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Slab Pottery Ideas For Beginners

Slab Pottery Ideas For Beginners: 30 Ideas To Get You Started

Check out pottery ideas for beginners if you are just starting as a potter. If you love creating things with your hands, then you must also love clay.

Working with clay is a fun and relaxing pastime. You don’t need any prior experience to begin making pottery.

Whether you’re an adult wanting to pick up a new hobby or a parent looking for an activity for your child that is also educational, slab pottery is something that you may want to try out.

If you are looking for motivation or ideas, you are in the right place. Here are the top slab pottery suggestions.

1. Chopping Board

Chopping Board

A chopping board is probably the easiest place to start if you are learning slab pottery. They are easy to craft and don’t require much attention to detail.

You can, however, use interesting patterns and designs to personalize your board accordingly. The board designs can be simple. The illustration shows a simple board with embedded plant patterns.

2. Simple Vase

Simple Vase

A simple vase design is a good way to learn how to craft angular objects. The design is relatively simple, even for beginners. It has few steps and settles relatively quicker than many slab pottery pieces.

Beginners learn how to attach these pieces firmly. You can paint the vase and make it look attractive. It is a great project.

3. HoneyComb Concept

HoneyComb Concept

The three-piece honeycomb concept is an interesting pattern. It is a challenging design that should help beginners test themselves.

Don’t worry if you do not get it right the first time; with enough practice, you should master the concept. The design is beautiful, and you can enhance it further by painting the final piece.

4. Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic Bowl

The ceramic bowl is a rudimentary poetry piece that beginners should master before progressing to challenging concepts.

The illustration above shows how the piece would look should you use interesting decorative patterns. It has a glossy finish, which you can enhance by using an epoxy resin mix. It is an interesting project for beginners’ pottery.

5. Circular Bowl Design

Circular Bowl Design

The circular ceramic bowl is an interesting slab pottery idea. It is a beautiful concept with an abstract look. The bowl is easy to design and helps potters learn how to get the joints right.

It has a beautiful aesthetic, and you can use it as a decorative piece. It is easy to customize the look. You can have a three-point joint design with the piece.

6. Box Bowl Concept

Box Bowl Concept

The box bowl is a beautiful pottery piece. It has an interesting distorted appearance. The shape resembles a rectangle with rounded corners.

The overlapping folds enhance its abstract aesthetic. Making the bowl helps potters learn how to make sides that hold up well. You can score the interior for a bit of texture, as illustrated in the piece above.

7. Folded Bowl Concept

Folded Bowl Concept

The folded bowl is an aesthetically pleasing piece. It has an interesting shape and design. The curved edges give it a rounded feel.

The sides feel nearly cylindrical, but the base spreads out the sides. You can make the lovely design better by painting the sides. It might take a few attempts, but you will get there eventually.

8. Envelope Vase Concept

Envelope Vase Concept

The folded envelope vase concept is one of the easier design concepts. These are vases that typically house flowers and other small plants like seedlings. It is a creative and unique piece you can use in your garden.

You will have to be careful, particularly with the finish. The design might collapse on itself if not dried properly.

9. Serviette Holder Concept

Serviette Holder Concept

A serviette holder is an ideal project for a beginner. The holders usually have simple forms, and crafting them is relatively easy.

The illustration shows how you can craft a holder by raising the vertices of a simple square shape. Beginners should have an easy time modeling such pieces. You can add texture to the exterior.

10. Simple Phone Holder

Simple Phone Holder

Phone holders are always a great concept, regardless of their design. Most of them take on simple shapes that you can easily craft.

They are small and don’t require many details. You can add a mug handle for added support. The design is simple, and the holder shouldn’t take long to make.

11. Plant Holder Concept

Plant Holder Concept

The plant holder concept vase has a bad-like aesthetic. Its shape is interesting, and the design choice is. It is a detailed project, and getting the texture right is key.

The joining pieces are so close together that you must be patient as you let them sit. It is an interesting challenge that new potters should try.

12. Rough Cups and Jar Set

Rough Cups and Jar Set

The rough cup and jar set is an unusual concept that beginners will love. The lack of emphasis on perfection makes this a great project for beginners.

The project’s focus is making a stable base to keep each of these pieces in equilibrium. The rough design makes it a wonderful decorative piece.

13. Egg Tray Concept

Egg Tray Concept

The egg tray concept relies on a reference mold. It works like a 3-dimensional stencil for the piece. It is an interesting concept that doesn’t require much attention to detail.

You can create each egg slot separately and join them to form one large design. The concept is fairly easy, and the final piece is functional.

14. Simple Soap Dish Design

Simple Soap Dish Design

The soap dish design concept is a nice practice piece. The final product is functional and not just aesthetically pleasing. You can make a custom soap dish that matches your bathroom’s décor. 

The concept is easy to execute and doesn’t require experience. Beginners can experiment with different styles. You can enhance your piece by scoring it for texture and ruggedness.

15. Box Lantern Concept

Box Lantern Concept

The box lantern concept is not too dissimilar to a regular base. The key distinguishing feature between the two is that the lantern box has unique cutouts on the side.

