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Waterproof Pergola Roof Ideas

20 Waterproof Pergola Roof Ideas –  Outdoor Extension

If you are looking for ways to enjoy your outdoor space all year round, then check out our waterproof pergola roof ideas. These roofs protect from the elements, ensuring you can spend time outside in any weather.

With so many different waterproof pergola roof ideas, finding the perfect one for your outdoor space can be challenging. 

From corrugated metal to polycarbonate and fabric, there are a variety of materials and designs to choose from.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the different waterproof pergola roof ideas, helping you find the right option for your outdoor living space.

1. Translucent Pergola Cover

Translucent Pergola Cover

The translucent pergola covers are a simple and practical concept. The roofing material is waterproof but lets in a reasonable amount of light. It is great for reading outside or just relaxing outdoors.

You can use simple wooden beams to prop up the translucent canvas. It is one of the inexpensive designs that’s easy to build and could even be a DIY project. It works great for gardens and areas with a lot of greenery. You need to maintain the structure frequently to keep it sturdy.

2. Aluminum Pergola Cover

Aluminum Pergola Cover

Do you want a permanent/semi-permanent pergola on your property, the aluminum rooftop concept is the one for you. It is a sturdy and durable pergola design that requires little or no maintenance. Aluminum is also cheap and quite weather resistant, so it should last a long time.

Since the structure is semi-permanent, it is easy to add lighting fixtures to bring out the ambiance. Such a structure works best around pools rather than gardens. You can style it further by painting it to suit your décor. 

3. Frosted Glass Pergola Cover


The frosted glass pergola cover takes advantage of natural light. The type of cover suits many different outdoor spaces because it is neutral. These pergolas are beautiful and easy to maintain. You, however, need to clean the planes once in a while.

The steel beams ensure that the frosted glass stays firmly in place. It also adds to the structure’s sturdiness. If you choose this route, ensure you choose a durable and thick glass pane cover. The pergola filters most of the intense lights. 

4. Canvas Concept Pergola Cover

Canvas Concept Pergola Cover

The translucent canvas pergola is a simple and inexpensive option for you. It is relatively easy to put together and doesn’t require much groundwork. The best part is that the roofing material is retractable, so you can leave the top open if you want to soak in the sun.

The material does a great job absorbing the light. It offers a great place to read and relax. It is also impervious to water and snow. The pergola design is relatively easy to maintain. Ensure you clean the canvas once in a while.

5. Wooden Shutters Pergola Covers

Wooden Shutters Pergola Covers

The wooden shutters pergola presents a more structurally-sound semi-permanent retractable roof option. It is a wonderful concept that best suits areas that experience warm to hot weather. The roof retracts like regular shutters with a motorized pull mechanism.

It is a sturdy pergola that should withstand any weather condition. The hardwood top doesn’t require as much maintenance as other roofing materials. 

It works great in pools or around gardens. The retractable roof allows sunlight in when you need it, making it a great choice for sunbathers.

6. Clear Glass Plane Pergola Cover

Clear Glass Plane Pergola Cover

The clear glass plane pergola best suits areas that often experience rain. Unlike frosted glass, the top lets in a lot of light. However, it does a good job absorbing some UV light. The glass planes are relatively durable, depending on your vender.

If you want a bit more shade, you can opt for a thermally-sensitive glass option. They are slightly more expensive, but they work well in hot areas. The pergola requires little maintenance as it is relatively durable. 

7. Simple PVC Pergola Cover

Simple PVC Pergola Cover

Pergolas don’t have to be expensive. The wood and PVC option is one of the cheapest pergolas designs. It makes for a good DIY project as it is relatively easy to build. It is a pergola concept that works well in gardens and parks.

The pergola requires more maintenance than other concepts. You can reinforce the support by using several beams. The PVC lets in a lot of natural light and provides shade from the sun. It is also weather-resistant. 

8. Classic Modern Pergola Cover

Classic Modern Pergola Cover

This is the pergola for you if you want something classy and modern. It is an elegant open structure supported by sturdy steel beams. The wooden floor matches the room, and it creates a homely ambiance. The pergola is not cheap, but it is certainly worth every penny.

You can add lighting fixtures to the roof since it is permanent and impervious to water. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the pergola. It is a strong structure that should last several years. It works well in any outdoor setting.

9. Premium Glass Pattern Pergola Cover

Premium Glass Pattern Pergola Cover

The premium glass pattern pergola design spares no expense in delivering a top-notch outdoor relaxing experience. 

It is one of the most unique and beautiful pergola concepts. It works especially well for areas around swimming pools. You can choose a custom glass pattern at an extra cost.

The pergola brings out a relaxing ambiance. It is great for reading and sunbathing. The glass is tinted and absorbs a lot of UV light from the sun. It is also a permanent structure, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance. 

10. Premium Wood and Glass Pergola Cover

Premium Wood and Glass Pergola Cover

If finances are not a constraint, why not opt for a premium outdoor relaxing space? The premium pergola design is a beautiful modern build that doubles as an outdoor dining area. It creates a beautiful ambiance akin to an outdoor restaurant.

The structure is durable and weather-resistant. It requires little maintenance since it is a permanent structure. The sides are open, allowing natural light in, but you can add lighting to the build. As illustrated in the picture, you could also use alternative cooling solutions like fans.

