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What To Look For When Buying A Used Motorcycle

Motorcycle Diary: What To Look For When Buying A Used Motorcycle

Shopping for a quality used motorcycle is an affordable way to get on the road.
However, it is crucial to keep specific details in mind to choose the right bike. It’s easy to see a beautiful bike and want to buy it, but that can lead to a poor
investment. So instead, discover what to look for when buying a used motorcycle so
you can enjoy a hassle-free ride with the wind in your hair.

Verify The VIN

When checking out a used motorcycle, the first step is to verify the vehicle
identification number (VIN). The bike should have a valid VIN that proves it is the
correct make and model. In addition, verifying the VIN ensures the motorcycle is not
stolen because nobody wants to get stuck with a hot bike. To find a clean bike
without any adverse history, visit to see what’s available now.

Dealer Versus Private Seller

Another consideration is purchasing a motorcycle from a dealer versus a private
seller. Often, buyers are tempted by the low prices offered by some private sellers.
However, there is no warranty, and the bike could have unforeseen problems. On
the other hand, a dealer has a reputation to protect and is most likely selling clean
vehicles. Most buyers find the best bikes at a dealer they can also trust to provide
great service.

Look At A Cold Bike

Sellers frequently offer to warm up the motorcycle before a potential buyer sees it.
Always tell the sellers to keep the bike cold before you arrive. One of the best ways
to verify a bike is in good operating condition is to start it cold. If the engine makes
strange noises or doesn’t start immediately, it could be the wrong model for you. The
only way to know if a motorcycle will purr in the morning is to try it out cold.

Check The Vehicle History

Run a report to check the vehicle history, either through the dealer or independently.
The vehicle history reveals facts such as the mileage, number of owners, and
whether the bike was in any reported accidents. Understanding the history helps
buyers choose the right motorcycle and negotiate the best possible terms.

Consider The Motorcycle Maintenance

A poorly maintained motorcycle could have problems soon, and nobody wants to buy
someone else’s headache. History reports may reveal maintenance appointments to
verify important milestones were maintained on schedule. Some sellers also have
maintenance records for used motorcycles, so always ask about them to determine if
the vehicle is a great deal.

Performance Matters

Finally, remember to check the critical components’ performance for a smooth
ride. Features to look at on the motorcycle include the engine, chassis, handlebars,
grips, brakes, and tires. Many buyers have a professional mechanic look at a used
motorcycle to determine if everything is in operating condition. While it might cost
extra to hire a mechanic, the right one also helps buyers eliminate poor options to
maximize their investment.

Buying a used motorcycle means paying attention to details such as the VIN,
performance, maintenance, and price. Also, keep in mind comparable sales in the
neighborhood to avoid paying too much for a used bike. A used motorcycle can be
excellent recreation and transportation for years to come with some planning and
intelligent decision-making.

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