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Why Is Respect Important

Why Is Respect Important? Learn All About It

We are social beings. That means to live in society, we must follow the core foundations. And among all of the foundations, respect is one of them. Without knowing what respect is and why is respect important, it will be hard to get valued by other social beings.

That being said, it is not only about being valued. There are other things as well. And as you have clicked in this article, we are pretty much sure that you are here to know about them all. Well, for that, you must keep on reading!

What Exactly Is Respect?

If we were to bring out dictionary term, respect, in its core, means “attention” because it comes from the word “respectus.” However, in literal terms, it can also mean consideration and regard. By regard, it basically states that a person has valued the feeling or the greatness of another individual.

But what does the greatness or feelings of another individual mean? Well, it can be the quality and capacity of someone. And without valuing others, society can not simply run. That is why the basis of society consists of giving and receiving respect for who you are and what you do.

Now, you might not be still sure regarding the idea of respect. To elaborate, it is an idea that will allude to the capacity to honor and esteem someone else. And that can be done for someones’ sayings and activities. But it does not depend on whether the other person wants to endorse or share those activities of someone or not.

Likewise, it can also mean that the other person is tolerating the activities and the sayings of someone. In that case, that person is trying not to disrespect someone. And while respecting someone, we do not consider the mentalities, practices, and contemplations of that “someone.”

Why Is Respect Important?

Well, now that you know what respect means, let us move into the main topic that we have in hand, which is the importance of showing respect and receiving respect. And we will describe all of the reasons why it is important in our society in the segment.

Respect At Workplace

At a workplace, being able to show respect is the first thing that is valued. There, each of the people will have a different position. Some of them will have a higher ranking, while some of them will have a lower ranking than others. 

In a place where there are so many people working in different positions, the work environment will not be healthy at all without respect. Now, what do we mean by a healthy work environment? Well, it means that each of the workers there has a good connection with the other workers.

However, having a good connection to the other workers is not always necessary. Some of the employees might not be connected to one another at all. Basically, it is necessary for the employees to not have any bad blood with each other for a healthy work environment. And respect can ensure that!

When mutual respect is encouraged, each of the workers will eventually have better communication, do proper teamwork, and maintain peace at the workplace.

For that reason, most employers will work hard in resolving the triviality and politics that might run in the workplace. Those two are generally the main culprits that make a work environment toxic.

The Feeling Of Being Safe

When there is respect between two persons, both of them will feel safe around each other. Both of them will know that they are valued by the other person and will make an effort to make each other feel safe. And even if the mentalities of both the person is different, there will not be any serious conflict among them.

Confidence Regarding Expressing Oneself

Having the confidence regarding expressing one’s feelings and thoughts also goes back around to the idea of respect. Without feeling valued, no one will have the confidence to say something. They will think all of the words that they speak will not be understood, and neither will people give an effort in understanding them.

Conflict Resolution

Respect can play an important role in terms of solving a conflict. Let us face it, we all are different. We think things differently, and it is quite natural to have a different perspective regarding different things. So, even if one tends to disagree with the view of someone, that person needs to be patient.

This act of being patient and listening to all that one has to say regarding something also falls under respect. And through this act, less amount of conflict is going to arise. Also, the bond between the people will not weaken.

In addition to that, when there is respect, both the need and want of each of the persons are heard. That will eventually ensure both getting what they want or getting the satisfactory amount of what is required. Basically, it will lower the chances of extreme conflicts occurring.

The Feeling Of Being Important

Whenever a person is respected by someone else, that person feels the importance of the presence in someone else’s life. And this respect can be not being talked over when speaking something or not being dragged into the conflict, or feeling safe around others.

A Good Bond

If there is respect between the people, the bonding is sure to stay strong. That person will not feel like that the other person is controlling the choices and the thinking. Instead, all that person is going to feel is safe, valued, and is important. It can sometimes mean that the other person needs someone’s presence in their life.

Additionally, when the bond is strong, people will admit the mistakes that they might have made. That will result in the bond getting stronger. And there will be less chance of the bond becoming toxic.

Enjoying Personal Space

Personal space is something that we all want in our life. No matter how outgoing someone might be, that person definitely enjoys some time alone. And that alone time is important in the sense that it allows that specific person to think and make hard choices in their life.

That being said, without being respected, no one will be able to gain that freedom of enjoying personal space. Instead, that person will feel like he is tied to someone and has to stick with that person no matter where they might be. And that is what breaks the bond between people.

What Are The Examples Of Showing Respect?

You might still be unclear what respect actually means. And in that case, going through the examples of showing respect will give you a clear idea regarding what it actually means.


No matter what we are talking about, when we feel like the voices are heard, we feel important and valued. That is why people usually consider listening to the other person, even when it is irrelevant. And that is a part of respect. Giving a chance to others to talk and express feelings is showing respect.


Another form of showing respect is supporting. It can be ideas, thoughts, activities, or decisions. And supporting these of someone will actually matter and make a great difference to boost self-confidence and allow them to grow and evolve in life.

That being said, to support someone, all you need to do is to show a positive reaction verbally or in other ways. That will ensure the other person that you are acknowledging the idea, thought, or act. It will also make that person feel valued.

Showing Kindness

People usually mix up being kind and serving. However, they are not the same thing at all. When someone is kind, it basically means giving someone something. And that person does not always have to serve the other person to show kindness.

On that note, kindness basically shows respect because when someone is kind to the other person, the other person will feel valued. And the feeling of being valued is something that respect can bring to the table.

Being Polite

The last example that we have is politeness. In fact, being polite is considered to be the easiest way to show respect. When you are polite, you will basically let the people around you speak and feel valued. And that can leave a positive impression, which can eventually increase the bond.

For that reason, being polite is an integral thing, and many tires to be polite with both themselves and the people around them. It shows that that person has self-respect and shows respect to others.

Final Words

Now that you know why is respect important and what does being respected and showing respect to others usually means, hopefully, you will not be confused regarding the idea of respect. 

That being said, we also hope that the forms of showing respect that we discussed will help you in terms of showing proper respect to other persons.

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