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What Is A Long Sleeve Henley

What Is A Long Sleeve Henley?

Fashion evolves, but some things are here to stay. The key to on-fleek style is to invest in classics, that you can mix and match with more trend-led pieces. In particular, investing in t-shirts, shirts and jeans in timeless fits will instantly add a classy touch to your wardrobe.

T-shirts are an important piece to purchase. They can be layered, or worn alone in the summer. But once you’ve gone around all the fits and colors possible, you may be a little bored. That’s where Henleys come in – they’re a whole new take on the t-shirt!

What is a Henley shirt?

A Henley is similar to a shirt, or even a polo shirt. But think of it as a more sophisticated alternative. It is collarless with two to four buttons around the scoop neckline and a placket. It is slightly dressier than a t-shirt but can be styled up or down according to the dress code. The buttons can be done up for a smart-casual look or unbuttoned for an edgy, rugged touch.

Crafted in cotton, it is just as breathable as your favorite t-shirts and this fabric also makes it perfect for layering. Lightweight yet cozy cotton will make this ideal for layering under shirts or sweaters without creating “bulk” at the bottom. The cotton or cotton/synthetic fabric makes these low-maintenance – you don’t have to worry about washing settings or ironing!

Henley shirts can come in long or short sleeves, and in all sorts of colorways so you can incorporate them into any of your looks. It’s extremely versatile, and is worth giving a shot! It’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

The history behind the Henley shirt

Back in the 1800s, Henleys were actually just underwear. They were also part of the uniform for rowers in Henley-on-Thames in the UK. At that time, the tradition was that losers had to give their Henley shirts to the winning team. This style was crafted in cotton because the rowers would work up a sweat, and the fabric kept them cool during the soaring temperatures.

The Henley’s popularity increased when it became mainstream in the 1970s when Ralph Lauren saw a vintage Henley and added it to his range. He reinvented it, adding his own Ralph Lauren logo. He saw the shirt’s potential as a t-shirt hybrid, and today, every major retailer has its own take on this classic.

Is the Henley shirt still in style?

As a timeless piece, this is a pretty fail-proof option. Trends come and go, but pieces like the Henley shirt stick around. If you’re looking for a more luxurious wardrobe, then adding classic pieces like the Henley shirt will help you reach your goal.

How to style the long sleeve Henley?

Long sleeve Henleys are the must-needed touch of sophistication you need for your outfits. According to your dress code, these pieces are extremely versatile and can adapt to any situation.


Want to look your best but in an effortless manner? Style your Henley in a smart-casual manner. We recommend wearing it slightly tucked into a pair of beige Chinos and a leather belt. Finish off the look with a blazer and sneakers for a stylish yet low-key look!


Want to wear your Henley in your off-duty looks? Then you’ll love wearing it with your favorite pair of blue jeans and fresh white sneakers. You can throw over a lightweight jacket or leather jacket for an edgier vibe.


Though our smart-casual look works for the office, we have heaps of style advice for you! Throw on your favorite sweater over the Henley, opt for Chinos and chic brogues to have a look that looks like you mean business!

Your Henley, your way!

Now you know how to style your Henley, it’s time to rethink your basics. We recommend shopping timeless colors to start off with, such as white, black, beige or navy, that will be able to be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe.

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