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Is Thrive a Pyramid Scheme

Is Thrive A Pyramid Scheme- What You Should Know About Thrive 

Thrive is a weight loss management promotional venture that rewards its loyal members financially. It is officially referred to as “Le-Vel Thrive,” founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. It can be referred to as a health and wellness multi-level marketing (MLM). Though it is free to join, you can boost your financial rewards by becoming a member with a fee of between $100 and $300. Today, only the company sells weight loss products, and members who join its MLM are not mandated. The company’s products seem to have great reviews.

So, Is Thrive a Pyramid Scheme?

No, there are no products and services sold here; hence it is not a pyramid scheme.

Why Do Some People Refer To Thrive As A Pyramid Scheme?

Le-Vel Thrive has a long history that started in 2012; hence it has become one of the most trusted companies today. The company’s products also have numerous positive reviews showing genuine products offering outstanding results for people.

Many skeptics believe that Thrive is a pyramid scheme in disguise because you need to invite people to join in if you intend to move up the rankings. Some people also believe that the company’s products are somehow expensive, but what do you expect from a product that works efficiently on people?  

Perhaps the hidden monthly costs that membership comes with are why many think it’s a pyramid scheme. The truth of the matter is, you can be a free member without paying monthly fees, but you need to invite members to move up the ranks and get more financial rewards.

Features Of Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive is a Multi-Level-Marketing program specializing in helping customers lose weight with its 1-2-3 tier level systems. The company behind the program sells mainly weight loss products that are more effective than many of its competitors despite being much cheaper. The following are the basic things you should know about Le-Vel Thrive;

1. What is Le-Vel Thrive?

 Le-Vel tagged itself as a wellness company that also markets itself as a premium lifestyle company. The flagship product offered by the company was called “Thrive Experience,” which is a three-step regimen that comprises some premium weight loss capsules, an ultra-micronized shake drink, and the Thrive premium lifestyle DFT. The company claimed these products give the body more energy while speeding up weight loss. The company sells its products via its brand promoters, who earn commission on all sales generated.

2. What Does Le-Vel Thrive Sells?

In addition to the three-step Thrive experience, the company offers a range of products that include the following;

  • Thrive Plus is a product that claims to offer great immune support, energy boost, weight management, relaxation, and mental clarity.
  • Thrive Fit- This is a product that comprises a powdered mix that contains BCAA – a branch chain amino acid formula that works as a tool t prepare your body for exercise.
  • The Thrive Fit Build- This is a product comprising a blend of whey with casein protein isolate.
  • The Thrive Fit Recover -This is a recovery formula designed for post exercise era. It comprises protein and certain carbs finely-blend.
  • Thrive Skin- This is a three-step system referred to as “Peel, Reduce and Restore.” The formula is enriched with CBD oil that has been proven to make your skin more youthful.

Measuring The Success Of Le-Vel Products

The question on everyone’s lips is; Do Le-Vel products work?

The company made some impressive claims on what their products can do, and these include aiding weight management, enhancing cognitive performance, and providing support for the digestive and immune systems. It is also important to mention claims like healthy joint functioning and more.

Though there has been no scientific investigation into these claims, many people who have come across these products attest to their potencies and confirm they worked. The Thrive patches for weight loss are some of the products many customers claim to work for them.

Le-Vel Thrive Compensation Plans

As expected from any MLM system, Le-Vel offers great financial rewards or compensation to its partners or members. There are up to eleven ways you can earn by partnering with the Le-Vel Thrive system, these are;

1. Retail Sales Compensation

As a brand promoter, you can earn up to 20% on the purchase value of customer orders. In addition to this, active and qualified promoters will also earn commissions from orders that are placed by promoters they invited and sponsored.

2. The Vanishing Auto-ship Compensation

As a member or brand promoter, if you have two or more customers on the Le-Vel auto-ship program, you will be eligible to get free products from the company.

3. The Infinity Fast Start Reward

This is a bonus reward system that rewards any brand promoter who successfully signup new brand promoters. The bonus payments can range from $5 to $140. This is one of the first rewards you will likely get when someone signs up under you.

4. Infinity Fast Start Match

This bonus system pays each brand promoter roughly 10% match of the infinity match start bonus when you sponsor a brand promoter.

5. The Infinity Fast Start Match Accelerator

This is similar to the Infinity Fast Match bonus, but in this case, you must have a minimum of 8 personally sponsored promoters and then reach the VIP 4K rank, to receive this bonus.

6. Go VIP Bonus

This bonus system allows VIP promoters to earn between $400 and $800 plus some extra Thrive credits when they meet a high level of sponsoring and sales goals, especially within the first fourteen days of joining Le-Vel Thrive and becoming a promoter.

7. The iPad Mini Bonus

This is a bonus payment you can use in purchasing iPad Mini once you meet some requirements in your first 30 days as a brand promoter. This bonus is offered for 4000 QV, 4 personally sponsored brand promoters, and 4 customers you successfully got on auto-ship.

8. The Uni-Level Team Commissions

This is one of the most interesting bonuses you can get on this system. It is a bonus or commission you get when members you sponsor up to 8 levels down earn you a commission when they generate sales or sponsor new members.

9. The VIP Auto Bonus

This is a monthly auto bonus of between $800 and $1,600. You need to check the requirements for this bonus as it is available for VIP members.

10. Lifestyle Getaways

This is another interesting bonus or reward for being a member of this system. The paid vacations include a getaway to several places in Las Vegas, Alaska, and Italy.

How Much Can You Make From Le-Vel System

There seem to be ample opportunities to make money on the Le-Vel system based on the numerous bonuses offered.

Though, the Federal Trade Commission, more than 90% of individuals who join multi-level marketing programs rarely make money. It means the majority of commissions paid by multi-level marketing owners go to the top-of-level promoters, which are quite small.

1. Le-Vel is Not a Pyramid Scheme

Though it shares a lot of similarities with pyramid schemes, Le-Vel should not be regarded as a pyramid scheme. Thrive is not a pyramid scheme because members or partners may decide to sell the company’s products or get paid when their sponsored members sell the products.

There is a line between multi-level marketing and pyramid scheme. Le-Vel Thrive is multi-level marketing or MLM; hence it is possible that you become one of the top-tier members who will enjoy most of the benefits. It would be best if you worked hard to sponsor people who are also ready to be active. Doing this guarantees success on any MLM problem, including Le-Vel Thrive.

Most people often start well with high expectations. They manage to sign up one or two members who on the other hand, may find it difficult to invite people under them. When your sponsored members under you don’t find people, there will be some stagnancy sort off, and you may not get bonuses.

If you are not the type of person who can encourage other people through marketing, you may not achieve much success with multi-level marketing.

2. Le-Vel Thrive is Not a Scam

There are people who have made money, and some are still making money on Le-Vel Thrive; hence it is not a program that will abscond with your money. Perhaps you should consider investing what you can afford to lose, even if you are not going to lose anything. Experts also suggest that you work on your referral list before you even invest a dime in it. Individual members who successfully invite and sponsor other members before investing in multi-level marketing often end up in the first tier of most successful members.

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