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The Most Beginner-Friendly Bongs On The Market

Bongs for Beginners: The Most Beginner-Friendly Bongs On The Market

Surely you have at least heard one of these terms; binger, billy, bubbler, or simply a bong. A bong is formed of water pipes to smoke cannabis. Bongs have been around for a very long time. The history of the world bong and its etymology goes back to the Thai word “Bung”, and the first use of bong was with bamboo tubes. Today’s bongs appear to be much more advanced, yet they all follow the same fundamental technique. Bongs come in a variety of forms, colors, and sizes. Some are quite simple, with only a bowl and a chamber. All bong types generally accomplish the same thing: they cool and filter the smoke produced by burning cannabis. However, If you are a beginner and don’t know your way around smoking cannabis with bongs, you will be definitely overwhelmed by the many choices you can possibly find on the market. We did the research on your behalf and these are the best beginner-friendly bongs:

Grasscity Beaker Ice Bong:

Grasscity has over 5,000 options for you to pick from. You may get everything from modest to large bongs. These types of bongs are brightly colored and even feature whirling coils inside to offer a unique style. Using a Grasscity Breaker Ice bong will assist in delivering a fantastic smoking experience. You can purchase these high-quality glass bongs at a low price. This fantastic beaker ice bong can be enjoyed alone and with friends due to its large size. If you’re searching for a diverse range, this is the brand to go with.

RooR Bong Ice Master

RooR is a brand to consider if you’re searching for simple yet high-quality bongs. RooR bongs are very simple to use but also built of high-quality materials. However, due to their good reputation, many of their bongs are frequently copied. If you want to opt for this brand, double-check to verify you’re getting a genuine RooR bong and not a replica. RooR Bong Ice Master is usually 5 mm wide and 45 cm tall it features a switchable joint and a flared mouthpiece to assist you in having a good smokey flavor. This transparent bong has a glass ceiling on it to make it more durable and functional.

16″ Voyager Bong:

A 16” Voyager Bong is 5mm in glass thickness and its total height is 16”. The Voyager has a linear downstream that comes out of the Traditional beaker base, then a big honeycomb, and lastly a UFO mouthpiece. It is constructed of nonporous laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. It is not capable of absorbing scents or chemical residues. However, this bong is very easy to use. 

Bento Bong

The Bento Bong is built of BPA-free Tritan TX1001 plastic, which gives it the same endurance as a silicone bong though in a flexible, elegant, packable, and adjustable form. At the low price of the Bento Bong, few bongs have a percolator and are dishwasher safe. You can disassemble the Bento bong in seconds to be cleaned. If you’re new to bongs, the Bento Bong is an excellent place to start. You will understand your way around bongs starting with this easy-to-use and easy-to-clean type of bong.

Summerland Chongo

The Summerland Chongo is a ceramic bong that blends elegance with endurance. The large bong hits well and features a large bowl with a tight seal. There are no imperfections in the glazing. The Summerland Chongo is aesthetically astonishing. It is created with food-safe glaze, lead-free, and ceramic, providing you with complete tranquility and enjoyment. It is quite expensive, but it is indeed worth the money.

What to look for in a bong?

  • Style: You should make sure you like the style of the bong you purchase. This may make it not just appealing to the eye, but also fun to use.
  • Durability: When looking for a bong, it is critical to consider durability. If a bong cracks quickly, your purchase wasn’t worth it. You should ensure that the bong can sustain heavy use.
  • Authenticity: Many famous brand bongs are copied. You should always check if the product is original. Do your research! ask people who know or simply read the reviews of an online selling shop when you are online shopping

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