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What Are You Allowed To Bring Into Disneyland

What Are You Allowed To Bring Into Disneyland? And Cannot Bring

If you go to Disneyland with your little ones, you are in for some fun. However, it pays to go there prepared to enjoy your time there. You also avoid struggling at security checks and overpaying for things you forget to bring along. So what can you bring to Disneyland? And what to bring?

In general, you can bring small and soft bags, strollers, food, non-alcoholic beverages, jackets, cameras, umbrellas, make-up, a portable mini-fan, or more. Many things are not allowed, so you may want to ensure you comply with the list while packing. 

In this article, we discuss and look into the things that you can and cannot bring to Disneyland.

What Can You Bring Into Disneyland?

Outside Food

Disneyland accepts sandwiches, other prepared foods, and snacks. This should be very good news, as it will help you save money and life! Snacks come in handy when your or your little ones get hungry while waiting in line or when you simply need something to tide you over.

Additionally, it must be said that Disneyland has never been noted for good food quality. If you are picky with food, ensure to prepare your own. Prepare a few meals for a couple of lunches or dinners during your trip to help save some additional money!

Non-alcoholic beverages

Drinks and water bottles are essential because you will always walk a lot. You want to be well-hydrated to be able to keep going; non-alcoholic beverages and water are allow to be brought into Disneyland as well. You do not need to bring a large water bottle; you can always refill it when you see any water fountain station. 

Consider freezing up a few water bottles and bringing them in a food bag. As the ice melts, it will keep the food cool, and you also get to enjoy cold water.

Medications and First-Aids

Some major issues visitors to Disneyland may encounter are pain and motion sickness. Pain may come from things such as headaches or simply walking too much. Consider a small bottle of painkillers such as Ibuprofen. You may also prepare some medicated patch in hand to deal with any motion sickness you or your children main encounter. 

It may also help prep up some antacids such as Tums to help deal with indigestion issues, as well as a small first aid kit to deal with cuts and scratches. 


You can bring your own stroller from home or rent a single or double stroller at Disneyland! Strollers are fantastic for carrying around tired kids. Still, they are also great for storing snacks, beverages, trinkets, and anything else you can think of!

The maximum dimensions for strollers brought into the resorts are 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm). To determine the stroller’s maximum width and length and whether it fits, measure its broadest points. The majority of conventional single and double strollers fit within these dimensions. You may rent single and double strollers by the day or duration of your visit.

Umbrella Or Poncho

Disneyland is in Southern California and Florida, known for unpredictable weather. This means you want to be prepared, just in case. Suppose you are undecided between an umbrella or a poncho. In that case, a poncho may be easier to carry around since it can be folded up. A poncho could also be worn if you are taking any water-based rides.


The unpredictable weather in Disneyland may require you to consider wearing a jacket. If the weather is suddenly colder than usual, a jacket may keep you warm, especially when queueing for rides. You may tie a jacket around your waist as you move around Disneyland, wearing them when you feel cold.

Battery Packs

You are allowed to bring battery packs to Disneyland. In fact, bringing one makes a lot of sense, as you will be taking many pictures and videos and posting them online. This means you are likely to drain much of your battery charge quicker. You may also need to charge your cameras, laptop, etc. 

Service Dogs

If you are required to bring your service dog to go around, you are in luck. Disney allows you to bring in your service dogs. However, bringing all the paperwork the dog has may be prudent to ensure a smooth entry process.

Wet Wipes

Extremely important since children, in their excitement, would likely spill food, ice cream, or many other things that may dirty themselves and their surroundings. Wet wipes make cleaning easy, and you can also use them to wipe hands and sanitize surfaces. 


Disneyland has high traffic, meaning people will be sharing tables and chairs and holding on to things such as door knobs, possibly spreading germs. You can use sanitizer to clean and kill germs and viruses in many ways. You can squirt some on your hands, devices, and surfaces, such as tables, chairs, and doorknobs.

Bags and Backpacks

Bags and backpacks are generally allowed, provided they are soft-cased and do not cross a certain measurement. The bag should not exceed 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm). This means you can bring in things such as a food bag, a baby bag, bags for your cameras and electronics, and many more. One of the best ways to lug these bags around is to hang them around a stroller.

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What Should You Not Bring?

Items not allowed into Disneyland include motorized transportation, pets, cycles, pogo sticks, large coolers, alcoholic drinks, drugs and drug paraphernalia, glass, sporting equipment, self-defense equipment, selfie sticks, and many more. You may refer to Disney’s official website for an up-to-date list of prohibited items. 


If you are thinking about using a wagon-like structure to carry your bags and things around, you may be unable to do this. If you carry a large number of items around and also children, your best bet is with a stroller. 

Large Coolers

You may be able to bring in coolers, but they must be in a soft bag, no larger than a 6-pack in size. If you want to have cool drinks as you go, you may freeze up drinking water bottles and then carry them around in your cooler bag. As the ice melts, you get to enjoy the cool refreshing water. You may also ask for cups of ice from any quick-service restaurants around the park, and you should get them for free.

Loose or Dry Ice

Loose ice is not allowed, as it may melt and leave moisture on the park’s surface, which may be a safety hazard to other visitors. Dry ice may also produce fog/smog that could be easily mistaken as fire by visitors. Disneyland encourages using reusable ice packs to keep your food and drinks chilled. 

Glass Containers

No glass containers are allowed, as they can break and become a safety hazard. That means you want to review anything you will bring in first for glass containers and keep them in separate small plastic bottles to bring in instead. Common items in glass containers include – fragrances, oils, sauces, and many more. 

Alcoholic Drinks

You may not bring in any alcoholic drinks from outside. Instead, if you prefer to have a drink or two of alcohol, you can purchase them from restaurants. Disney hotels also may have restaurants and bars that can serve alcoholic drinks. 

Tobacco and Drugs

You may not be allowed to bring cigarettes and drugs, e-cigarettes included. Drugs are strictly prohibited. If you want to light up or vape, you may need to go out of the park to have one. 

Sporting Equipment

Unless you really have a reason to carry your golf clubs or tennis rackets, leave them at home. Disneyland does not allow any sporting equipment to be brought into the park. Camping equipment and Frisbees are also included as sporting equipment. 

Self-Defense Equipment

Disneyland is full of families and their children, so you may not need any self-defense equipment inside. Things like pepper spray, stun guns, or sticks are not allowed. Weapons, firearms, or anything that resembles weapons are also not allowed, such as toy guns, toys that look like grenades, etc. 

Selfie Sticks

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Disneyland does not allow selfie sticks for many reasons. First, many visitors misplaced the stick and left them on rides, only to trouble Disneyland’s staff to find them back. 

Secondly, selfie sticks may cause accidents, as they generally cause people to be unaware of their surroundings. It also protrudes out, likely obstructing or may get caught in any moving objects. 

Where To Go For The Official List Of Items Allowed?

You may check Disneyland’s website for the most updated list of what you can or cannot bring to Disneyland. Checking these items beforehand helps to ensure a smooth and fun time for you and your family.

The list shared in this article may be elaborate. Still, it may not cover the whole list of items allowed or not allowed by Disneyland’s management. On top of that, Disneyland may also update the list, adding or removing items. 

This is done so that visitors get the best experience and most comfort from their visits to Disneyland. 

You may also check Disney’s website for a full and comprehensive list of what is allowed and what is not allowed. 

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