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Pinstripe Ideas For Trucks

35 Pinstripe Ideas For Trucks: Customize Your Truck’s Looks

If you are looking to add a unique flair to your truck, exploring pinstripe ideas for trucks is a great place to start. A pinstripe design is a classic way to add personality and style to any vehicle, including trucks. 

With creativity and careful planning, pin striping can transform a simple truck into a work of art. Whether you want a bold, eye-catching design or something more subtle and sophisticated, the car has plenty of pinstripe ideas. 

Find more inspiration to take your truck to the next level here. Your vehicle will truly stand out on the road.  

35 Pinstripe Ideas For Trucks

1. Flame Pinstripes

Flame Pinstripes

This idea is perfect for you if you want to give your vehicle a racing theme. You can have the flames in various colors, but the most popular choices are red, yellow, and orange flames. 

The fire flames pinstripes will give your truck a bold, eye-catching design. If you like, you can have the flame stripe on the truck’s bonnet or at the doors. 

2. Classic Straight line Pinstripes

Classic Straight line Pinstripes

It is a timeless pinstripe design that runs straight along the side of a car. The pinstripes can be done in various colors, but black and silver are the most popular. It is best to select the color of your straight-line pinstripe per the color of your truck. 

For example, having a black pinstripe on a black truck is not a great idea. Instead, a silver pinstripe would do great in that case. 

3. Geometric Pinstripes

Geometric Pinstripes

Geometric pinstripes feature clean, modern lines and shapes such as triangles and circles. It is a great option to give your truck a more contemporary look. It brings out a great pattern that is eye-catching and great for truck aesthetics. 

4. Two-Tone Pinstripes 

Two-Tone Pinstripes

This design features two colored pinstripes that run parallel to each other on the side of your truck. They are a great idea if you want simplicity on your pinstripes that you add to your car. You can get the two stripes in different colors if you like. 

5. Pinup Girl Pinstripes

Pinup Girl Pinstripes

Pinup girls are a classic design attribute in the world of hot rods. Incorporating one on your truck’s pinstripes can give it a fun and playful vibe. It is an excellent way of adding a touch of retro style to your vehicle. 

6. Animal Print Pinstripes 

Animal Print Pinstripes 

If you love animals, then this idea would interest you. Involves having pinstripes of animals on the body of your truck. You can have animals such as lions and even zebras if you like. It will give your vehicle a wild and unique touch. 

7. Tribal Pinstripes 

Tribal Pinstripes 

Tribal designs inspire tribal pinstripes, often featuring bold, intricate colors. You can have them on your truck in one color or different colors if you want a more eye-catching view. 

They are also a great option if you are a great artist, as the patterns create beauty on the bodywork of your truck.  

8. Racing Pinstripes 

Racing Pinstripes

If you are a fan of racing, then you might want to embrace the racing life to help you stay in character all the time. This idea features one or two stripes running the down the center of your truck in a contrasting color to the base paint. 

You can have the racing pinstripes straight or tapered, depending on the look you want to achieve. 

9. Custom Lettering Pinstripes

Custom Lettering Pinstripes

If you love your truck so much, consider naming it. This pin striping idea involves adding custom lettering to your vehicle. It can be your truck’s nickname, a quote, or even your name. 

It is also a great pinstripe to consider when gifting someone a truck. You can have some words showing how you appreciate them in your life.  

10. Vintage Pinstripes 

Vintage Pinstripes 

This idea features old-school pinstriping designs from the 1960s. They feature traditional colors such as black, white, and red. 

They are perfect for you if you are a conservative. They are a great way of embracing the old days in your modern truck. 

11. Custom Logo Pinstripes 

Custom Logo Pinstripes

If you own a personal brand, incorporating it into pinstripes on your truck can be a great way of promoting it. 

It is also a great way of giving your truck a personalized touch. It will also give you an upper hand when you try to promote your brand to new people. 

12. Chrome Pinstripes 

Chrome Pinstripes 

You should consider chrome if you want to give your truck a nice modern accent pinstripe. A chrome effect pinstripe is excellent for the aesthetics of your truck, and it pulls out a shiny, eye-catching look, especially during the day. 

13. Spider web Pinstripes 

Spider web Pinstripes

This design features a series of thin lines that radiate from a central point resembling the intricate pattern of a real spider’s web. The line usually contrasts the truck’s paint job, and you can apply it on various parts of the truck. 

14. Star Pinstripes 

Star Pinstripes 

If you love the galaxy, consider having a star pinstripe on your truck body. The star you go for can be in a contrasting color to your truck, and you can place them on the door, tails gait, and even the hood. 

15. Biohazard Pinstripes 

Biohazard Pinstripes 

Biohazard pinstripes are great for you if you want to give your truck a tough look. Let it stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching pinstripe. It is the sticker to get winning that ultimate truck showdown.  

16. Electric Guitar Pinstripes

Electric Guitar Pinstripes

Every rock and roll lover knows how vital the electric guitar is to music production. Electric guitar pinstripes can be a great way to express love for music on your truck. It adds a unique and custom touch to your truck.  

17. American Flag Pinstripes

American Flag Pinstripes

What better way to express patriotism than having your country’s flag on your truck? America flag pinstripes look great on trucks; you can customize them to the color you want, including black. 

