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Pool Pavilion Ideas

35 Pool Pavilion Ideas: Creating the Perfect Poolside Retreat

Our pool pavilion ideas offer a creative solution to those looking for a unique way to enjoy the pool area.

A pool pavilion provides a stylish and comfortable outdoor space perfect for gatherings, offering protection from the elements while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

The possibilities are endless, from simple structures with just a roof to fully equipped outdoor living spaces with kitchens and fireplaces. 

If you’re considering adding a pool pavilion to your backyard, you’re in luck because we have compiled a list of 35 ideas that will inspire you. 

35 Pool Pavilion Ideas 

1. Cambridge pavilion

Cambridge pavilion

The Cambridge pavilion is a sleek, modern outdoor structure perfect for relaxing and entertaining while dipping in the swimming pool. 

It features a gable roof with exposed wooden beams, comfortable outdoor furniture, and an outdoor kitchen area.

2. Mini pavilion

Mini pavilion

If you have a small space remaining in the backyard, why not try out a mini pavilion? As the name states, it’s a simple structure with four columns and a roof to provide shade. 

Design the pavilion to overlook the pool to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and create a picturesque backdrop. 

3. Traditional pavilion

Traditional pavilion

If you have a pool next to your bungalow, why not build a traditional pool pavilion? It only consists of pillars to support the brick roof and a chair to sit as you enjoy the pool view.

A traditional pavilion is a great place to have barbeque and enjoy hot delicacies while swimming in the pool. 

4. Bamboo roof pergola

Bamboo roof pergola

The Bamboo roof pergola is a natural, eco-friendly outdoor structure providing shade and beauty. The entire roof is thatched with bamboo to create a durable and sustainable roof.

5. Modern cabana pavilion

Modern cabana pavilion

 If you love luxury and comfort, the modern cabana pavilion will make you happy. It has glass doors, a kitchen area, a brick roof, and comfortable sits. 

It is ideal for hanging out with your friends and family as you enjoy the pool. It can also be a perfect workplace, primarily if you work from home. 

6. Outdoor wood pavilion

Outdoor wood pavilion

Just from the name, the outdoor wood pavilion consists of wooden structures. It has an iron roof and relaxing wooden chairs. 

It also has a kitchen counter where you can serve food and drinks. The design looks great with the iron roof on top of it. 

7. Cottage style pavilion

Cottage style pavilion

The design features a gorgeous wooden door, a round table, and a semicircular chair inside. It has a hut-like brick roof and a brick accent wall. The place brings out some good vibes and is an interesting place to hang out. 

8. Open air pavilion

Open air pavilion

The pavilion features a flat roof with a slight overhang that provides shade for the seating area. Four wooden columns support the structure, and the back wall is made of glass, providing an unobstructed view of the pool and surrounding landscape.

9. Brick house pavilion

Brick house pavilion

The brick house pavilion offers great brick architecture with an arch-like entrance. Since it blends well with nature, it looks great with plants and trees around it. It provides ample space to have some chairs and barbeque inside it. 

10. Modern pavilion with fire

Modern pavilion with fire

If you want to add a touch of sophistication and style to your pool area, try out the modern pavilion with a fire pit. 

Its clean lines, simple shapes, and neutral colors will create an ambiance that will complement your pool’s modern aesthetics. Incorporate a fire pit area for both functionality and aesthetics.

11. Simple pavilion 

Simple pavilion 

A simple pavilion proves that simplicity brings out the best of many things. Complement your modern pool with a simple pavilion with an iron sheet roof, some chairs, and pillows for comfort. 

It forms the perfect area for one to dip in and out of the pool. 

12. Pavilion house with sheet curtains

Pavilion house with sheet curtains

A pavilion house with sheet curtains is perfect for those who would love to have a classical pool next to their backyard pool. 

It features a staircase, a dining table, white sheets for privacy, and a small kitchen area. The white curtains blend very well with the blue pool water providing some excellent aesthetics. 

13. Screened in the pool pavilion

Screened in the pool pavilion

A beautiful screened outdoor screened-in pool pavilion with a small spa area and a dining space. It looks elegant, and it brings about good use of outdoor space. A potted plant would improve the aesthetics of this pool pavilion. 

The pavilion is also easy to remodel if you want to make changes shortly. 

14. Enclosed pool pavilion

Enclosed pool pavilion

The pavilion features a glass roof to allow sunlight into the pool. The pool pavilion also features and dining area, a summer kitchen, and an infinite fire pit to keep warm when you get off the pool. It is a grand pavilion for mansions as they connect easily with the main house area. 

15. Contemporary pool pavilion

Contemporary pool pavilion

It has two enclosed sections, each with a fireplace. It has an ample lounge area with a built bar. This pavilion is perfect for entertainment and relaxation. It also has a changing room with built-in benches, hooks, and a bathroom.  

It has ample space to store everything you need to clean and maintain the pool. It is a great pool pavilion if you wish to spend much time there. 

16. A classic 4-post steel pavilion

A classic 4-post steel pavilion

The pavilion is perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. With a comfortable sofa, you can relax in the evening as you sip a cocktail. This pool pavilion will do you great if you love watching the sunset.  

17. Asian-inspired pool pavilion

Asian-inspired pool pavilion

If you love Asian culture, then you might as well be interested in this Asian-inspired pool pavilion. It has a brick roof and four pillars to support it. 

