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Molding Ideas For Bathroom

Best 20 Molding Ideas For Bathroom: Stylish Bathroom Makeover

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, adding the right molding ideas for bathroom can make all the difference. 

Your bathroom can become a luxurious, comfortable, inviting space with the right style and design. 

However, when remodeling an existing one, the bathroom design process can be overwhelming, especially when choosing the right molding idea. It is where we come in! 

And even more, molding your bathroom can significantly increase the value of your home; this can be a great idea, especially if you plan to dispose of your home in the near future. Keep reading to discover some of the best molding ideas for your bathroom.

20 Molding Ideas For Bathroom

1. Bathtub Frieze

Bathtub Frieze

A bathtub frieze features some beautiful motifs that run along the side. The decorative frieze molding creates a great bathtub aesthetic and a polished look to the bathroom. You can add glass on the front and back of the bathtub to complement the look. 

The frieze molding on the bathtub hides the plain white nature of the bathtub, and it adds detail to it. If you would love to give your bathtub a more luxurious look, you should try the bathtub frieze molding idea for bathroom.  

2. Decorative Bathroom Chair Rails 

Decorative Bathroom Chair Rails 

This molding idea for bathroom involves building chair rails in it. Chair rails bring about a decorative and authentic element in the bathroom. 

Besides having a decorative purpose, the bathroom chair rail can protect the lower part of the bathroom from moisture and splashes, which is common in the bathroom.  

You can complete the lower section of the chair rail with tile or wainscoting. It does provide a visual break between the walls coverings offering a more polished and cohesive look. 

3. Bathroom Wall Shiplap 

Bathroom Wall Shiplap 

Shiplaps are a great way to add beauty to the house, including the bathroom. Shiplap will do great in any bathroom structure, and you can have them on the accent wall, the ceiling, and even as a half-wall application. 

Shiplaps come in various colors to fit the original color of your bathroom. Since the shiplap overlaps each other, the resulting effect is a series of horizontal lines running across the wall, giving the bathroom a rust less, cozy, and timeless look. 

Depending on your desired style, you can install the shiplap boards vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The shiplap can also add a personalized touch to the bathroom space, making it more inviting.  

4. Bathroom Wainscoting 

Bathroom Wainscoting 

Wainscoting is also one way of molding your bathroom, especially if it has cracks in the wall. It is a decorative way of adding molding to the lower half of the bathroom wall. You can install wainscoting in various panels, including raised, flat and bead boards. 

You could finish the panels with a stain to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Wainscoting adds visual interest and texture to the bathroom walls, providing a durable and moisture-resistant surface. Hence, it is a practical addition to the bathroom.   

5. Molded Bathroom Vanities 

Molded Bathroom Vanities 

If you want to cover up the space in your bathroom, why not get a bathroom vanity? Bathroom vanities provide more room to store all bathroom accessories like towels, toilet rolls, and perfumes. It is a great solution, especially if you want to create modern bathroom aesthetics. 

You can mold the vanities in different styles as per your preference. The best thing about bathroom vanities is that they are exquisite and add elegance to the bathroom. Your bathroom vanity should be in rhyming colors with that of your bathroom to blend in properly. 

6. Black Brick wall Baseboard

Black Brick wall Baseboard

Do you have a brick wall in your bathroom? Is the brick wall painted black? If so, you should try adding a black baseboard to it. This molding idea covers the base of your bathroom where your floor and brick wall converge. 

The black baseboard matches the color of the brick wall giving your bathroom aesthetics a very neutral look. Additionally, the baseboard completes the brick accent pattern on the wall, which is gorgeous for the overall beauty of your bathroom. 

7. LED Profile On Gypsum Board 

LED Profile On Gypsum Board 

LEDs help us see the beauty in many things, and in this bathroom molding idea, we create an LED profile on a gypsum ceiling board. It improves the bathroom lighting and makes it look clean and sleek at the same time. 

The gypsum ceiling is just great for the bathroom’s visual aesthetics and adds an element of style to it. If you would like to implement this idea, make sure to hide the LED light strips to end up with a more natural result. 

8. Bathroom Crown Shelf

Bathroom Crown Shelf

Shelves are an essential element in any bathroom. This molding idea for bathrooms brings about a crown shelf attached to the wall. The crown molded shelf looks natural and robust on the wall, great for keeping things in the bathroom. 

If you like, you can install as many crown shelves as you want, depending on the number of things you want to store on them. It is great to have the crown molded shelves assume the color of the wall if you don’t want to mix colors all over your bathroom. 

9. Custom Bathroom Window Trim 

Custom Bathroom Window Trim 

A smooth window trim blends into the crown molding. This molding idea for the bathroom is excellent for those who would love to add style to their bathroom windows. The trim extended from the ceiling crown molding and around the window frame. 

The molding makes the window look robust, adding visual aesthetics to the room.

A white window frame and grey wall create a calm environment for one to relax as they shower. The window trim also covers the space between the window and the wall giving it a neat look. 

10. Modern Venetian Bathroom Mirror Frame

Modern Venetian Bathroom Mirror Frame

If you want to make your bathroom more palatial, then you should try out this bathroom molding idea. It involves molding a modern Venetian frame for your bathroom mirror. The design is sleek and shiny at the same time. 