Even for beginners, the style is relatively simple. It has fewer steps and sits faster than many slab pottery bits. You can make the vase more appealing by painting it. It’s a fantastic project.

16. Ceramic Tableware Cup

Ceramic Tableware Cup

The ceramic tableware cup is a great choice for beginners. It has a simple design that shouldn’t be too hard to craft. 

The style teaches beginners how to attach basic shapes to a base. The glass does not have to have perfectly cylindrical. You can choose from many designs.

17. Ceramic Lamp Shade

Ceramic Lamp Shade

Many people don’t use ceramic lampshades. The concept could be more practical and works best as a decorative piece. It is, however, a wonderful slab pottery option for beginners.

You can either opt for the cubic shape or a triangular prism. Painting the lampshade makes it look vibrant. It is a lovely decorative option.

18. Cheese Board

Cheese Board

The cheese board is a really simple option. It is appropriate for a beginner’s class illustration. They are simple to make and do not necessitate much detail-oriented attention.

However, you can customize your board by using interesting designs and colors. Board designs can be simple. The image depicts a simple board with an embedded textured design.

19. Simple Pet Bowl

Simple Pet Bowl

A ceramic pet bowl is a nice option. Unlike many designs, it has practical uses, and you can use them as a decorative piece. 

You can attach the sides to a radial base and use epoxy resin to give your bowl a neat glossy finish. The dog bone attachment is the trick

20. Geometry Pot Concept

Geometry Pot Concept

The geometric bowl is an unconventional concept that will appeal to beginners. Because there is no emphasis on perfection, this is an excellent project for beginners. 

The project’s goal is to create a stable base to hold all of these pieces. Its rough design makes it an excellent decorative piece.


21. Old Roman Mug

Old Roman Mug

For beginners, the Old-school Roman Mug is an excellent choice. It has a simple design that should be relatively easy to make. 

Using this style, beginners can learn how to connect basic shapes to a base. The glass doesn’t need to be perfectly cylindrical. There are numerous designs to choose from.

22. Radial Clay Pan Concept

Radial Clay Pan Concept

The Radial Clay Pan is a favorite for many beginners. It is easy to build, even for people at a beginner or an intermediate level. 

Its crafting steps are similar to making mugs and cups, except for a large base. Beginners can get experience adding attachments like handles and other auxiliaries to the build.

23. Slab Tray Concept

Slab Tray Concept

The slab tray is a lovely piece of pottery. It has a unique distorted appearance. The form is similar to a short cylinder with overlapping sides.

The overlapping folds add to the abstract look. Making the bowl teaches potters how to create strong sides. As shown in the example above, you can score the outer surface to add texture.

24. Tall Clay Pitcher

Tall Clay Pitcher

The tall pitcher is suitable for beginners moving on to an intermediate level. It is a unique design that requires many perfect joining pieces. 

It is a bit challenging, but the final result is great once you get the pieces right. You can use different paint patterns and scoring designs to give your final piece some character.

25. Crescent Dish Design

Crescent Dish Design

The crescent shape dish design is an aesthetic masterpiece. It is a great project that allows beginners to showcase their joining skills. 

It is a relatively simple build. The hardest part of the project is getting the crescent shape spot on. It is the type of build that focuses on getting accurate measurements.

26. Ying Yang Ceramic Bowl

Ying Yang Ceramic Bowl

The Ying Yang ceramic bowl is special as it uses joining, measuring, and symmetry concepts. It is a unique build that requires patience. 

Getting the symmetry right is critical to how the pieces look. Getting the build is easier than it looks. Once the pieces settle, you should have an easy time painting the body.

27. Ceramic Mushroom Ashtray

Ceramic Mushroom Ashtray

Ashtrays have simple designs. It makes them great for practicing slab pottery builds. These designs are easy to replicate and modify.

The mushroom ashtray is an example of a unique style. You can customize the shapes to your liking. 

You can even use special designs if you have a stencil-like reference. You could get creative with the paint styles.

28. Smiley Face Plate

Smiley Face Plate

A smiley face bowl is a great option. Unlike many designs, it has practical applications and can be used as a decorative piece. 

To give your bowl a neat glossy finish, attach the sides to a radial base and use epoxy resin—the dish. You can use various colored patterns and pellets.

29. Splattered Egg

Splattered Egg

The splattered egg concept is a nice decorative piece you can use in different situations. It is a good option for beginners looking to learn how to perform short edge rises. 

It also helps beginners learn how to attach simple extensions to the main piece. The piece is quirky and has a playful feel to it.

30. Candle Holder Concept

Candle Holder Concept

A candle proper is an amazing piece. It allows you to get creative with the design. As a beginner, it is better to use a simple design that requires a few steps. 

The base shape determines how large the tray would be. You can paint the holder to give it a beautiful appearance.


This article has outlined some practical slab pottery ideas for beginners. Pottery is a fantastic way to express yourself, develop your creative skills, and produce something you can use daily. 

It’s also not as challenging as you might think! In fact, there are so many ways to get started with pottery that even beginners can succeed. Pick one idea and try it out today!

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