The pool pavilion looks traditional, and it is small. The best thing about it is that it provides a cool place to chill during the day. 

18. Sunken Arabian-themed pool pavilion

Sunken Arabian-themed pool pavilion

The sunken Arabian-themed pool pavilion is a true definition of luxury and comfort. The pavilion is cleverly built for ultimate relaxation and entertainment. It is sunken with a wooden floor resembling a luxurious boat. 

19. Thatched straw roof pool pavilion

Thatched straw roof pool pavilion

The thatched straw roof pool pavilion is a great combination of modern and traditional aesthetics. 

The thatched grass roof reduction is great for providing an ample shed, especially through summer. It is also a great pavilion of entertainment and even hosts pool parties. 

20. House extension pool pavilion

House extension pool pavilion

This idea is great, especially if you have a big house. It features a reserved kitchen area and a dining table. This pavilion provides a great place for family and friends to chill, relax and hang out. 

The pavilion also features a wooden ceiling with a fan for cooling. This house has got you covered when it comes to keeping cool during summer.  

21. Pool pavilion with waterfall feature

Pool pavilion with waterfall feature

If you want to make nature at home, the pool pavilion with a water feature is a great idea. The water falls from the roof, which extends above the pool. With a continuous flow of water, the pool sounds and feels like a real waterfall. 

The waterfall creates a suitable environment for relaxing and staying cool, especially on weekends. 

22. Futuristic looking pool pavilion 

Futuristic looking pool pavilion 

As every scientist knows, the future is created today; this pool pavilion represents great futuristic features. It has an oval-like roof and a pool bar underneath. 

It’s a gorgeous pool pavilion for drinking and eating during the day. It also has a modern kitchen area for food preparation.  

23. Circular inbuilt pool pavilion

Circular inbuilt pool pavilion

The pavilion looks like a little island of pure joy and relaxation. It also has underwater stone stools that one can sit on when tired of swimming. 

The pavilion features a canvas cover as a roof supported by three poles. It offers a great environment to relax. 

24. Tropical vibe pool pavilion

Tropical vibe pool pavilion

A tropical-themed pavilion with palm fronds can transport you to a beach resort, even if you’re in your backyard. 

The palm fronds provide a natural and exotic look that will make you feel like you’re on vacation. A tropical pavilion can also have a thatched roof, ceiling fans, and outdoor curtains to enhance its tropical vibe.

25. Circular open-air pool pavilions

Circular open-air pool pavilions

Offer a polite relaxing place to stay cool while on the outside. The pavilion does not provide much detail to color as it mainly consists of wood. It has a table and chairs for storing drinks, food, and other kinds of stuff, such as phones. 

26. Wood and cement pool pavilion

Wood and cement pool pavilion

It features a stunning brick roof and walls. It also has a designated kitchen area with a chimney for good kitchen aeration. It is meant for relaxation as it features a dining table and a screen for entertainment. 

27. Terra coat roof tiles pool pavilion

Terra coat roof tiles pool pavilion

Terra coat roof tiles make the roof of this pool pavilion an excellent choice. The pavilion has four stone pillars supporting the heavy roof. It also has a dining space and a curtain to control the pavilion’s light flow. 

28. Above the pool pavilion

Above the pool pavilion

This pavilion is located above the pool and looks like it is floating. It features a small space to sit and relax. Since it is a small pavilion, it cannot accommodate many people. It is a great pavilion to feature in your backyard. 

29. All-wood pool pavilion

All-wood pool pavilion

The all-wood pavilion is a beautiful cubical structure with white curtains. The wood brings out a sense of simplicity and properly complements the pool. Inside, it has some relaxation sofas and a water dispenser. 

30. Corner fence minimalistic design

Corner fence minimalistic design

If you have a perimeter wall along your compound, your pool pavilion might do great at the corner. This idea involves building a pool pavilion at one corner of your perimeter wall extending to your pool. 

31. Fire pit pool pavilion

Fire pit pool pavilion

A pool pavilion with a large fire pit. It has stone and wooden pillars for support, which also improves the aesthetics of the pavilion. The fire pit is great since it makes the pavilion accessible even at night when it is cold. 

32. Breezy bar and pavilion

Breezy bar and pavilion

The breezy bar and pavilion are great for recreation during unoccupied hours. It has a special eating place extending to the pool. The pavilion also has stools submerged in water near the dining area. 

33. All-white themed pool pavilion

All-white themed pool pavilion

An all-white wood pool pavilion creates great aesthetics for a stunning outdoor space. It has white seats underneath and a vintage carpet. The all-white builds up a great view and makes up a great shading spot.  

34. Traditional design porch pool pavilion

Traditional design porch pool pavilion

The traditional porch pool pavilion is fantastic for polite hanging out on weekends. It features a semicircular chair facing your pool. It also features a brick accent giving it a good traditional look.  

35. All-weather pool pavilion

All-weather pool pavilion

A gorgeous pool pavilion durable enough to use in any weather. It is made of strong brick walls and a brick tile roof. Its color is neutral, and it does not project a lot of detail. It is perfect for your backyard. 


With these pool pavilion ideas, you can create an excellent infrastructure next to your pool for relaxation. A great pavilion will be handy, especially when the sun is hot and you want to stay cool. 

The pool pavilion is also great for hanging out with friends and family during the holidays and free weekends. Since most pool pavilions have a kitchen area, you can prepare great food for your family while enjoying pool time. 

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