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Pottery Painting Ideas

35 Pottery Painting Ideas: Ideas For Creative & Artistic Soul 

Are you an avid fan of arts and crafts? If so, you are probably always looking for new activities to master. Pottery painting is a great way to express your creativity and develop your pottery painting ideas. 

You don’t have to be a professional artist or have any experience to enjoy pottery painting. It’s perfect for people of all ages and abilities. 

Whether you’re looking for something fun and casual or have more advanced creative ambitions, this article will provide you with unique pottery painting ideas. Read on to learn more about this popular pastime and get inspired!

1. Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations

Why not start your day with daily affirmations? You can style your pottery pieces with inspiring messages to help you get through your day. 

You can personalize the messages as you wish. These messages don’t have to be too artsy, and simple statements work well. You can use it as a gift idea.

2. Special Birthday Plate

Special Birthday Plate

Celebrate your birthday or others with a special artsy message on your pottery. Art allows us to express ourselves and convey heartfelt messages. 

It is a great gift idea, as it shows that some thought has been put into it. Decorative birthday theme plates could enhance a party’s décor.

3. Special Treats

Special Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat? You can draw some of your favorite snacks onto your pottery. And you could use these plates for some of your favorite dry snacks. The paintings don’t have to be complicated; simple strokes should do.

4. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster goes crazy for cookies, and how befitting you should make a tribute to the Muppet. The character is really easy to draw. 

You can have stylized paintings like the palm Cookie Monster in the illustration. It is a fun project, especially for kids.

5. Festive Holidays


Get into the festivities with a season-appropriate painting. A Christmas tree painting on your pottery is a great concept. 

Christmas trees are fairly easy to paint. You can have many tree variations for your art. It also makes for a good holiday gift or décor.

6. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

The symmetrical Christmas tree is good practice for painters. It is not complicated, and you should do it with simple circular strokes. 

You can use the pottery piece as seasonal decor, as it fits into the seasonal theme. The margin paintings bring out the holiday aesthetic.

7. Rudolph the Reindeer

Rudolph the Reindeer

Rodolph the Reindeer is a seasonal paint concept. It is really easy to paint, and beginners should have an easy time illustrating Santa’s workmate. 

The painting requires simple strokes as it is not elaborate. It is a great holiday piece for the festive season.

8. Winter Dinner Plates

Winter Dinner Plates

The winter dinner plate is great practice for drawing simple skyline illustrations. It is an easy concept to execute. 

It can be simple, as the two-dimensional painting requires few details. It is a great concept if painting differs from your strong suit. You can try the concept for other seasons too.

9. Black and White Radial City

Black and White Radial City

Radial Painting concepts are always interesting. The painting focuses on putting illustrations on the periphery rather than the focal point. 

It is a detailed illustration that should be good practice for many art enthusiasts. You can add many unique building concepts for the style.

10. Crowded Town/ City Concept

Crowded Town City Concept

The crowded town and city concept works best with large pottery pieces. You can use it to showcase your attention to detail by adding unique and intricate illustrations to the painting. The painting concept requires patience, and you can do it as a long-term project.

11. Drooping Ferns

Drooping Ferns

Adding plant drawings to pottery adds character to the final piece. The fern illustration is a good example of plant life adding pizzazz to an art piece. 

The illustration is simple yet elegant. You can try the design with other plants to suit your pottery style.

12. Golden Plant Concepts

Golden Plant Concepts

The golden plant outlines are a great concept, especially if you wish to avoid detailed illustrations. 

It works well with a white or black background since it is a neutral color. You can have wild or simple illustrations, like the one in the example above.

13. Tree Branch Concept

Tree Branch Concept

Rather than illustrating entire plants, you can use branches for your final piece. Lighter colors work best on dark backgrounds, as illustrated above. 

You can use a dark spray paint undercoat and apply thin resin epoxy to give a glossy finish. It is a lovely concept.

14. Hyper-realistic painting concept

Hyper-realistic painting concept

The hyper-realistic painting concept is best suited to experienced painters. It is a detailed illustration that is almost true to life. 

It gives any pottery piece an immaculate finish. The concept shows how a plant illustration would look on a black background. It has a spectacular finish.

15. Colorful Flower Patterns

Colorful Flower Patterns

It is one of the simpler painting concepts for pottery. It is great since it doesn’t require much time to complete. 

The illustration is suited to beginners or people on a time crunch. The patterns are easy, and the colors make the plate vibrant.

16. Simple Dandelions Patterns

Simple Dandelions Patterns

Muted paint colors can work well with bright backgrounds, as illustrated in the example above. The concept is relatively simple to execute. 

It consists mostly of straight thin strokes, which makes the final piece look great. You can add additional characters like dragonflies, birds, etc. It is a great piece.

17. Withered Dandelion Design

Withered Dandelion Design

The withered dandelion design is a lovely illustrative piece. It showcases how simple strokes can culminate in a wonderful piece. 

It is one of the easiest concepts and is quite beginner-friendly. The dandelion illustration shows that pieces don’t have to be intricate to look good.

18. Blue Octopus Concept

Blue Octopus Concept

The blue octopus concept is a must-try for sea lovers. It showcases an octopus at the center of the clay piece. 

You can get creative and use different color schemes or add other sea creatures to your illustration. It looks great if you can illustrate it well. It can be challenging to get right.

