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Purple Tumbler Ideas

20 Purple Tumbler Ideas: Explore Our 20 Best Ideas 

Whether you’re looking for a gift idea or something fun, these purple tumbler ideas are a hit. They’re easy and cheap to make and are more than just regular drinking glasses. 

That’s because they’re customizable to glitter, and you can have other personalized details, such as names or quotes, written on them. 

The tumbler craze has just begun and won’t stop anytime soon because who doesn’t want a gorgeous beverage holder that shines attractively? Therefore, you must know how to make unique tumblers to stand out or sell. 

This article offers some of the best ideas to find inspiration. Let’s begin!                          

20  Purple Tumbler Ideas 

There are many tumbler ideas, i.e., ombre or pink glitter tumblers. However, this article focuses on purple tumbler ideas. 

Tumblers can make the best wedding, graduation gifts, etc., and are ideal for holding beverages. So, you can use a tumbler on any day of the year. Here’s the list of our best purple tumbler ideas. 

1. Galaxy Tumbler 

Galaxy Tumbler 

The galaxy tumbler design tops the list because of one highlight; it’s handmade. If you have the skills to make a tumbler, the galaxy tumbler is a fantastic gift for your best friend or family member. 

You can also add a name to the vibrant-colored galaxy tumbler to make it more personal. 

2. Glittered Tumbler 

Glittered Tumbler 

Why have the same tumblers as your siblings or friends when you were born to stand out? The glitter tumbler is made of stainless steel and is epoxied and glittered for a shiny and sparkly finish. 

If you choose this idea, only use the best quality material, from the tumbler material to the glitter. The polyester glitter is the best; it doesn’t fade or dull and gives the tumbler a beautiful glossy glass-like appearance.

3. Purple Floral Mama Bear Glitter Tumbler

Purple Floral Mama Bear Glitter Tumbler

This tumbler has a unique and personalized design that will turn heads in the office, gym, etc. Its primary material is stainless steel, that’s insulated and double-walled. So, you can sip without worries wherever you go since the tumbler keeps drinks at preferred temperatures for hours. 

The double-walled vacuum technology insulates your content from the outside temperature. Therefore, the tumbler doesn’t sweat, and the drink is always at optimal temperature. 

4. Purple Ombre Leopard Print Tumbler 

Purple Ombre Leopard Print Tumbler 

If you love the look of animal prints, you’ll love this purple ombre leopard print tumbler. 

The stunning animal print design makes it stand out from most tumblers on the list. You can customize or personalize the tumbler using your name or any phrase you love. 

If you go with this tumbler design, ensure that every material is high quality. For example, use a three-layer FDA-approved food-grade epoxy to seal the vinyl and glitter. This will give the tumbler a smooth glass finish that’s just beautiful. 

In addition, use double-walled-insulated stainless steel to ensure your drinks are cold and hot. Lastly, ensure that the animal print or vinyl is sealed well to not peel after time. 

5. Purple and Gold Glitter Tumbler 

Purple and Gold Glitter Tumbler 

The purple and gold ombre glitter tumbler is a fantastic baby shower gift, new mama gift, Mother’s Day gift, or any other occasion. The pictured tumbler has a chunky gold and purple glitter mix. 

The entire decals are sealed under a glassy and smooth epoxy layer that prevents them from degrading or peeling over time. Like most on the list, it is made of double-wall stainless steel to keep your beverage cold or hot all day. 

6. Travel Tumbler – Horse Gift for Girls and Women

Travel Tumbler – Horse Gift for Girls and Women

This tumbler idea is a fantastic birthday or anniversary gift because of its uniqueness. It has a unique style that makes everything you drink from it great. 

The tumbler has a high-quality silkscreen that ensures it lasts longer. You can also increase the tumbler’s life by handling it well. 

7. Skinny Purple Glittery Swirly Tumbler 

Skinny Purple Glittery Swirly Tumbler 

If you’re looking for an extremely glitter tumbler, this is the ideal one for you. You’ll surely love the gorgeous glitter. You can customize the tumbler to your style and taste in different ways to make it stand out. There are many ideas online to copy from. 

8. Purple Gold Marble Tumbler

Purple Gold Marble Tumbler

This fantastic tumbler idea has all the formula for looking glamorous without any effort. The combination of purple color, shimmering gold, and pure white marble is near to perfect. This tumbler design is ideal for people who love a luxurious but not too-flashy look.

9. Purple Glitter Drip Tumbler 

Purple Glitter Drip Tumbler 

Do you want a cup that’s as unique as your drink preference? This purple glitter drip tumbler is the best for you. Its glitter details have been simulated by artwork; they are beautiful. 

In addition, you can also personalize your tumbler with your name or just initials to make it more unique. 

10. Summer Lovin

Summer Lovin

What are some of the best things you remember about your summer vacation? It’s undoubtedly fun, food, fresh air, and much more. 

You can gift yourself this Summer Lovin purple tumbler coming summer and keep it after as a memory. This sublimation tumbler idea will always remind you of your memorable summer vacation for years. 

11. Blue and Purple Butterflies Tumbler

Blue and Purple Butterflies Tumbler

An incredible combination of natural elements like flowers and butterflies with a purple color match suits a tumbler design. This is the best if you want to gift your loved one something unique that stands out in beauty. 

