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Matching Bitmoji Ideas

15 Matching Bitmoji Ideas: Express Your Love In A Fun Way

There are several amazing matching bitmoji ideas out here to choose from. Bitmojis are quickly becoming a thing because it is easy to convey feelings using them. 

The bitmojis have been adopted in various industries, more so the fashion industry, and is taking them to better levels. 

You can create different avatars and modify and style them with different outfits, colors, and accessories. It’s surprisingly fun. 

This article has more information about matching bitmojis ideas – you’ll surely love several if not all. So, let’s get started. 

15 Matching Bitmoji Ideas 

There are many matching bitmoji ideas that you need to learn about. However, you can also come up with your unique ideas. Here are our 15-best matching bitmoji ideas that you’ll surely love. 

1. Black Shirts Paired with Brown Shorts

Black Shirts Paired with Brown Shorts

The black shirt is a go-to outfit for both men and women. If you can’t decide what to put on your bitmoji, choose this simple idea – a black shirt + brown shorts. You can spice the look with vintage canvas shoes and add simple jewelry like a silver chain.

2. White Tops Paired with Blue Jean Trousers 

White Tops Paired with Blue Jean Trousers 

Blue jeans are one of the most versatile and everyday clothing – it’s difficult to miss them in one’s wardrobe. The white shirt is also popular because it’s easy to pair with almost any pant color. 

Try this combination if you don’t want to overdress your bitmoji. It’s so effortless; the lady bitmoji can complete her look with simple flip-flops. You can further spice the bitmojis look with caps. 

3. Maroon Outfit 

Maroon Outfit 

The male bitmoji rocks an incredible maroon suit with a black shirt. This style is the best for a corporate look. 

The lady, on the other hand, rocks a beautiful maroon dress. It represents a charming personality with some exquisiteness. You can add a simple and essential accessory, such as a watch, to the male bitmoji. 

4. Adidas Tracksuit 

Adidas Tracksuit 

Adidas is one of the most popular sports brands and is loved for its quality attire and shoes. Tracksuits are the go-to outfit for almost everyone because they look neat and smart. 

You’ll surely love how adorable they look on the bitmoji too. You can accentuate the entire look with a cap.

5. Brown T-shirts with Khaki Pants 

Brown T-shirts with Khaki Pants 

Are you looking for a casual but classy outfit for your avatar? The following outfit is ideal for any time and an effortless way to style your bitmojis. Put on a brown T-shirt over khaki trousers. 

6. Blue Shirt Paired with Black Shorts

Blue Shirt Paired with Black Shorts

Regular shirts appear great for both men and women. If you can’t decide how to dress your bitmojis, a blue shirt, black shorts, and shoes can be the ultimate option. You can add eyeglasses, jewelry, etc., without spoiling the entire look.

7. Varsity Jacket Over a Plain White Top Paired with Blue Pants 

Varsity Jacket Over a Plain White Top Paired with Blue Pants 

Do you want to add a sportswear look to your casual outfit? If yes, the varsity jacket can be your ultimate choice. The standout piece looks extremely cool and has been inspired by high school outfits. 

Pair the blue varsity jacket with blue pants (male) and high-waist pants (female). You can add headphones and some unique sneakers to make this look more exquisite.

8. Blue Hoodie Paired with Black Trousers 

Blue Hoodie Paired with Black Trousers 

If you love blue, you should go for this look for your bitmojis. Dress your bitmojis in a blue hoodie paired with black trousers and joggers. This casual look is great for weekends and looks impressive. 

9. A black T-shirt and Short 

A black T-shirt and Short 

The black t-shirt is one of the most popular and essential fashion pieces in every person’s wardrobe. There are several black t-shirt ideas in the market to choose from. The best part of black t-shirts is that they all look incredible with almost anything you pair them with. 

A black shirt paired with black shorts is a match made in heaven – it looks fabulous. You can then complement the matching outfit with a pair if with shoes to avoid looking too casual. 

10. Dirty White Top with Grey Pants

Dirty White Top with Grey Pants

You can pair your bitmojis grey pants with a dirty white top for a clean and traditional look. The cloudy white color works everywhere. You can match it with great pants and go to the gym, office, or night out. 

The grey color is also versatile and matches the white top well. You’ll surely love it on your bitmojis. 

11. White Shirt and Brown Trousers 

White Shirt and Brown Trousers 

It’s common to see men in white shirts and brown trousers. You can dress your bitmoji in this fantastic wear. The combo is outrageously stylish and relaxing – it can be worn anywhere. For extra style, you can add white leather low-top sneakers.

12. Printed Top with Black Pant

Printed Top with Black Pant

It’s easy to style your bitmojis with a printed top and black pants; these dressings work well on various occasions. However, ensure the colors are solid, like in this picture. 

A lovely printed shirt will surely spice up the entire look of the bitmoji. These colors are unique and not dull in any way.

13. Brown Hoodie and Blue Pants 

Brown Hoodie and Blue Pants 

Combining a brown hoodie and blue pants can make your bitmojis look great. The dressing feels fancier, and you can complement your bitmojis look by adding white canvas low-top sneakers. 

Additionally, the casual pairing of a brown hoodie and blue pants can rescue one who wants to look cool but has no time to dress up.