18. Skull Pinstripes 

Skull Pinstripes

This pinstripe design incorporates a skull image on the body of a truck. You can style the skull in various ways to make it visually appealing. It is a great way to express individuality and personal style. 

19. Dripping Paint Pinstripe 

Dripping Paint Pinstripe

Dripping paint is a work of art and you can use its pinstripes to add a personalized touch to your truck. You can customize these pinstripes in various ways, including thickness and color.

It can give your truck a dynamic, eye-catching appearance and be effective for you, especially if you have a large truck. 

20. Pirate Skull And Cross Bones Pinstripe

Pirate Skull And Cross Bones Pinstripe

This design features a stylized skull and cross-bones motif integrated into the pin striping on the body of a truck. 

Usually, the skull and cross bone is often depicted as black and white, with the skull wearing a pirate bandana.  

21. Sports Team Logo Pinstripes 

Sports Team Logo Pinstripes

This idea incorporates the emblem or logo of a favorite sports team into the pin striping of your truck. 

You can customize this pinstripe in various ways, like adding additional design elements. It is a great way to show your team spirit as you go to spectate for your team. 

22. Graffiti Style Pinstripes 

Graffiti Style Pinstripes 

Graffiti-style pinstripes mimic the bold, colorful, and expressive art form of graffiti. This form of pin striping will incorporate elements such as bubble letters, abstract shapes, and vibrant colors to create a dynamic and eye-catching design on the truck.  

23. Lightning Bolt Pinstripes 

Lightning Bolt Pinstripes 

Lightning bolts are great for presenting fast and robust cars. Incorporating a truck with a lightning bolt pinstripe is excellent for creating a bold and striking appearance that is electrifying. It will help your truck to stand out on the road, reflecting your great personality. 

24. Checker Board Pinstripes 

Checker Board Pinstripes

A checkerboard pinstripe for trucks is a classic pattern that creates a checkerboard effect along the vehicle’s body. 

The design features alternating squares of contrasting colors, typically black and white. It is an excellent way to express your love for classic designs. 

25. Digital Camo Pinstripes 

Digital Camo Pinstripes

It is a design that incorporates a camouflage pattern into the pin striping on the body of a truck. You can create these patterns through the combination of pixels and geometric shapes. It gives your car a futuristic and modern look. 

26. Diamond Pinstripes 

Diamond Pinstripes 

This design incorporates the diamond shapes into the pin striping of a truck. You can have diamonds in various forms, sizes, and arrangements. It is perfect for adding a sense of sophistication and elegance to your truck. 

27. Hot Rod Flames Pinstripes 

Hot Rod Flames Pinstripes

A hot rod flames pinstripe for trucks is a classical design that features flames along your vehicle’s body. The plan will give your truck an edgy and retro look, and it’s a fantastic choice if you want to add a touch of classic hot rod style to your vehicle. 

28. Tie-Dye Pinstripes 

Tie-Dye Pinstripes

This design provides a colorful and vibrant style of pinstriping that gives the appearance of tie-dyed fabric. 

You can customize this design to meet your preferences. It can add a colorful and unique look to your truck.  

29. Gears And Cogs Pinstripes 

Gears And Cogs Pinstripes

A gear and cog pinstripe features an intricate pattern of gears and cogs running along the length of the truck. You can style gears and cogs in various ways, which might result in a more realistic depiction. 

30. Retro ‘50s Style Pinstripes 

Retro ‘50s Style Pinstripes

Bold lines, letters, and sweeping curves characterize this classic design of retro ’50s style pinstripes. 

The design can add a charm of vintage charm and nostalgia to your truck. It is the best to showcase your love for classic Americana.  

31. Horror Theme Pinstripes 

Horror Theme Pinstripes

A horror design for trucks incorporates frightening elements like demons and ghosts. The design can be stylized to evoke fear or unease in those who look at it. It is excellent for you if you want to add some spookiness to your truck. 

32. Comic Book Style Pinstripes

Comic Book Style Pinstripes

This idea incorporates comic book art elements into your truck’s pin striping. It involves bright, eye-catching colors as well as stylized images. You can customize it to your preferences to add a touch of playfulness and fun to your truck. 

33. Candy Cane Pinstripes 

Candy Cane Pinstripes

Candy cane pinstripes feature bold, red, and white striped patterns resembling candy cane. The design will give your truck a playful and festive appearance. It is a popular choice of pinstripe, especially during festive seasons. 

34. Military Theme Pinstripes 

Military Theme Pinstripes

This design incorporates elements of military aesthetics. The design usually includes a camouflage pattern, several military symbols, and the color of the army uniform. It is a popular theme for veteran trucks. 

35. Superhero Theme Pinstripes 

Superhero Theme Pinstripes

If you are a fan of superhero movies or cartoons, having a superhero-themed pinstripe on your truck might be excellent. It is a fantastic way of personalizing your vehicle with style.  


Exploring different pinstripe ideas for trucks is a fantastic way to personalize your vehicle and showcase your style. 

Whether you want to enhance the appearance of your vehicle or make it stand out from the crowd, pin striping can help you achieve your desired look. 

If you are a truck enthusiast looking to add flair to your truck, these pinstripe ideas are worth trying. 

With careful consideration and skilled execution, pin striping can transform your truck into a work of art that you’ll be proud to show off. 


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