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Where to Read Light Novels

Where To Read Light Novels? Can I Read Them For Free?

Many of the avid readers are going to argue that some of the best anime series or movies are inspired by Light Novels. Well, they are not entirely wrong. These light novels are truly brilliant and have some of the greatest storylines.

Now, even though it is quite easy to get a hold of the uncommon and less popular light novels, getting a hold of the good ones is not that easy. That is why we see the question of where to read light novels revolve around from time to time.

Seeing how popular the question is, we have decided to do a bit of research. And by spending hours and hours on finding the sources where you can actually read them. And the best part is there will be no need for any subscription.

What Exactly Is A Light Novel?

Before we get into describing the sites where it is possible to read the light novels for free, we would like to ensure that you actually know what a light novel is. They are more like manga. And if you know what mangas are, you will know that light novels are purely Japanese and are an invention of the Japanese.

However, not all light novels originate in Japan. There are plenty of these available that will be written by writers that are from different parts of Asia. But there is one difference that makes light novels different than the mangas. Do you know what that is?

Well, if you have read through any of the light novels, you know that they have interesting storylines. Apart from that, they are well known for being productive as well. And one thing that they will not have is plot holes, which most of the mangas have.

But why does it have to be different than manga? It is because light novels are generally catered for the average American reader. The word limit would be 50 thousand. And as it is for the average American reader, it will have illustrations that will lean more towards adults than young adults. Basically, it will be all in anime style.

So, in a nutshell, light novels will have a good amount of professionalism and all the essence of a novel. Also, it will have all the action that makes a manga fun to read.

Sites Where You Can Read Light Novels For Free

While there are plenty of premium sites that will require you to subscribe just to read through the light novels that they have, there are some sites that will let you read through them for free. However, as you will be enjoying something that is free, there are going to be ads.

And when it comes to adding ads, some of the sites go full-on. There will be an ad on each of the pages, sometimes even on the contents. And our research was solely on the sites that do not have such type of behavior. That being said, let us have a look at the sites that we found through our hours of research:

1. KissLightNovels

In terms of being the very best site for reading light novels, the KissLightNovels is going to take the crown. But what makes us say that? Well, first, the user interface of the site is pretty simple. It is not cluttered with stuff that you might not be interested in.

Another thing that makes them so good is that they are constantly updating their library. And each day, they will add a new novel. That makes them have a vast library of novels that you can access for free.

The daily update nature and the easy user interface is not the only thing they have; they even offer an expert translator. And using that, it is possible to read a novel in four different languages. And as the font they use is manga-like, you will surely have a good time reading through pages after pages.

In addition to that, the website has a user-friendly way of keeping bookmarks. And using that option, you can even make a personal list. Considering all of these, we would not hesitate one bit in terms of recommending KissLightNovels for reading these types of novels.

2. Baka-Tsuki

We have covered a website in the previous segment. And now, let us talk about a community that is working hard in terms of offering readable light novels to the average reader. Baka-Tsuki is basically a community in which the people will offer a translated version of the popular and worth reading light novels.

Usually, the translation will be in English. But they will also provide a translated version of the novels in other languages. And the format of the novels will be in WiKi format.

On that note, this community has been around for a long time. And it has grown substantially. In fact, it might well be the largest hub for finding a translated version of a light novel. And just like we stated above, it is entirely free. You can access and read through the novels without spending a penny.

In addition to that, you can contribute to the community as well. You can offer your own translation of a novel. However, not all of the offerings are going to be accepted. Usually, the ones with vague translations will be rejected, enabling the community to achieve high-quality translations. 

3. NanoDesu Translations

Another community that is quite famous for offering high-quality translations for light novels is the NanoDesu Translations. In this community, the elites will come together and translate some of the famous and most requested light novels. They might even translate the low-key ones if they find them worth reading.

Other than that, the community has an extensive library as well. You will find all of the famous novels. Also, the translated versions are going to be highly accurate. They maintain their quality by following a strict translation process. Also, there is a merit-based system through which they employ the new translators.

4. dotNovel

Not all of the websites are the same. And the same thing goes for dotNovel as well. It is a bit different from the ones we have mentioned above. Instead of just letting the users read through the novels, this site will let you download it and read it whenever and wherever you want to with your device.

But there is a catch. To use this site, you will need to download a reader. It is basically an app named EPUB reader. After you got that setup, you will be all good to go.

That being said, the site has different sections, which will make it easier to find something that has a specific category. Also, you will find sections that have dedicated Chinese and Korean light novels. There is a community as well. Through them, it is possible to get your hands on translated novels.

5. Kureha One

Among all of the sites that we have covered, Kureha One has a different type of UI. It is more leaning towards the torrent-like design but do not let that worry you. It is almost similar to dotNovel, and there are compositions and structures of different types of novels. You will also find different sections on this site.

On that note, it will also enable you to both read and download the novels. Again, to read them offline, the device will require the EPUB reader. And just like a torrent, it is possible to view the latest uploaded novels on the page.

In addition to there, there is a searching option. Through that, you can land directly on the novel that you are looking for. Also, the search bar has different options, which will make it easier to search for something extremely specific.

6. WebNovelOnline

The site WebNovelOnline is another website that has a large collection of light novels. In this, you will find a lot of the old and new novels. And all of them are posted by a community.

Other than that, it has divisions, making it easier to find something of a specific category. Also, it has plenty of different translated novels. And the community posts those translated novels in different languages.

However, unlike the other two we covered above, it will not let you download the e-copy of the novels. Instead, you will need to read the novels online.

7. Barnes and Noble

One of the American-based websites that we have on our list is Barnes and Noble. It has a large collection, but not all of them are free. But the ones that are free are worthy of a read. With the nook app, it will let the users download an e-copy of the light novels. Also, the site’s library gets update pretty frequently.

Final Words

If you know is where to read light novels for free, there will be really no need to spend a penny to read these amazing novels. And the sites that we have covered do have a large free library. So, hop on one of them and start your reading adventure.

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