14. Brown Shirt with Blue Pants 

Brown Shirt with Blue Pants 

The brown shirt and mid-blue jeans will slay well on a dark skin bitmoji. Blue pants are super popular; most people like them because they don’t have to think twice about the outfit’s color scheme.

15. Brown Half Jacket and Black Trousers

Brown Half Jacket and Black Trousers

There is a wide range of jackets in different colors and styles. For a more casual look, you can pick the brown half jacket for your bitmoji and pair it with black trousers. 

They’ll give your bitmoji that classic look because the colors are traditional. You can go for the checked version of the half jacket to add some personality to your bitmojis.  

What Is Bitmoji?

The bitmoji is a personalized cartoon avatar that can be used in online communications through platforms like slack, Snapchat, Gmail, and Facebook. 

The concept behind bitmoji is to replace normal emojis with those that share a person’s likeness. For example, you can use your email to express specific emotions. 

How to Style Your Bitmoji 

Choosing the proper outfit and accessories for a bitmoji, i.e., a version of you can be tricky. The reason being there are a lot of options when it comes to outfits. There are different great shirts, dresses, trousers and much more. 

Moreover, the bitmoji must have a personal or realistic depiction of yourself. This section compiles the best tips for styling your bitmoji, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

1. Keep Up with The Latest Trends 

Try and keep up with the latest trends, such as styling high-waisted jeans with a cute tank top. Following the latest fashion trends will ensure you’re in sync with others and what is happening. 

Plus, a great feeling comes with your bitmojis being relevant and by the modern world. To ensure that your bitmojis are fashionable, follow the latest fashion trends in the best possible ways. 

2. Check the Hairstyle

When it comes to the hairstyle, ensure it complements the entire look. For example, pick long and wavy hair for your bitmoji if you dress it with a sleeveless top. On the other hand, if it’s a ponytail, it should be followed by an oversized hoodie with bangs. 

3. Be Imaginative 

If you’re constantly creating bitmojis, don’t stick with one outfit for years. You should expand your imagination since there are plenty of options. 

By being creative, you’ll be able to come up with different clothing styles that’ll quickly attract anyone that sees them.

4. Be Mindful  

You shouldn’t just go for any look. Pick outfits that match well, so they look flawless and trendy simultaneously. 

For example, you can put a leather jacket over a crop top and pair it with wide-legged pants. Additionally, you should ensure the clothes match well with your skin color. 

5. Don’t Overdo Accessories 

Don’t go overboard with accessories, such as hats, glasses, chains, etc., when styling your bitmoji. 

Keep everything cute and straightforward at all times. Also, ensure the accessories parts, i.e., the watch’s metal part, complement your other accessories accents. 

What Makes The Cartoon Fashion Big News For All Brands?

The bitmoji is a unique addition that’ll have a very significant effect on different industries. Different businesses or retailers can create bitmoji versions of their products, which helps them sell well. 

After creating a bitmoji, you can clothe it in real-world outfits. It’s one of the fun parts of creating a bitmoji. 

You’ll get the chance to try on clothes from retailers who you love and can also showcase your new items interactively and excitingly. 

Snapchat, the owner of bitmoji, has been partnering with retailers to find out the effectiveness of bitmoji. 

The famous company which they have collaborated with is Levi’s. It allowed them to use several outfits based on actual Levi’s products.  

This new patent allows users to match and mix clothing items, which benefits both the retailer and the end user. The user can get closer to their specific styles, such as pairing their best Jordan with Levi’s jeans. 

Lastly, bitmoji is a great way to expose your brand. Clothing companies always look for a creative and easy way to do this, and bitmoji offers this. 

What Makes Bitmoji Special? 

The bitmojis have been recently introduced but are quickly gaining popularity. Emojis have been around for some time, but they can’t convey feelings precisely as you want. 

It’s easy to express feelings of hunger and congratulations with emojis, but how can you ask someone if they’re okay or say a simple thank you, etc.? 

On the other hand, with bitmoji, you can create a character that looks exactly like you. The Bitmoji app lets you customize everything from hair length, jaw shape, height, chest size, etc. The character will be cartoonish but look just exactly like you. 

The app is accurate, and you’ll surely love how the bitmoji resembles you. All in all, here are some of the few things that make bitmoji unique. 

You Can Have an Entire Conversation Using Bitmoji 

It’s easy to hold conversations using the bitmoji. The bitmojis is quite fun since you can communicate anything using them. 

You can use them to tell a friend how down you are or even say thank you. It makes the message more personal because the bitmoji looks like you. 

The Bitmojis Cuteness Will Kill You

There’s something special about seeing a bit of someone you think is adorable. It makes you happy. For example, you receive a cartoon expression of your best sibling or lover. The bitmoji will surely make your day better than it was. 

It’s an Easy Way to Connect with Others

When you feel like the emoji aren’t communicating enough, you can shift to the bitmoji. It’s an excellent way to tell someone how you feel about them. Plus, creating a bitmoji isn’t that hard. 


There are several matching bitmoji ideas, and they are all incredible. Today the bitmojis are taking over because they make communicating one’s feelings and intentions easy. Companies are also using them to popularize their products. 

The one thing making the bitmojis so popular is that you can customize them to match you. It is also easy to dress them in the different types of clothing and brands that you like, such as Levi’s. 

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