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Why Can’t I Sell My Tickets On Ticketmaster

Why Can’t I Sell My Tickets On Ticketmaster? What To Know About Ticketmaster

If you have planned a future event or opened a local attraction, perhaps, you will need Ticketmaster to sell your ticket. Ticketmaster has been helping people sell tickets since the late 1970s. As the pioneer online ticket seller, this company has expanded its services from North America to more than 20 countries worldwide within 20 years.

 One of the few companies that introduced mobile ticketing, thus ending the paper ticketing long-run. Aside from buying tickets conveniently online, you can also choose your seat with Ticketmaster. Fortunately, Ticketmaster has an app you can download and install on your smartphone or computer. You need to create a Ticketmaster account.

So, Why Can’t I Sell My Tickets on Ticketmaster?

You can’t sell your tickets on Ticketmaster because the “Sell” button doesn’t appear. This occurs due to one or more issues with your account.

What You Should Know About Ticketmaster

The following are some of the essential things you should know about Ticketmaster.

1. How do You Sell Tickets from Ticketmaster?

The best possible way to start selling tickets on Ticketmaster is to visit the Ticketmaster website and sign up for an account. Once the account has been accepted and activated, you can go to the home page and then scroll to the bottom before clicking on the ticket your event option. Clicking on this link will take you to the business page. You have to fill out your name, email, and background information for the event from the business page. You have to put the type of ticket you intend to sell on the information page.

Once you complete the ticketing information, an automated email will be sent, and you may have to respond to this email with more information about your ticketing. Add the required information and return the email. You will need to wait until someone at Ticketmaster completes the setup of your ticketing account. As a first-time user, completing your account and setting up your event ticket may take up to 3 weeks. Once your account is set up, you can use it as the ticketing box office or mobile ticket creation tool for future ticketing setup.

2. Does Ticketmaster Charges for Selling Tickets on The Platform?

Ticketmaster does not have an actual price charged for its services, and you will have to make inquiries about such fees. You can make inquiries via email or phone. Research has shown that ticket sellers may have to pay 15% of the total ticket sales value. You may pay up to $3.75 for a ticket that goes for $25. Your buyers are also expected to pay 10% at least of the ticket value from their end. It would be best to consider adding these fees upfront to your ticket prices when selling.

3. How Does Ticketmaster Process Debit and Credit Cards on its Platform?

Ticketmaster relies on its gateway to process ticket purchases from ticket buyers. The fees for such processing are inconsistent. The service fee charged for this service is partly to complete the debit and credit card payments. Sometimes, the charged fee is partly for customer support and also for the security of transfers. Since the fees charged for the payment processing are not the same, it can be hard to discover how much Ticketmaster charges on its transaction. Sometimes the fees could be a percentage or a set fee and sometimes a combination of both. On a $25 payment processing, for instance, Ticketmaster may charge up to $ 7.50, including the service, customer service, and convenience fees. These charges are deducted before tax and delivery fees for the paper tickets. Your attendees may end up being charged 31%. For being the seller on Ticketmaster, you will be charged up to 15%of the face value of your tickets.

You Can List Tickets By Barcode

In case your tickets are not listed on your Ticketmaster account, you can list them via barcode. To do this, go to the Ticketmaster selling page, then search by either event, artists, or team to commence your listing. Once you see your event on the search, please select it and then click on the ticket sale button under it. Enter the ticket’s barcode for the ticket you intend to sell, then price the ticket before you sell.

Once you choose the price for your ticket, you can choose the payment method for which your payments will be received. Keep in mind that when listing your tickets with barcodes, funds may not get into your account until the end of the event. Experts recommend that you opt for the debit card payment, which is the best option for now. One reason why debit card payment is preferred is that you don’t have to verify it to start using it for collecting your funds. Once you choose a payment method, you can review the listing, and you are done.

Payouts are normally deposited in your preferred payment method within 7 days after your event. Also, remember that you need to submit your taxpayer’s information before receiving funds. There is a page where you can fill out the 1099-K form and also read answers to some questions about this form. In some cases, only on a few occasions will Ticketmaster allow tickets to be resold. The website always puts up updates, so you can always check back to know the types of tickets allowed for reselling.

If you are using the fan-to-fan ticket resale, keep in mind that Ticketmaster may remove such tickets at any time, but this will depend on the event’s organizer’s discretion. Also, remember that not all events and tickets will be available for the fan resale feature. If the ticket sale button is grayed out or doesn’t appear, it means selling tickets on Ticketmaster is not available. You need to check your account’s status. If, for instance, you plan to host an event and plan to sell tickets in the US, you must have a US bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to the Use of Ticketmaster  

Question: Is it Possible to Sell Any Ticket for Any Event on Ticketmaster?

Answer: No. Not all types of events are acceptable for ticket sales on Ticketmaster. Similarly, not all events qualify for ticket resale. If the sell button doesn’t appear near an event, it means you can’t sell tickets for that event on Ticketmaster. Also, remember that you must have a US bank account to qualify to sell tickets in the USA.

Question: Can I Sell Season Tickets on Ticketmaster?

Answer: It is impossible to list season tickets directly through your Ticketmaster account, but you can list them on your account manager, and these will appear on Ticketmaster if the fan resale option has been authorized by your team. This means that you can only list season tickets via your account manager and not on the Ticketmaster account directly.

Question: Can I Get Ticket Sales Refund for a Cancelled Event?

Answer: If you already sold tickets for a canceled event, your credit card account will be charged because the buyers will be refunded on the same day. Once the refund is done successfully, the ticket will be re-displayed on your Ticketmaster account. You will also get a full refund for the original purchase when funds have been received from the event’s organizers.

You don’t need to take further action for the refunds for the tickets as Ticketmaster will handle everything from its end. In some cases, the event’s organizers may give you the option to opt for either a full refund or credit. Ticketmaster will send you information on your options for refund or credit. You will also be guided on how to submit a request for credit from the organizers.

If you have sold tickets for an event that has been rescheduled or postponed, Ticketmaster will return the ticket to your account, but the organizer must authorize the refunds, or the buyer must have requested a refund. In any of these cases, your debit or credit card will be charged for the ticket price, and this will be sent to the customer. Once your ticket is returned to your account, you may request refunds or credit. You might repost your ticket at a later date, especially if the event was rescheduled. Remember that refund and credit policies are determined by the type of event.


Ticketmaster has become one of the easiest online places to publicize events and get your tickets delivered to buyers easily. You need to understand the types of events you are planning before you put tickets on sale on Ticketmaster. You need to ensure that events you plan on promoting are stable and will likely not become reschedules. Ticketmaster may cancel your account if there are constant event rescheduling or postponements that leads to more people requesting refunds. It would be best if you found stable events to promote, and this is the only way you can get good ratings or standings on Ticketmaster.

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