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The Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking Cannabis

The Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking Cannabis

Have you noticed that smoking weed is starting to take a toll on your lungs? Do you want to know if vaping weed will be a better alternative for you?

For many years the only way to consume cannabis was to smoke it, either through a bong or a joint. Due to technological advances, today there are now many different ways in which you can consume marijuana, and the most popular are dry herb vaporizers.

This product has changed the way that people think and use marijuana, and if you haven’t bought one yet, here are a few reasons why you should switch from smoking weed to vaping it.

It is healthier

These days more and more people are choosing to vape their weed as opposed to smoking it and there are many great reasons for this. You may think that vaping is very different from smoking, however these days we have access to what is called a dry herb vaporizer which allows us to vaporize the weed itself as opposed to using a weed concentrate.

With that said, using a dry herb vaporizer from online shops like Canna Cabana is ultimately far healthier than smoking a joint. When smoking cannabis there is combustion involved in igniting the product and this combustion releases harmful carcinogens which are then inhaled and can cause damage to the lungs.

When vaporizing weed, there are no harmful carcinogens involved and therefore there is far less risk of damage to the lungs. Not to mention it is much easier on the throat since it isn’t smoke.

Easier on wallet 

The next reason why you should be switching from smoking weed to vaping is simply that it’s easier on your wallet. Although upfront a dry herb vaporizer might be far more expensive, when you look at the cost per use of the device it will end up being a lot more affordable than consistently having to buy rolling papers, filters, and lighters.

Dry herb vaporizers, when maintained correctly, will last you for a very long time and do not need to be replaced frequently, if at all. This means that although you will have to pay the upfront cost of buying a vaporizer it is far cheaper in the long run and therefore much easier on your wallet.

Better taste and more flavor 

Moving on down our list the next reason why you should make the switch from smoking weed to vaping is simply that it offers a much better taste and far more flavor. When you are smoking weed combustion is involved and this means that the marijuana is burned and that the terpenes are not activated.

Terpenes are the component of marijuana that are responsible for flavor and if these terpenes are not activated you will not get the full experience of the flavor that weed has to offer. 

When using a dry herb vaporizer there is no combustion involved but rather direct heat that is applied through either metal plates or circulated heated air. This allows for the terpenes to be activated in a better manner and then you can experience more of the flavorful.

It is discreet 

Last but not least the final reason why you should be making the switch from smoking weed to vaping is simply because of just how discreet it can be. Not only can it actively be discreet when you are using it because vaporizers are things that are commonly used for nicotine or cigarette replacement but there are many other ways in which it is discrete as well.

When using a dry herb vaporizer, the vapor doesn’t linger on your clothes or on the walls which means that it doesn’t smell. Dry herb vaporizers can also be used anywhere since they are small and compact, and people won’t necessarily see them.

On top of that, the vapor disappears quickly and will not give you any kind of bad breath making it even more discreet. Dry herb vaporizers are the perfect way to consume cannabis without anyone being any wiser.

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