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Is NSLS Worth It

Is NSLS Worth It? Everything You Should Know About The National Society Of Leadership And Success

Have you ever encountered any student ask questions like, “is NSLS worth it? Finding an honest answer to this question can help interested members to make an informed decision and that’s what we intend to provide. 

Joining a leadership society can be a huge achievement for any college or university student. The impact could be felt even after one graduates from school. It can boost one’s resume, offer massive networking opportunities, scholarship opportunities for further education, and so on. 

These are some of the possible benefits of joining a leadership society. But keep in mind that things might not always go this way. Certain persons have joined leadership groups and remained unemployed even after leaving school. 

The advice for potential members is to evaluate their options and choose a leadership society that matches their chosen field. You can also ask your predecessors about the potential benefits of joining, though your personal research is the most important.

Now, let’s answer the question many potential NSLS members may have in mind.   

So, Is NSLS Worth It?

Yes, the NSLS is worth it from the standpoint of a professional. There are many positive reasons you should join the NSLS. You’ll have the opportunity to build stronger professional connections, seek help for fundraising and social interactions.

Why NSLS May Not Be Worth It

As prestigious as the NSLS is, evaluating the quantifiable benefits of joining can be tricky. It all depends on what you want. If you are looking for something to add to your resume, joining the NSLS may not be worth it because employers may not even consider it when hiring.

Other benefits the NSLS claims members can have access to in include access to whopping $400,000 in scholarship, access to exclusive job board, personalized recommendation letter, awards, brand discount and more.

What Is The NSLS All About As An Honor Society?

The National Society for Leadership and Success was founded in 2001 and described itself as a Leadership Honor Society. It is the most significant leadership society in the USA, with almost 800 chapters nationwide and more than 1.2 million members.

It is an organization that claims to help members achieve their long-term goals, and the candidacy of the organization remains a nationally recognized achievement. The following are things you should know about the NSLS;

1. Candidacy is about National Nomination

Not everyone can become a member of NSLS because candidacy is by national nomination. The nomination is based on academic standing and leadership potential. The candidate must have achieved and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, but the college or university has the right to be more selective.

2. Lots of benefits are Attached to its Different Membership Categories

The benefits of becoming a member of the NSLS are pretty enormous. A member gets unlimited access to lectures on leadership and exclusive access to the organization’s events. There are scholarships and lots of discounts with partnered companies, especially on computers, books, and preparatory courses.

Unlike many other organizations, the NSLS has become a training program for young leaders, especially those graduating or about to graduate from colleges and universities. There are series of courses to complete after registering for a membership and before induction.

Members will be expected to complete networking meetings, leadership events, and orientation programs either online or on campus. In most cases, students will have to take between two and three semesters to be walked through the induction requirements. You will need to work through 14 hours of mentoring plus some additional hours on community service to become a member.

3. Leadership conferences and Educational Courses

Leadership conferences and educational courses are part of the benefits of joining the NSLS. The leadership resources offered by NSLS are comparable to motivational speeches like the TED Talk-style shows. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, NSLS earmarked up to $350,000 for scholarships, and $2 from membership fees goes to this scholarship funds.

Essential Things You Should Know About NSLS

The following are some of the critical things you should know about the NSLS;

1. How Much Does it Cost to Join the National Society of Leadership and Success?

To join the NSLS, you will need to pay a one-time fee of $85 for registration. This one-time fee will grant you access to all the association’s benefits. Many honor associations will charge an initiation fee. You shouldn’t pay attention to registration fees when joining a society; you should rather pay attention to the returns on your investment.

2. You Must be Invited

Unlike many associations, the NSLS membership will require an invitation from your local chapter. The leaders of your local chapter typically determine the nomination criteria. In most cases, these leaders will consider your GPA and leadership potentials. Most students invited to apply must have achieved some distinction in their academic works.

Even if you qualify for NSLS membership based on your academic qualifications and leadership potentials, you must fulfill the program requirements to get inducted.

You will need to contact the advisor for your NSLS chapter to discuss the criteria for students invited to become members of the NSLS. The contact of your NSLS chapter is typically included in the invitation on the right-hand side at the bottom of the page.

3. You May Also Apply for Membership

If you are not invited and want to become a member of the NSLS, you can apply for membership by completing a nomination process online on the NSLS website.