It resembles the mirrors that are located in substantial palatial homes. The mirror frame is best when attached to a shiplap wall frame. Molded lamp stands to complement the design of the mirror frame would be remarkable for elegance. 

11. Master Bathroom Vanity 


The primary bathroom is the largest in the entire house, and therefore it ought to have prettier features than other bathrooms. This idea features a master bathroom vanity joined to the ceiling by a crown mold. 

The molding hides the gap between the vanity and the wall, making the setup look seamless and artistic. The white color of the vanity and the ceiling offers an elegant simplicity to the bathroom as it does not communicate much detail.  

12. Clean line Shower Molding 

Clean line Shower Molding 

This decorative molding idea for bathroom will leave your shower looking incredible. It involves adding a clean line molding board on the wall to join the ceiling. Additionally, you can mold the tiles to bring out a brick accent on the wall. 

The best thing about this setup is that it would be affected by water and last longer. Moreover, the structure adds style to the bathroom, which is the primary goal of this setup. Glassy tiles would be best for the wall setup as they are easier to clean. 

13. Black Rockwood Base Tile Molding 

Black Rockwood Base Tile Molding 

Molding a baseboard to cover the space between the tiles and the brick wall would be best. This idea involves molding black Rockwood to cover the base. The Rockwood is split into small pieces and joined together to complement the tiles on the floor.

This setup is excellent for small bathrooms and white powder rooms that need some decorative touch. The classic black-and-white palette is not too revealing and gives the bathroom a delicate touch of elegance. 

14. Large Polyurethane Floral Crown Molding 

Large Polyurethane Floral Crown Molding 

Do you love flowers? If so, then this molding idea for bathroom will work great for you. This idea features extensive polyurethane floral crown molding that displays high-profile exquisite crafting. 

The setup makes up for a great interior space that many admire. The polyurethane molding is perfect for bathroom use as it is waterproof and lightweight. The crisp lines of the floral carvings provide elegant details perfect for any bathroom. 

15. Bathroom Door With Circular Molding 

Bathroom Door With Circular Molding 

Your bathroom door talks a lot about your bathroom, so you must decorate it into a beautiful masterpiece. 

This molding idea for bathroom involves installing a bathroom door with a circular pattern molded on it which is suitable for enhancing the beauty of your bathroom. The well-molded bathroom door will communicate good bathroom elegance as one opens it to relieve themselves. 

16. Bathroom Arch Molding 

Bathroom Arch Molding 

If you have an arch in your bathroom, you can decoratively mold it into a stylish finish that is appealing to the eye. This idea involves making wonderful mold patterns on a pre-existing bathroom arch. 

Not only does it improve the visual aesthetics of the bathroom, but it also has great architectural details in the arch. The round window molding complements that of the arch revealing a well-decorated and stylish bathroom. 

17. Bathtub Pillar Molding 

Bathtub Pillar Molding 

Molding the bathtub pillar is a great way to decorate and add sweetness to your bathroom. You could do the decorations both at the top and the bottom. The molding at the bottom helps the base of the pillars to click well with the bathtub’s ceramic tiles. 

Therefore, the setup will offer a continuity of design, giving the bathroom a professional look. Molding the edges of the ceramic tiles also smoothens their floor, making it safer to access the bathtub. The white paint elegantly completes the whole setup.  

18. Curved Cornice Board For Shower

Curved Cornice Board For Shower

If you are looking for an elegant style to hang your shower curtains, then the curved cornice board for the shower is the way to go. The curved cornice blends appropriately with any bathroom giving the setup a natural look. 

Molding the curved cornice provides a great area to hang your shower curtain. Therefore, not only will your bathroom look great, but you will have increased privacy in your bathroom.  

19. Lighting Cove LED Molding 

Lighting Cove LED Molding 

This molding idea for bathrooms is for those who do not like bright colors in their bathrooms. It involves molding coves for placing LED light stripes to light up your bathroom. The cove only allows indirect lighting to reach the bathroom. 

Therefore, the bathroom will remain a little dark, with little lighting coming from areas with cove moldings. The setup displays a modern bathroom with modern equipment. Aesthetically, the bathroom is appealing and looks clean. 

20. Decorative Gypsum Bathroom Ceiling 

Decorative Gypsum Bathroom Ceiling 

Pleasing aesthetics call for a beautiful ceiling. This molding idea for the bathroom features a decorative gypsum ceiling to add style to your bathroom. The ceiling has decorative drawings and patterns you will enjoy in your bathroom. 

To complete this setup, you could add a line of crown molding that will accentuate your decorative ceiling. Since the gypsum is white, having clear white paint around the wall will give your molding setup a seamless finish. 


These molding ideas for bathroom can help you mold your bathroom to the next level. Though some ideas might be expensive to implement, most are affordable. Before you change your bathroom style through molding, ensure you know its size and shape. 

It will help you determine the best molding idea for you to implement. A bathroom is essential in everyone’s home, and one should be comfortable. Depending on your tastes and preferences, there is something you could do to style up your bathroom. 

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