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Where Is The Pin On A Visa Gift Card

Where Is The Pin On A Visa Gift Card: Visa Gift Card Mini Guide

Visa gift card is handy in many ways. To access your PIN, scratch it with a coin or anything that rubs the covering off, and you will see the four-digit PIN. The Visa gift card can be described as a pre-loaded debit card, and it is non-reloadable. This card works just like cash once loaded. Once activated, the user can make an online payment for shopping at Visa card accepted sales point. Anyone can load a Visa gift card for a token fee. For instance, a $500 Visa gift card may attract less than a $4 fee.

So, Where is the PIN on a Visa Gift Card Located?

The PIN on the Visa gift card is located at the back of the card.

What You Must Know About Visa Gift Card

As a non-reloadable card, the initial value of the gift card is set by the individual who purchased the card. This means that you cannot add more funds later. The Visa card comes with the visa card logo just like any other visa card; hence you can use it in any place where Visa cards are accepted.

Each time you purchase with your Visa gift card, the amount of the item purchased is deducted from your card’s balance. This is the reason why you should keep track of your Gift card balance because almost all merchants wouldn’t tell you how much you have left.

The Visa gift card will not offer a line of credit like your regular credit card. This means you can’t spend more than what is pre-loaded on the gift card. If your gift card clearly states “Valid in the United States of America, only,” it means the issuer has issued a domestic card that can only be used in the country. Though a domestic gift card will not be accepted outside of the country of issuance, it is always accepted wherever a Visa card is accepted anywhere within the country.

You will see some Visa gift cards with an inscription of electronic use only, which means that you have to swipe the card through an electronic terminal at a retail store to complete your transactions. It also means you cant use the card at stores where only manual payments are accepted.

Some Frequently Asked Questions And Answers On Visa Gift Card

The PIN, also known as the personal identification number on the Visa card, cannot retrieve money from the gift card at the ATM. The following are some other things you should know about your PIN;

Question: What if My Visa Gift Card Comes with No PIN

Answer: Your Visa card shouldn’t be used for a credit transaction without a PIN. You need to contact the issuing company immediately before using a Visa gift card with no PIN.

Question: How do I Use My Visa Gift Card?

Answer: To use your Visa gift card online, you must present it at the payment point, then click on credit on the keypad before signing the receipt. Remember that taxes, fees, and other charges will add to the total amount spent.

Question: Do I Need to Activate my Visa Gift Card?

Answer: The question of whether to activate your visa gift card or not will solely depend on the issuer. This is why you must follow the instructions that come with the use of your card. Many Visa gifts cards can be activated automatically upon their issuance or used to purchase any item. The owners must activate other Visa gift cards before they are used. You need to sign the designated part at the back of your card before you begin to use it.

Question: Do I Need to Include Anything When Giving a Visa Gift Card?

Answer: when giving someone a gift card as a gift, you must provide all necessary information that you received with the card at the point of purchase. This information may include the terms and conditions attached to the use of the Visa gift card. You may want to review the card usage before you give it to someone who has little knowledge of Visa gift cards.

Question: For How Long Can I Use My Visa Gift Card?

Answer: Your Visa gift card, just like any other Visa debit or credit card, will expire on the date printed on the front. It will also expire once the balance reaches $0 in value. Your Visa gift card will be closed once it expires. Remember that the unused balance on your Visa gift card will be forfeited when your gift card expires and the account is closed.

Also, remember that your Visa gift card is updated automatically, especially when your purchase is approved. Funds will not be deducted from the gift card if there are insufficient funds to pay for an item.

Question: How Can I Check for My Gift Card Balance?

Answer: You can check your Gift card balance by going to the Visa gift card dedicated website in your country. You may have to enter both the card number and your PIN to access your account balance online. You should view your balance and transaction details on the site.

Handling The Loss Or Theft Of Your Visa Gift Card

Despite the Visa gift card coming with several security features and protection, thefts are reported daily. Fortunately, Visa gift cards can be replaced when stolen or lost, unlike physical cash. You can take the following steps when your Visa gift card is stolen or lost;

1. Report the Lost or Stolen Card to the Issuer

The first step you should take is to report your stolen or lost card to the issuer. In most cases, a toll-free number is often inscribed at the back of the gift card and the card’s documentation. You can call this or use any other contact option on the card’s information.

2. Provide Card Number for Cancellation

To cancel the Visa gift card, the card issuer will collect the card number before canceling it. You should be able to get a replacement gift card immediately or within the stipulated period. For this reason, you need to keep records of your current gift card information somewhere just in case of emergencies.

3. Guard Against Unauthorized Gift Card Use

If you want to guard against the authorized use of your stolen or lost Visa gift card, you must sign at the back. You Will likely be asked to sign the receipt of your Gift card purchase and whenever you use your Visa gift card.

Other Things You Should Know About Visa Gift Card

The following are some other information you should have about Visa gift card;

1. What to Do With Visa Card Once Expired

Many Visa gift card owners often throw their cards away or destroy them once they exhaust the funds, but this doesn’t seem right. You need to keep your Visa gift card just in case you need to return any item purchased with the card.

The store policy may require that you present the gift card used in the purchase of a returned item to qualify for full or partial refunds. Sometimes, getting a replacement item may also require that you present the Visa Gift card, so don’t be in a hurry to destroy or throw away a used gift card.

 If, on the other hand, your Visa gift card has expired, the merchant is in the position to determine how a returned item situation will be handled.

2. What do I do If I Cancel My Purchase?

Canceling a purchase can occur sometimes, but there is a way you can go about handling the situation. It would be best if you allowed the merchant to cancel the purchase for you, but this can take between a day and seven. The cancellation will reflect on your Visa gift card, and the new funds will show up on the card. You can check your new balance online once the reversal of payment is completed. You can refer to the contact at the back of your card for details.

3. What Can Make Your Visa Gift Card Declined?

Your Visa Gift card may be declined for a number of reasons. The card might have expired; hence you must check the expiry date in front of the card always. Your gift card may be rejected if the balance on it is lower than the cost of the item you purchased. Many Visa gift cards are labeled for electronic use only; using such cards at manual processing terminals can lead to rejection. You have to check the label in front of your card to know where you can use it.

4. Fraud-protection Software

Merchants who use fraud-protection software can activate such a feature, and that can lead to Gift card rejection. You must confirm this if your gift card is rejected multiple times.

5. De-activated Card Issue

If your visa gift card is not activated yet, it will lead to rejection at the point of use.

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