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Kangaroo vs Human

Kangaroo vs Human: Who Would Win in A Fight Between The Two?

There are videos online highlighting various fights between a kangaroo vs human. Would we win in such a fight?

Kangaroos are, without a doubt, one of the most well-known animals in Australia and the globe. One of their distinct and exciting traits is the ability to kick, hit, and fight, even against humans.

Almost all kangaroos, except for tree kangaroos, use their long, strong back legs and feet to hop and jump. Their long, gradually expanding tails help them maintain equilibrium.

The marsupials reside in Australia and New Guinea. These animals must maintain their fitness to be so swift and leap so high. Let’s get in and compare how the kangaroos fare against humans.

Kangaroos: The Pouched Mammals Explained

Kangaroos are famous for their powerful hind legs and a long tail. Their hearing and vision are excellent. Their hair can be scarlet, gray, or light to dark brown, depending on the species.

The four subspecies of kangaroos in Aussie include;

  • Antilopine kangaroo
  • Red kangaroo
  • Western gray kangaroo
  • Eastern gray kangaroo.

The red kangaroo is the largest, weighing up to 200 pounds. It stands more than six feet tall. The Goodfellow and Dorastree kangaroos, on the other hand, reside in the jungles of New Guinea.

The male kangaroo is more prominent and more robust than the female. Their shoulders and chests are more extensive, and their limbs are thicker and more robust.

In addition, their legs are larger and more powerful, allowing them to leap higher and further. Male kangaroos have longer tails, which they use to maintain equilibrium while hopping.

These physical characteristics give male kangaroos an advantage in terms of strength. In contrast, female kangaroos can be pretty robust.

They are usually more athletic and quick than males, even though they are not as big. Their small stature also gives them an advantage when moving around.

Additionally, female kangaroos are nearly always either pregnant or lactating. This implies that they must be able to protect themselves and their young from harm. Due to this, female kangaroos are typically more aggressive than male kangaroos.

Lastly, kangaroos are formidable because they possess unique abilities that make them tough.

How Do Kangaroos Compare To Humans

The primary distinctions between humans and kangaroos are their appearance and intelligence. Humans are brilliant, bipedal animals whose primary mode of locomotion is walking.

The average human is 1.77 meters tall and up to 200 pounds in weight. Kangaroos, on the other hand, are marsupials that travel on two legs and have long tails. 

They can be up to 200 pounds and are 6.6 feet tall, and they hop as their primary form of movement.

These distinctions are minor, but they help us determine how the two compare against each other. Here are other notable comparisons between the two.

1. Strength

Size and composition differences can make it difficult to compare the strength of different species of living creatures. 

Humans typically weigh more than kangaroos, which lends credence to the assertion that they are sturdier. However, in general, a kangaroo can be more challenging than a man.

That is, a normal-sized man can manage a normal-sized kangaroo. If the kangaroo attacks with its back legs, it can be stronger than the man.

Kangaroos are typically very powerful because most of their bodies are composed of muscle. The majority of their weight consists of muscles.

Kangaroos’ back legs are solid, which would win a combat. Kangaroo strikes are some of the strongest in the animal world. Due to the strength of their legs, kangaroos can leap up to 3 meters (9’10”) in height.

2. Offensive Capabilities

Kangaroo’s kicks can be deadly. They dismember and rip other animals apart using claws on their hind legs. Kangaroos frequently attack or fight an opponent before balancing on their tail and delivering a devastating kick.

Humans can fight with their feet, hands, and body weight, but their blows are weak compared to the kangaroos.

3. Genome Composition

According to Australian scholars, kangaroos and humans share a great deal of genetic material, and may have originated in China.

Scientists from the Center of Excellence for Kangaroo Genomics said they had mapped the genetic code of Australian marsupials for the first time. They discovered that much of it was the same as the human genome.

“Many genes are in the same order, but some are distinct. As an illustration, we have slightly more of this and slightly less of that,” they said.

Researchers expected the genetic makeup to be completely different, but they are not. The marsupial genome shares many components with human DNA.

