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Load Bearing Wall Ideas

22  Load Bearing Wall Ideas: The Smart Design  

If you want to improve the look of the support structure of your house, you will need some load-bearing wall ideas to get you started. Load-bearing walls support your house roof and prevent it from collapsing. 

Living in a house without load-bearing wall support is quite dangerous for you and your family. Even if the roof structure doesn’t collapse immediately, there is a high chance that it will get weak over time. 

If you need to innovate your load-bearing wall to maintain safety and increase beauty, here are 25 ideas on how to do that. 

1. Kitchen Island Columns

Kitchen Island Columns
Source: pinterest.com

This load-bearing idea involves connecting your load-bearing wall with the kitchen island. The kitchen island is very important for families with busy mornings. Kids have to go to school while you have to get to work. 

The kitchen island will be connected to the load-bearing wall making it a safer place to eat. You will have breakfast and other meals while you smile, knowing you are safe and protected. 

2. Two Column Load Bearing Wall Cabinets

Two Column Load Bearing Wall Cabinets
Source: pinterest.com

This load-bearing wall idea involves making cabinets between two columns of load-bearing walls. It is an innovative way to make use of space, and it will give you extra space for storing your utensils. 

You can even have some bottles of wine on these cabinets if you are a person that loves to serve chilled wine. It is wonderful even for display, and your guests will love it. You can innovatively make use of space with this idea. 

3. Load Bearing Wall Book Case

Load Bearing Wall Book Case
Source: pinterest.com

Once you have a load-bearing wall in your house, you can make it look smart by having a bookshelf. The bookshelf brings out a gorgeous image of the house’s overall outlook, and people will love it. 

Nothing feels more comfortable than a quiet home where everything looks in order. You can also stick other stuff on your bookshelf to make it more visually appealing to the eye. Stuff like gastropod shells and vessels would be great. 

4. Kitchen Pantry 

Kitchen Pantry 
Source: pinterest.com

Your load-bearing wall can be the perfect place to renovate your kitchen pantry. The space that connects two columns in your house can be a perfect place for all your food items, dry items, and kitchen appliances. 

However, how you implement this idea will greatly depend on the size of your kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, you can have a walking kitchen pantry and a closed kitchen pantry if you have a small house. 

5. Mini Wine Rack 

Mini Wine Rack
Source: pinterest.com

The space between two columns of load bearing wall could be perfect for placing your mini wine rack. This load-bearing wall idea features a mini wine rack between two load-bearing walls. 

The load-bearing walls will keep supporting the roof and look like they are for holding your wine rack. Please make sure you always fill the wine rack once you empty it. It will look lovely and more natural. 

If you implement this idea, it is good to ensure that you keep light away from the rack to preserve the wine. 

6. Humble Mini Bar In The House

Humble Mini Bar In The House
Source: pinterest.com

Besides having a mini wine rack, this load-bearing wall idea features a full-stack mini bar. If you love drinks or have friends who love drinking, they will be impressed by this idea. 

You can have drinks and glasses on your load-bearing wall, and they will come out naturally. You can decide to keep some drinks chill while you make others cold. 

When your friends come over, you guys can enjoy some weekend games while you sip some drinks from that minibar. 

7. Wooden Beam Room Dividers

Wooden Beam Room Dividers
Source: pinterest.com

Sometimes the load-bearing idea can serve as a perfect room divider. Instead of having one large room, you can have two rooms with ample space to carry out different duties. This load-bearing wall idea involves a wooden beam with which you innovatively divide a room. 

It will make the house look like it has more room and make it easier to decorate. A good example is having one room as a living room and the other as a dining room. You can also have a storage place between the room dividers. 

8. Custom Kitchen Furniture

Custom Kitchen Furniture
Source: pinterest.com

A load-bearing wall can be a perfect spot to create custom kitchen furniture. You can have the space to create a working space in the kitchen. Add chairs where some people could sit. You could have an interesting chat as you prepare meals in that space. 

The space left by a load-bearing wall can also serve as a support where you can hang stuff. This load-bearing wall idea features innovating the kitchen space to end up with a more furnished kitchen. 

9. Use Load Bearing Wall Column To Display Art

Use Load Bearing Wall Column To Display Art
Source: pinterest.com

The load-bearing wall pillar can serve as a viable place to hang art. You can use words such as a welcome home on the inside or outside. It will make your guest feel more comfortable at your home. 

The pillar in the middle of the house can serve as a nice place to hang family pictures. The pillar can serve as your family tree, and it can serve the family for generations. Children would love to see pictures of their great-grandparents and what they did in their time. 