11. Abstract Concept Pergola Cover

Abstract Concept Pergola Cover

Pergolas don’t have to have conventional square, circular or rectangular shapes. You can opt for something more creative or out of the box with an abstract design. The illustration shows a beautiful pergola concept. These structures can get expensive, depending on the design and materials.

They are permanent structures, so you don’t need to worry too much about maintenance. The abstract designs work better in gardens and other open areas. You can add lights and fans to the interior, depending on the materials.

12. Rustic Wooden Pergola Concept

Rustic Wooden Pergola Concept

The rustic pergola structure has a nice old-school charm to it. The type of pergola could really tie your garden landscape together. It is supported by sturdy steel beams, ensuring the structure is solid. The wooden hardwood roof adds to the overall durability of the building.

The building costs vary, depending on the structure size. A smaller rustic pergola would be cheaper. The structure provides sufficient shelter from the heat while also allowing light. It is easy to maintain.

13. Corrugated Iron Sheet Pergola 

Corrugated Iron Sheet Pergola 

As far as cost-efficient builds are concerned, it doesn’t get better than your standard corrugated roof pergolas. These structures make for the best DIY projects, as they are easy to build. You can use either a wooden or steel support to prop the roof.

The roof is fairly durable. It can withstand any weather, and the iron offers great rust resistance. The pergola design works best for outdoor gardening spaces. You can apply a fresh coat of paint to the iron sheets.

14. Stylish Wood and PVC and Hardwood Pergola

Stylish Wood and PVC and Hardwood Pergola

The stylish wood and PVC pergola is one of the most beautiful outdoor structures. It has a quaint touch and would be ideal for most outdoor gardens. It is fairly expensive, considering that it uses natural hardwood. It is a sturdy structure that should last a long time.

The hardwood floors offer decent scratch resistance. Its PVC rooftop allows the pergola to receive muted natural light, which is ideal for reading and relaxing. The structure would be great for areas that receive a lot of sunshine.

15. Minimalist Pergola Roof Idea

Minimalist Pergola Roof Idea

Pergolas don’t have to be complicated structures. Many concepts work for folks who would like a simple and clean design. The minimalist pergola roof idea is a beautiful design that offers a calm and serene environment without fancy bells and whistles.

The pergola is relatively cheap to build. The glass roof has a slight tint and lets in a soft and muted light that should be comfortable enough to read under. It might be a simple structure, but it is quite sturdy.

16. Simple Tile Roof Pergola Concept

Simple Tile Roof Pergola Concept

Tiles have always been a great roofing material and work well for pergolas. These structures are simple and minimalistic. There is great attention to detail in the support design. The wonderful patterns give the structure a unique and charming look.

Tiles are durable, and you don’t need to worry about replacing them. The structure is quite durable and has little maintenance. It is also fairly inexpensive to build. Using steel support beams ensures that the pergola will withstand the rain and not suffer corrosion. 

17. Octagon Design Pergola Concept

Octagon Design Pergola Concept

If a stylish, modern, and elegant design is what you are after, then you should try the octagon design pergola. It is a simple yet beautifully crafted space that works well with all outdoor areas. The octagon shape is an interesting design choice.

The muted gray color makes the pergola ideal for most environments. The open structure lets in a lot of natural light, which is great for outdoor activities. It is relatively costly to build, but its maintenance costs are low.

18. Canopy Cover Pergola Design

Canopy Cover Pergola Design

The canopy roof cover pergola is a simple yet elegant structure suitable for taking in a nice outdoor ambiance. It’s simple to put together and doesn’t require much prep work. The best part is that the roofing material is removable, allowing you to leave the top open to enjoy the sun.

The material does an excellent job of absorbing light. It’s a great place to read and unwind.

It is also water and snow-resistant. The pergola style is relatively simple to care for. 

19. Iron Sheet Rooftop Pergola Concept

Iron Sheet Rooftop Pergola Concept

When it comes to cost-effective construction, nothing beats standard corrugated roof pergolas. These structures are ideal for do-it-yourself projects because they are simple to construct. To prop up the roof, you can use wooden or steel support.

The roof is fairly long-lasting. It can tolerate any weather condition, and the iron is highly resistant to rust. The pergola design is ideal for outdoor gardening areas. The open-air design allows you to build larger structures at a lower cost. It is the ultimate budget build.

20. Traditional Grass-thatched Pergola Roof

Traditional Grass-thatched Pergola Roof

If you want something markedly different for your pergola, why not try one with a grass roof? They are unique structures that make your outdoors look exotic. These roofing structures are surprisingly light and offer great resistance to water and intense sunlight.

The structure has a rustic charm to it. It is a relatively durable semi-permanent pergola. It requires maintenance from time to time.

The grass-thatched roof pergola works well with gardens or areas surrounded by natural plant life. The structures are unique.


We hope you’ve found your next DIY outdoor extension project from our waterproof pergola roof ideas. 

Pergolas are an ideal outdoor room addition. They are great for parties, al fresco dining, and just hanging out. 

While they offer an incredible amount of shade, they also provide additional light and prevent rain from spoiling the fun.

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