According to researchers, kangaroos originated in China before crossing the Americas and settling in Australia and Antarctica. 

4. Speed and Movement

Their bodies are designed for jumping, not running and walking. This does not indicate that they are sluggish animals. 

When they hop, kangaroos can go as quickly as 44 mph. The fastest a person can run is approximately 15 miles per hour, so kangaroos are faster than humans.

Kangaroos are significantly quicker than humans. On average, people can travel between 12 and 20 miles per hour. But the maximum speed a person can achieve is 27 mph, which they cannot maintain for more than a few seconds.

Kangaroos can maintain a speed of 12 mph and reach speeds between 35 and 44 mph as top speeds.

5. Aggressiveness

Kangaroos are aggressive to anyone, including humans who intrude on their territories. Mature roos will examine you to determine if you pose a threat when you venture into their territory.

If you approach them too closely, they may feel fearful and intimidated. This could lead to aggressive behavior.

During mating season, male adult kangaroos are very mean and aggressive. They may mistake others for rivals for female attention and attack without provocation. Breeding season is a time when roos are more likely to be aggressive.

Kangaroos that get near people’s homes are usually not mean, and they will run away if they are seen. If you reside in an area where kangaroos are common, you should always watch your children to ensure their safety.

6. Body Size

A typical human and a kangaroo are of comparable dimensions. It’s hard to determine which animal has the added advantage here.

Humans, on average, are 5.5 ft tall and weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. Kangaroos, on the other hand, can weigh up to 200 pounds and stand over 6 feet tall—more or less the same between the two.

7. Predatory Behavior

People are skilled at hunting prey due to their extensive hunting abilities. People are notorious for only hunting momentarily and setting up simple ambushes using tools. For humans, however, hunting many animals necessitates the use of tools.

Kangaroos are not predators; hence no need for hunting as they are herbivores. They have some boxing-derived combat instincts, which they use to compete for resources.

8. Defenses

Humans use a variety of defenses, including relying on their intelligence to avoid enemies and find safety.

Kangaroos are tall, fast, and excellent swimmers. Some sections of their bodies, such as their bellies, are covered with thick skin to prevent them from attacks.

Because humans are smarter than kangaroos, their fundamental defenses are more substantial. However, kangaroos’ physical defenses could be better.

Are Kangaroos Dangerous To Humans?

Generally, kangaroos are not afraid of humans. If they are not scared, they may be quite curious about humans and even friendly. 

However, if someone gets too near or behaves aggressively, kangaroos and wallabies may become frightened and defend themselves. 

Additionally, kangaroos that humans have fed may anticipate food when they approach. So do not feed them or approach them too closely.

Kangaroos can pose a threat to humans. They dislike conflict and will avoid one whenever possible. However, you should show them respect and give them space, as they are quick to anger and will fight if they feel threatened.

The rear legs of roos are mighty, allowing them to deliver spectacular kicks that can cause severe injury. Their paws are also equipped with large claws that they can use to strike and severely injure humans.

Kangaroos are typically calm, but keep away from them to avoid a fight that will undoubtedly end badly for you.

Who Would Win In A Fight Between A Kangaroo And A Human?

Don’t let your boxing skills cloud your judgment. A kangaroo will beat you up in a fight. Humans may be stronger due to their size or, in the worst cases, their height. However, a kangaroo’s claws are biological weapons that can easily kill humans.

Refrain from being deceived by films depicting effective kangaroo combat. In the wild, kangaroos would attempt to grasp you before tearing you apart with their clawed feet. Without firearms and armor, humans are straightforward prey for these wild animals.


Kangaroos would win in a kangaroo vs human fight. Kangaroos are among the largest creatures relative to their size. They have a bite force of 900 PSI or more. 

They can square it off with larger predators such as grizzly bears and lions, but they pose a threat if they feel threatened.

Kangaroos remain one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia. They are constantly around humans, and people sometimes get too close to them. 

Humans should be cautious when approaching kangaroos in the wild. Even though kangaroos are typically timid, they are courageous and strong enough to engage in head-on combat.

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