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What Is A PC Baby? A Show We Can Never Forget

South Park is one of those shows that have stood the test of time. The show, which started in 1997, has risen to become one of the highest-rated shows on comedy central. The satirical work made for an adult audience has at different times influenced popular culture.

PC baby is a term now used by people to describe a particular generation, and it gained popularity from the show South Park.

Now, let’s fix the question.

What is a PC baby? 

PC stands for political correctness, and PC baby references a generation of young people that are too sensitive and easily offended. They generally give a “cry baby” response to anything that is done or said (politically or culturally) that they don’t agree with or don’t like. 

This reference comes from the PC babies in South Park, the children of Strong Woman, and PC principal. 

This post contains additional information on PC babies and their parents. Please read on:

PC Baby In South Park.

PC Baby comes from the South Park fictional PC babies. The PC Babies are quintuplets; Three boys and two girls, although their parents think they are too young to have assigned genders. The babies are Emory, River, Harper, Bailey, and Riley.

They were born to the PC Principal (this was a secret) and the strong Woman in season 22, episode 3, titled “the problem with a poo” The new south park residents were born in Hell pass hospital, and two things stood out about the PC babies. The first thing is, they are as strong as their mother, Strong Woman. The second is they are as politically correct as their father with more measure.

These babies came to the world ready for action, and their most effective weapon is their tears. They are prepared to fight all political incorrectness and any form of social injustice. They formed a band, which is a symbol of everything they stand for.

They are on a mission to make everything as politically correct as it can be. The PC Babies never back down from a fight against anything politically incorrect or offensive. They stand and cry. Everyone knows better than to make a lewd joke around the PC babies, or at least everybody should know.

The babies are a lot for their parents to handle. But seeing that they gave birth to “themselves,” what can they do? The residents of South Park don’t have a problem with being around the babies, provided they are not in battle mode (crying).

The babies live with their mother and have no father, according to their documents. She insisted that she had them through in-vitro fertilization after ending her secret relationship with the PC Principal. She didn’t want to appear weak and needy.

The Mother Of The PC Baby 

Strong Woman is the mother of the PC babies and the vice principal of South Park elementary school. She is an independent and strong woman whose first appearance in South Park was in episode “superhard PCness” in the 21st season. She came to the school to assist PC principal, who starts to develop feelings for the new Vice-principal. The feelings became mutual, eventually.

The Strong Woman had a strong personality. There is no questioning where the PC babies got their strength. She and the PC principal have in common their need to stand up for social justice. Also, Gender stereotypes are something the Strong Woman can’t stand. She doesn’t succumb to them, and she straightforwardly discourages others from conforming to them.

She is a “say it as it is” person. Viewers know that the strong Woman is not one to sugarcoat words. She is blunt and often hits the nail on the head without missing a beat. Viewers see this when she aggressively tells Kyle, one of her favorite students, that his anger towards Canada was absurd.

If you have watched the recent seasons of South Park, then you know the strong Woman’s signature look. She wears a loose purple jacket over a pink shirt and a long purple skirt.

Her blonde hair is always in a rather messy bun which allows us a glimpse of her golden earrings. She tops up the look with her black heels and her pink lipstick. Let’s not forget her blush application which is erring on the side of excess.

Strong Woman is physically strong, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise. In the episode “Board girls,” we see that she could overhead press 550 pounds which is more than the 476 pounds world record in real life.

The character “String woman” is loosely based on Ms. Stevenson from an episode in season ten. The two characters (Ms. Stevenson and strong Woman) are a loose depiction of the Ex Florida teacher, Debra Jean Williams, who became national news for the lewd battery of her male student.

She appeared in many different episodes from season 21. “Superhard PCness” is when she comes into the show and catches feelings for the PC principal.

Splatty tomato is the episode where the PC babies are conceived; she uses celebrating Butter’s “student of the day” win as an excuse to go on a date with PC principal, and they end up having sex in a tent. They get caught.

In the “problem with a poo,” she discovered she is pregnant with PC babies by PC principal, and she ended the relationship with him. She ended the relationship because she didn’t want to appear weak.

After all, what kind of strong Woman gets pregnant by their boss? Not STRONG WOMAN, the vice-principal of South Park Elementary school and mother to the most politically correct children ever made.

The Father Of The PC Baby 

Peter Charles, famously known as PC principal, is the biological father of PC babies, although he isn’t recognized as their father because Strong Woman insisted on it. PC principal is the principal of South Park Elementary school.

His first appearance in South Park was in the “Stunning and brave episode,” which was the first episode of season 19. The production wanted his first appearance to be the last, but they had to make him a regular because Trey Parker and Matt Stone liked him.

He got the job as a replacement for former principal Victoria, who, according to reports, got fired because she did nothing when one student referred to rape as “Hot Cosby.”

So, PC principal took it upon himself to make the student more open to political correctness and peddle a politically correct agenda in the school. However, he took a violent approach making him look like an antagonist at first. But as the season progresses, there is a significant change in the PC principal.

The PC principal made himself the poster boy for political correctness and social justice. He supports and stands for equal rights for all. Taking a violent stance at all times and ever ready to pounce on anybody who shows a teeny-weeny bit of disregard for the rights of others. He was rude, vulgar, and violent, even in situations he could have handled with grace.

He is dedicated to what he believes and dedicated to enforcing his beliefs on others. One of the few times PC Principal will show empathy is when somebody is getting oppressed, and the compassion is channeled to the oppressed. The oppressor would most likely get the violent PC Principal.

The principal isn’t one for talking things over. His default response to get results is punishment and violence. South Park Elementary school students got regular doses of two weeks detention. It is so funny that the students were not the only ones to face PC Principal’s wrath. The faculty was not left out.

He once gave Mr. Mackey detention. And guess why? Mr. Mackey said something politically incorrect. He said “Black” instead of “African American.”

Many would agree that this punishment meted out on Mr. Mackey is mild compared to what he would usually give when he feels pushed. He got violent with Cartman. He threatened and beat him to a pulp, breaking several of his bones.

You would notice that he could put his violent side aside when he feels like he is convincing somebody. At times like this, the patient and calm PC principal rares its head. He believes that he has turned South Park around; he even says it in one of the episodes.

He also identifies as a feminist. To show that he stood for women’s rights, he beat Eric for saying “Spokesman.” PC Principal said Eric was abusing his male privileges, and he couldn’t stand for it. Eric should have said, “Spokesperson.”


PC baby is the term many people use to describe Millennial, and gradually Gen Zs have found their way into the PC baby grouping. The PC Babies are a perfect blend of both of their parents, taking their father’s political correctness up a notch and delivering adequately on their mother’s strength.

This post answers the question “what is a PC baby” and gives additional information on PC babies and their parents.

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