19. Blue Tentacle Design

Blue Tentacle Design

The blue tentacle design is another great piece with a sea theme. It is much easier to illustrate than the octopus. 

You can add glossy epoxy resin to the surface to make the colors pop. The illustration is really simple and beginner-friendly.

20. Blue Fish Scales Concept 

Blue Fish Scales Concept

The scaly plate design is a wonderful way to add texture. It is a simple concept that requires time and patience to get right. 

You can add different scales, like gold-colored scales. The overall aesthetic depends on how much detail you add to the scales.

21. Sea Creature Plate Concept

Sea Creature Plate Concept

Another ocean theme plate illustration, the multi-piece plate painting, is great for use as décor. The unique paint illustrations are simple and muted.

It gives these pieces a lovely aesthetic. The best pieces are easy to paint. The sea theme has many exciting concepts to choose from.

22. Peacock DinnerWare

Peacock DinnerWare

Peacocks are lovely elegant creatures. They make for great illustrative art pieces. 

The monochrome theme is great for simple pieces, though you can add color if you desire a vibrant piece. The overall painting works best on larger pottery pieces. It requires some space to get it right.

23. Peacock Dinner Plate Design

Peacock Dinner Plate Design

Here is another peacock design that illustrates the feathers. It makes good use of the limited space on the pottery piece. 

It has a lovely overall design. You can add color to the piece if you wish. The painting patterns are easy to execute.

24. Matching Fauna Dinnerware Concept

Matching Fauna Dinnerware Concept

You can have the same fauna theme across different dinnerware pieces, as illustrated above. The fauna theme works well as décor. 

These pieces make great use of a two-color scheme. It is a great way to match your pottery under the same design. The leaf patterns are easy to draw.

25. Artistic Red Flower Design

Artistic Red Flower Design

The red and pink petal illustration is a great concept. The illustration is beautiful and vibrant. Red works well on a light background, and it pops. 

The illustration makes food use of the space available. You can add green vines to the painting if you wish to add a spark to the final piece.

26. Red Autumn Art Dinner Plate

Red Autumn Art Dinner Plate

The red autumn diner plate is a detailed illustrative piece. It is a painting that requires great attention to detail to execute properly. 

It is best suited to experienced painters and artists. The piece is beautiful and ties well to any autumn décor.

27. Beautiful Butterflies Artistic Plate

Beautiful Butterflies Artistic Plate

The butterfly and flowers theme is a great illustrative piece. It allows you to test different art styles.

You can use different shades and many colors in the piece. The illustration looks great, especially if you do it on a large surface. It is best suited for people who want to experiment with different concepts.

28. Blue Birds Arts

Blue Birds Arts

It is a beautiful avian concept for people who love birds and art. The painting showcases birds in a tree habitat. It is a simple painting that incorporates simple and intricate details.

29. Simple Monochrome Bird Art

Simple Monochrome Bird Art

Pottery paintings don’t have to be elaborate and detailed to look good. The monochrome scheme painting illustrates a simple concept that brings life to an otherwise dull surface. 

The style is simple and suitable for beginners. You can use such concepts for plain white surfaces or invert the colors for darker backgrounds.

30. Monochrome Fauna Art Concept

Monochrome Fauna Art Concept

The black and white scheme painting depicts a simple concept that breathes life into a previously drab exterior. The style is straightforward and appropriate for novices. 

Such ideas can be applied to plain white substrates or flipped for darker backgrounds. The radial patterns on the pottery periphery are wonderfully executed.

31. Pink Flower Concept

Pink Flower Concept

The pink flower concept is an imaginative painting choice. The painting is simple and bold. Flowers are always a great choice for any illustrative piece, and they work well with plain white backgrounds. The illustration is a great choice for a plant theme décor. It is easy to draw.

32. Rising Sun Bowl Design

Rising Sun Bowl Design

The sun bowl design is an easy, laid-back, and fun project. It is a great painting choice if you do not want something overly complicated.

It uses simple and repetitive radial patterns. The sun face in the middle is a good bonus. You can finish it off with resin epoxy.

33. Cartoon Suns Design

Cartoon Suns Design

The cartoon sun design is the easiest illustration for your pottery work. It is a rudimentary illustration that captures your fun and quirky side. 

It is really easy to make, and it is beginner friendly. Adding epoxy to the final piece gives it a neat shimmering aesthetic.

34. Bored Toad Ceramic Plate

Bored Toad Ceramic Plate

The bored toad is an interesting painting for your pottery piece. Cartoon and comic strip character illustrations are a good way to pay homage to your favorite shows. The bored toad is a quirky illustration. It resembles a toad in a lily pad.

35. Symmetrical Radial Art Concept

Symmetrical Radial Art Concept

The symmetrical radial pattern is a simple and basic choice. It is one of the easiest painting illustrations that you can use. 

It consists of simple straight-line patterns drawn symmetrically on the plate’s inner surface. It is a great painting if you want something simple. You could use different colors for the illustration.


There are no limits to the type and style of paintings you can use for your pottery works after reading about our pottery painting ideas.

Pottery is a beautiful pastime and hobby for many folks because crafting items is a relaxing and fun experience. Potters take pride in their final pieces.

You can customize your final pieces by painting them, which makes them unique. We hope this article has given you some concepts for your next painting project.

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