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How To Restart Your Body

Proper detox: How To Restart Your Body

Detoxification is one of the main functions of the human body. With the help of the liver and other organs, the body filters about 1.4 liters of blood every minute, and neutralizes and processes toxic substances so that they can be safely disposed of later.

Toxins are everywhere, and the amount our body has to filter out daily is only growing. These are alcohol, cigarettes, exhaust gasses, and pesticides, which make up two main types of toxins: endogenous and exogenous.

Detox is a temporary measure that increases the effectiveness of the body’s natural detoxification by reducing the consumed toxins and increasing the number of beneficial nutrients. Very often, detox can be received in specialized clinics after food or alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, or as a preventive measure. Google detox centers near me and find a proper program for yourself. 

Why do you need a detox?

“Detoxification is your body’s natural cleansing, during which the body detoxifies, breaks down and eliminates unwanted substances,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, a pioneer in the field of functional and integrative medicine, bestselling author of How To Be Well The 6 Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life. “This is one of the key tasks of the body, which works in constant conjunction with its other functions.”

Low-nutrient, high-calorie diets and excessive consumption of alcohol — this lifestyle leads to fluid retention in the body, bloating, and sleep problems. To the pain of a familiar feeling of lethargy and sluggishness, you don’t have to wait long either. Its main reason is the number of accumulated toxins that the body needs to cope with.

Fortunately, a detox will always help the body restart. Proper detox improves overall health and benefits both physically and psychologically. Effective cleansing not only simultaneously reduces the toxic load on the body but also provides it with everything necessary for subsequent natural detoxification.

People become more energetic, their weight is reduced, skin condition improves, swelling occurs less frequently, diseases disappear, in some cases, concentration and attention indicators increase. Detox helps reduce gas, bloating, and sugar cravings.

How long should a detox be continued?

Detox is not a restriction of food intake, but the ability to use it to provide the body with the necessary support. Better start with a two-week detox to restart your body’s natural regime without depriving it of any important nutrients.

A gentle detox program will help activate the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms and put you on the path to rejuvenation. This can be done once a year or once a season, depending on individual needs.

Eliminate toxins from your diet

Detox should not be about randomly eliminating certain food groups from the diet – give up that (in theory) can provoke some kind of irritation or inflammation in the body, for example, from gluten, dairy products, alcohol, and caffeine. Getting rid of these pests will help the body bring its own detoxification system back to life.

Radically reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods, they can cause inflammation, doctors from detox facilities near me say. They also recommend abandoning a number of other irritants, for example, factory-made meat stuffed with harmful additives and chemicals.

Exercise regularly and sweat well

We all know that physical activity is a key element of good health. During detox, it is more important than ever: movement promotes the elimination of toxins and regulates body temperature. The first assistant here is intensive interval training. The second is hot yoga and sauna, especially infrared.

Saunas and other warming treatments have been used preventively for centuries. Heat stimulates circulation, lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles, relieving minor pain, and helps balance cortisol levels. In addition, as practice shows, high temperatures improve blood vessels’ functioning, helping the endothelium regeneration, which they are covered from the inside. Another sauna can increase the reaction of leukocytes to all sorts of “invaders”.

Try giving yourself at least two relaxing 15-20-minute sessions a week. Make sure that the body has enough water, and be sure to take a shower after, so as not to absorb the toxins that have come out of sweat back.

Drink water again and again

Water underlies many natural functions of the body: it is responsible for the constancy of body temperature, cognitive abilities, the normal functioning of the liver and kidneys, the health of which is tied to the elimination of toxins. Alcohol, caffeine, and energy drinks lead to dehydration, which in turn interferes with natural detoxification even at moderate levels. The goal of any detox near me or at home is to stimulate the organs responsible for the elimination of toxins, and this cannot be achieved without sufficient hydration of the body.

Don’t forget to relax

Elevated levels of cortisol (which is a stress hormone), can have effects similar to low metabolism, the same effects we are trying to combat with detox. Everyone has their own methods of dealing with anxiety and fatigue: whether it’s yoga or, for example, music (a study by neuroscientists from Mindlab International showed that one composition, specially composed by sound therapists, leads to a 65 percent reduction in anxiety). Spending time in nature, even just a little, for just 30 minutes a week, is another sure, scientifically proven way to reduce stress.

Detox centers near me

Today, many detox facilities near me specialize in professional detox programs. You can try carrying out detox programs once a year. The duration of the course can be 7, 10 or 14 days. Usually, they have complex detox programs, which are not just a cleansing of the body through nutrition, it is a whole complex of procedures.

Physical exercises

They help to get rid of harmful substances in tissues due to sweating. Moderate exercise also strengthens the immune system and speeds up the metabolism. It can be water aerobics, swimming, fitness, running and more.


These are not only classic types of massage, but also hydromassage, lymphatic drainage. Massage will not only activate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, but also relieve neurological disorders.


This technique aims to restore the body’s natural forces and relieve pain due to the impact of needles on reflex points.

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