Part of your nomination process is to get at least one faculty member to recommend you- this also can be completed online. If you have any issues or questions about the NSLS nomination process, you can contact the headquarter office of the organization.

If approved, you will get a nomination code to join the NSLS and be considered a pre-inducted member of the institution.

4. You Can Start a Chapter of NSLS if There is None in Your School

If you don’t have a chapter of the NSLS in your school, you may want to apply for an internship program at NSLS. You should also apply online, and a faculty member in a school nearby can recommend you for membership. The online chapter is equivalent to the local chapter and has the same membership benefits and induction requirements.

5. Is the Online Chapter Same as the Local Chapter?

In most cases, the online chapter can substitute for the local chapter, except that you don’t have to attend meetings in person as an online member.

Frequently Asked Questions On NSLS Membership

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions on NSLS membership;

1. Is There a Difference Between a Member and an Inducted Member?

Once your student membership has been accepted in the NSLS, you will be considered a pre-inducted member, giving you limited access to NSLS benefits.

When a student has completed all the induction requirements and steps, they become inducted members of the NSLS with access to the full benefits. The benefits offered by the NSLS are there to help individual members become more successful in their endeavors. Members are considered those who have achieved full induction, while ordinary members have restricted access until they are inducted.

2. What is the Time Duration for Completing Induction?

The average time it will take to complete the induction steps towards NSLS membership is twelve hours. This duration is spread out over the length of a school semester. While most members complete their induction within a semester calendar, others do take longer, but they have to complete the induction before they complete their studies.

3. What is Included in a Membership Kit?

Once the induction stage is completed, the NSLS will send membership kits that include your membership certificate, car decal, a membership T-shirt, plaque, and pin. If you paid the membership fees during registration, your advisor would present this kit to you on campus at the induction ceremony.

4. What is the Refund Policy of the NSLS?

The NSLS offers a refund policy. The NSLS provides members 30 days to get a full refund of the membership fee within 30 days from the date of enrolment. During the free refund month, all members can enjoy all the benefits of membership, which include partner discounts, access to leadership programs, and access to online job boards.

You will also have access to scholarships and awards within the 30-day refund period for members. Offer of full refund expires after 30 days, and a member can’t request for such after the time frame.

5. What are Your Options if You Don’t Qualify for Refund

NSLS has created an online chapter at no additional cost to members, and this is the same as a program at the local campus. If you fail to ask for a full refund within the 30 days recommended, then you will forfeit your membership fees. Your option is to request for a new membership in the next registration cycle and some discounts may be granted based on your situation.

6. Is the NSLS a scam?

No the NSLS is not a scam. They are a not-for-profit organization that is big on leadership. You have to pay a one-time membership fee of $85 and with that, you’ll become a member for life. You’ll have the opportunity to attend a lot of leadership classes and how to become a good leader. 

The courses are great, and the certificate acquired as a member may set you apart when you go job-hunting. Employers that know about the NSLS and seek candidates with leadership qualities may turn their attention to you. 

 A Handy Tip: Joining the NSLS and obtaining their certificate shouldn’t be a substitute for a higher degree. You’ll have far better chances of landing your dream job with a Master’s degree and a certificate (probably the NSLS) that shows you have useful leadership skills. 

In addition, being a member can be a great experience for people looking for opportunities to socialize. You’ll have access to other members and seek their opinion on personal, including professional issues. 

7. Is the NSLS accredited? 

Yes, the NSLS is not only the largest, but are the only accredited leadership honor society in the United States of America. In addition, they have a record 1.5 million members and 700 chapters at universities across the country. 


So, is the NSLS worth it? Yes, joining the NSLS is worth the time and money. You can obtain several benefits when you join like top-rated leadership training, access to $400,000 worth of scholarship, personalized recommendation letters, awards, access to exclusive job boards, and others.      

The NSLS is accredited through Cognia which is a recognized and reliable authority in quality of training and education in the USA. The courses offered by NSLS have been recommended for some credits in colleges and universities by the NCCRS, and ACE.

NSLS has been certified as a B. Corp, and it maintains an A+ as a registered member of the Better Business Bureau. The organization works closely with great leaders within and outside of the country. With a strong reputation in the academia, government and private sector, NSLS has become a very credible establishment to trust as a credible Honor society.

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