12. Purple Cheetah Print Burn Tumbler 

Purple Cheetah Print Burn Tumbler 

If the stunning cheetah print instantly reminds you of the wilderness, there’s no doubt that this tumbler idea is specifically for you. You can also gift it to friends or family with an unrestrained adventurous high enthusiasm and spirit for nature.

13. Wood Grain Purple Tumbler  

Wood Grain Purple Tumbler  

The woodgrain consistently wins in designs and is a fantastic way to give your tumbler that trendy look. The natural beauty of wood grain plus the purple color is the best choice for that tumbler you’re considering gifting your friend or family. 

14. Floral Roses Pink Purple Glitter Tumbler 

Floral Roses Pink Purple Glitter Tumbler 

Off all the patterns, it’s floral that brings out the most femininity. You can add a touch of elegance and romance to your purple tumbler with florals. This tumbler can be the best gift for your lover, girlfriend, or even sister.

15. Hydro Dipped Tumbler 

Hydro Dipped Tumbler 

The hydro-dipped stainless-steel tumbler has a white base and two shades of purple and gold. This technique is beautiful and can be used in any color combination. This tumbler is best for coffee; you can gift it to a work colleague on their birthday or any occasion. 

16. Purple Ultra Fine Iridescent Glitter 

Purple Ultra Fine Iridescent Glitter 

This tumbler is made of ultra-fine premium polyester glitter, that’s quite beautiful. The glitter is commonly used in nail art, embellishing tumblers, and other crafts. 

The purple tumbler is for individuals who want a stunning and high-quality tumbler. It can be a perfect wedding gift, as it appears expensive and classy.

17. Teal and Purple Milky Way Glitter Tumbler 

Teal and Purple Milky Way Glitter Tumbler 

This is another most popular tumbler design on the list. It has stunning purple and teal glitter with a milky effect. The best part is that you can add your name or the name of the person you’re looking to gift this tumbler. 

The tumbler is made using stainless steel, which is durable, and has a lid that fits a straw. 

18. Galaxy Star Universe Tumbler Cup 

Galaxy Star Universe Tumbler Cup 
Galaxy Star Universe Tumbler Cup

If you love the galaxy or science fiction, this idea is best for you. The stars in the purple color make the tumbler look so beautiful. There are several galaxy themes out there from which to choose from. 

19. Alcohol Ink Tumbler 

Alcohol Ink Tumbler 

This tumbler is made with alcohol inks and has a straw and lid that protect your beverage and make it easy to take. The colors make this tumbler one of a kind, and you can customize it to fit your preferences and needs. 

This alcohol ink tumbler can be a great Christmas gift to your siblings or friends. 

20. Insulated Wine Tumbler 

This insulated wine tumbler is another fantastic idea. You can use this tumbler at parties and toast your colleagues, friends, and family in style. 

The best part is that you can easily customize it to your or the other person’s preferences. In addition, it can efficiently serve as a travel mug for juice or coffee.

Tumbler Tips: What You Need to Know

Tumbler is an essential tool for people that love traveling. They need one to store a beverage or drink that keeps them hydrated or energized. People also gift their friends, family members, and colleagues tumblers on special occasions. 

If you want to venture into the tumbler business, know you’ll make some money since they sell well. However, making high-quality and personalized tumblers is usually quite hard for first-timers. 

But after watching videos and subsequent trials, they usually get into the craft well. Below are some essential tips you need to know before venturing into the tumbler project. The pointers will help you so much. 

Have a great and personal working area.

You can choose a space such as your garage for this work. However, ensure that the room is well-ventilated. That’s because you’ll need enough air but not too much sunlight. Note that a warmer room will help cure the resin to perfection. 

Read and follow all the instructions. 

This is especially important when preparing and applying resin. Refrain from assuming you know how to mix resin after watching a YouTube video. 

Know the approximate amount of resin you’ll need for the entire project. However, some resins come with individual calculators to help you find the right volume. 

When done measuring the resin from separate cups (A and B), put them in one container and stir to mix them properly. Ensure to scrape off the sides and bottom to mix both liquids thoroughly. Do this for about three minutes. 

Use a clear spray sealer. 

Use the spray sealer to seal the glitter before adding epoxy. This crucial step will prevent the glitter from spreading and mixing with other colors when applying resin. 

You should apply a thin resin coat for medium glitter and allow it to cure completely. You should then sand using medium-grain sandpaper and finish off using fine sandpaper. Lastly, wash it with water before applying another resin layer. 

Note that you need to only use the best products for your craft. That’s from stainless steel to the spray and glitter.


There are different types of materials that you can use to make tumblers. Stainless steel is the most common material because of its durability and functionality. 

Stainless steel provides excellent insulation and keeps your drinks chilled or warm for some time. You can also make your tumbler using plastic. As much as plastic is cheap, it can spoil the beverage’s quality and taste. 

But unlike tumblers made from stainless steel, the plastic ones don’t get dents on their surface. Glass is another material you can use. However, they’re prone to damage. The material you choose will determine your tumbler’s overall durability and design. 


There are many purple tumbler ideas to choose from out there. If you want to make tumblers that you can sell or gift to a friend, family, or colleague, this article covers you. Tumblers are popular today as most people rely on them to carry their beverages on drink. 

Therefore, when making a tumbler, you must be so personal in design to stand out. The ideas in this article will help you customize your tumbler in the best possible ways. 

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