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Synthetic Grass Could Save The World

Synthetic Grass Could Save The World

Environmentalism needs to not be a political issue in America, but as with everything in the United States, things that seem obvious to people around the world become immediately politicized in America. The thing is, if you can attach something conceptually to conservatism or liberalism, people will argue against their own needs to pursue a want that speaks to an anti-intellectualism that is pervasive throughout society. The real question is, how come Republicans have consistently rolled back environmental protections in America, given their history as the party that established the green movement in America?

California has wildfires every single year, resulting in thousands of trillion cubic feet in total destruction. It is noticeable every year as summer approaches: the state government is attempting to re-educate its residents about watering their lawns. Annually, you come across messaging beseeching Californians to forgo using sprinklers and garden hoses to keep their lawns bright green and fresh looking. There is a strong alternative that Americans ought to think about: artificial lawns. 

Why Artificial Grass?

When we consider the artificial grass cost, we must take into account the savings not just on mulch and plant food, but also water. Water should be a widely accessible resource throughout the world, but California is built on a desert and thus, the city of Los Angeles has to get its water rerouted from Northern California. In fact, the history of the Los Angeles water dam is rooted in a very problematic bout of thievery, as the city comptroller assisted the public works officer in purchasing land in Northern California and redirecting the water from their rivers to Los Angeles. Therefore, when we think about water in this area, we are thinking of an area that has always struggled with remaining wet enough.

Not having to water your lawn is key, and artificial grass can help with that fundamental shift in our society. Sure, natural grass looks gorgeous, but it has to be cut, watered and maintained constantly in such a way that it will consume additional resources. Synthetic grass, instead, offers the consistent beauty of a freshly mowed lawn without the damage done to the environment. Landscaping is much more affordable with synthetic turf, as the availability of affordable replacement options has increased over the last few decades. Synthetic grass, several decades ago, used to be very cheap looking but simultaneously expensive to produce.

The quality of synthetic grass changed drastically in the 2000s as micro plastics as an industry expanded and included better quality items in general. In the same way that cost-cutting disruptors have upended industries like taxis, eyeglasses and mattresses, the same experience has happened with plastics. As more companies have entered the market offering cheaper, better quality synthetic grass, all companies in this space have been forced to improve upon their offerings. That being said, by saving money, we are also saving water for the environment. Disruptive businesses are changing the capitalist landscape of America, and many of these are in the lawn turf area of the market.

Why Should You Consider New Grass?

Some people feel a bit uneasy with the concept of artificial turf, but if anything, they should consider the likelihood that they have been socialized into thinking they should possess natural grass. California’s drought is not a joke, and ultimately you may want to learn more about the possibility of transitioning into a more sustainable grass option. You came home every day and watched television shows that discussed husbands mowing the lawn as a rite of passage. Regarding American capitalism, we know that the lawnmower industry is likely fighting back against this, but we can do our part by investing in artificial turf in order to do right by the environment.

You may not have realized this, but many government businesses, offices and entities utilize synthetic turf for their buildings. This is critically important because as taxpayers, our money goes towards the maintenance of these buildings. Importantly, here in the United States of America we do not have much transparency about where our tax dollars go. We get our paychecks and there is a mere line item saying, “Federal Taxes” and “Local Taxes” without any significant information. As a result, we have to take matters into our own hands to be mindful of where our tax dollars go, guessing to the best of our ability.

Therefore, when you are considering the possibility of creating a new look for your yard, you might want to invest in artificial turf over the course of many decades, the money you have saved on your lawn will be plausibly enough to help you invest in other parts of your property. You can also check this link to know more about the pros and cons of artificial grass.

What you have saved on your lawn, you can invest in your porch, your roof or other aesthetic portions of your property that have not yet been disrupted by businesses that will save money. And while you are saving money, you are investing in the environment and saving water as you will have an opportunity to mitigate the loss of gallons of water as well.

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