10. Clad Load Bearing Wall Column With Wood

Clad Load Bearing Wall Column With Wood
Source: pinterest.com

You can clad a load-bearing wall pillar with wood to create a modern house design. It brings out a nice and smart living center. This load-bearing wall idea is great for your home office and living room. 

It will help bring out the peace and quietness everyone craves when they want to be productive. This idea is also good for giving the house a neat look. You can have the wood color per your liking.  

11. Load Bearing Column Lighting

Load Bearing Column Lighting
Source: pinterest.com

If you want to improve the lighting in your home, you could try to innovate your load-bearing wall to provide some light. This idea will not only have you end up with a neater home, but it will also improve your home lighting at night. 

You could have white light in the column and then cover it with glass. It brings out a centerpiece of attraction in the house that your guests will admire. Make sure to hide the light bulb so the light can come out more naturally. 

12. Eco-Friendly Load Bearing Walls

Eco-Friendly Load Bearing Walls
Source: pinterest.com

Would you like to bring nature back home? If so, then this idea will interest you. It involves making columns with fine curved wood. The fine curved wood makes the house look expensive and more natural. 

The beauty in your house will leave all your visitors interested to know what it takes to design a home like that. Ensure that you treat the wood so termites might not infest and weaken it. Treated wood will ensure that the load-bearing pillar remains strong for many years.

13. Load Bearing Wall Seat

Load Bearing Wall Seat
Source: pinterest.com

If you need to add extra space to your house, this load-bearing wall idea is definitely for you. This idea involves making seats that lie by the column. The seats can be a wonderful place to rest. 

The seats can also serve as a spot where people can take their shoes off as they head into the house. It is a small innovation, but it will help to keep your house clean. Besides all that, the seat brings about a more dynamic place of rest in the house. 

14. Elevating Wood Shelves On A Column

Elevating Wood Shelves On A Column
Source: pinterest.com

This idea is for those who need extra space to decorate their load-bearing walls, resulting in a better-looking home. The idea involves taking flat wood and attaching it to a column in the house. 

You can have your speakers on those elevating wood shelves and other things, such as sculptures, that would bring beauty into the home. You can also decide to have the column painted differently than other walls if you want a piece that stands out. 

15. Home Office Integrated Into A Column With A Concrete Desk

Home Office Integrated Into A Column With A Concrete Desk
Source: pinterest.com

If you have your wall-bearing column near another wall in the house, you can have a concrete table and use the space as a home office. The design creates a strong office table surface and leaves you with a good-looking office. 

Getting an ergonomics chair can help you make a place where you can work longer hours without getting tired. It will help in improving your focus and productivity in general. 

16. Create Contrast Between Materials

Source: houzz.com

This load-bearing wall idea is for those who love to have a splash in a room with minimalist décor. It involves cladding the columns with a contrasting texture that is not too bright or dull. 

Your goal is to achieve a wonderful contrast of color that will bring a visually appealing house. 

17. Fire Place Insert Décor

Fire Place Insert Décor
Source: pinterest.com

If you love fireplaces, then you would love this load-bearing wall idea. On a central wall column, you can have a fireplace to improve the look of your home. It looks astonishing, and you can hide the flames behind glass to avoid injuries. 

18. Circular Load Bearing Wall Dining Table

Circular Load Bearing Wall Dining Table
Source: pinterest.com

It might be the best idea if you have a circular column in your house. It could make a wonderful place for you and your family to dine. 

19. Modern House Column

Modern House Column
Source: pinterest.com

The front view of your house serves as a major attraction for visitors. People might describe it by how it looks. This idea involves a modern house column that will increase the visual appeal of your house even from a distance. 

20. Front Porch Makeover

Front Porch Makeover
Source: pinterest.com

Your front porch describes a lot about your house. Beautiful columns holding your roof in place will be ideal for increasing its visual appeal. You can also add flowers and some potted plants over your front porch. 

21. Column Paintings

Column Paintings
Source: pinterest.com

Are you an art lover? If so, then you would love this load-bearing wall idea. You can paint your column and make the object look real from it. You can paint a tree and let the leaves look like they are extending from the ceiling. It will bring out a wonderful work of art in the house.

22. Dark Stone Column Wrap

Dark Stone Column Wrap
Source: pinterest.com

This load-bearing wall idea involves wrapping your column with dark stone. It is visually appealing, and it brings out a fantastic interior design. 


There is no limit to what you can do with our load-bearing wall ideas. Load-bearing walls provide good support to our homes, and there are so many things we can do to make them appealing.

If you have the right ideas in mind, your load-bearing wall can have a natural fit in the house. Regarding home décor, innovation is key to creating something worth looking at. Just be creative and design your dream home. 

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