account where you can list your products. Viewers or potential buyers can see your account and your products before buying them. You need to accept the terms and conditions on your store page to make it acceptable and usable.

One of the conditions you must accept is that the company will take an 8% commission on each sale generated. It would be best to consider adding this 8% to the final price offer on each of your products.

For occasional buyers, there is no need to open an account on the site, but for regular buyers, you may need to sign up and become a member. Registered buyers often get information on sales and discounts and updates on their favorite sneaker brands.

Buyers can choose the products they want and add them to their carts. You can also add any discount coupons available, and that is all you have to do to complete your order. Keep in mind that only the PayPal payment option is acceptable here. Put in your address and confirm your order before checking out. You will receive an email once your order is received, and this includes details of the shipping time and when your order will be completed.

Keep in mind that all payment processes are encrypted and secured; hence your payment is safe and secured on the platform.

2. The Kixify Returns and Shipment Policy

Since Kixify supports small and medium sellers, its return policy can be a bit tough, and this is one area where some people have issues.

Kixify has no specific return policy, but each store on the platform has its own policy. For this reason, you must contact the store owner before you purchase any item from them just to be sure they will accept returns of faulty or out-of-order products. You don’t want to order a product, only to receive a defective one.

It is a similar situation with the shipment. Each store has its own shipment policies, but you can expect some standard delivery procedures. As long as you are in contact with a store beforehand, you don’t have to be scared of getting a fake product.

3. The Kixify Discount Codes and Promos

Discounts are some of the best possible ways of saving money on Kixify, and you can find lots of these on the site. On certain links, you can get up to 45% off the price of some sneakers.

What Are The Main Competitors Of Kixify?

There are numerous merchant sites doing something similar to Kixify, but the following have been identified to be the most prominent ones;

1. eBay

eBay is one of the closest to Kixify when it comes to the similarities in their operations and setup. Though eBay seems to be more controversial than Kixify, it offers lots of product categories, and most of them are refurbished and fairly used items.

eBay has been around for a long time, and despite many negative reviews, the site is still trusted by millions of users worldwide.


GOAT is another site that is similar to Kixify in terms of operations and website operations. In addition to PayPal, GOAT offers an AfterPay payment option which makes it more flexible in that regard. One of the benefits of using AfterPay is that you can make payments for sneakers in installments.

Is Kixify Real?

From consumer reviews on YouTube, it appears most customers are satisfied with their experience on Kixify. Though you may want to think that some of such reviews are sponsored, you need to visit top review sites for more reviews.

Kixify seems to have some below-average ratings on Marketplace sites, while top review sites like Knoji gave it an average review.

Kixify itself is not a scam, but you may come across some stores that may not sell what they advertised, and in some cases, they may sell a product inferior to what you see.

O deal with fake store issues, Kixify has introduced a feature called “Select.” This feature guarantees that the store you are dealing with is legit. The stores you find on the Select feature have been verified by the company and certified to be legit.

Aside from providing an intuitive and user-friendly website, Kixify has a reliable customer support service that is always available.

The donning red color of the contact information of Kixify makes the site more aesthetically appealing. The display of shoes on the site appears like you are watching the product in an actual store. Scrolling through the site will take you from one beautiful image to the other, and you can feel the professionalism here, but you don’t have to fall for all these if you are unsure of what store you are dealing with.

To contact Kixify and confirm the legitimacy of a store, you can either contact the store directly or send an email to Kixify at

Aside from the email, there is a form available on the home page that you can fill up and send for inquiry. The customer care service responds to emails within 24 hours; hence you can get your issues resolved in no time. You can also use the toll-free number to contact the customer care service directly.

Kixify currently enjoys an A+ rating on the Bureau for Better Business (BBB) list, and that also adds up to the trust that users have in dealing with this company. The A+ rating awarded to Kixify has been there since the birth of the company a few years ago. The company has never at one time downgraded to a lower rating despite numerous complaints from some users because it has maintained the integrity of its customer care and operations.

If you are unsure of the legitimacy of this company, you need to verify the individual stores you want to deal with.

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