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Why is There a Pyramid on the Dollar Bills

Why Is There A Pyramid On The Dollar Bills? What You Should Know About The Dollar Bill 

There has been a lot of speculations as to the appearance of a pyramid on all dollar bills. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists believed that the pyramid symbol depicts the control of the world’s reserve currency by an elitist group who gets their spiritual powers via ancient Egyptian gods. The pyramid is one of the most eye-catching symbols on the dollar bill, and it is believed to represents strength and duration. It is referred to as the official seal of the United States of America.

So, why is There a Pyramid on the Dollar Bill?

The pyramid on the dollar bill is half of the Great Seal of the United States of America, and the other half is the shielded Eagle carrying thirteen arrows and an olive branch.

The Meanings Of The Iconic Symbols On The Dollar Bills

The following are the official meanings of the symbols found on the American dollar bills today;

1. The Pyramid

The pyramid perhaps is the most iconic symbol on the dollar bill. It is found on the $1, and the country seems to have borrowed it from the Egyptian symbol of civilization. It is believed that civilization started in Egypt, where the first pyramid was erected.

The pyramid connotes the strength to weather the ages. A Latin phrase is surrounding the top of the pyramid states, “Annuit Coeptis,” which means God has favored our undertakings. There is another Latin phrase below the base of the pyramid that states “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which means the new order of the ages.

2. The All-seeing Eye

The pyramid on the $1 bill is no ordinary structure, and neither are many other symbols. There is a symbol of an open eye gazing into eternity and strategically located on the top of the pyramid. This symbol was brought about by the founders of the country, who drew inspiration from the Egyptian eye of the Horus- a mythical Egyptian goddess.

3. The Latin Letter MDCCLXXVI

This is another strange symbol in Roman Numerals that translates to 1776. This is the same Roman numeral sequence found on the tablet on the Statue of Liberty.

4. The Eagle’s Shield

This is a symbol that means different things to different people. According to America’s Readers Digest, this shield means “Americans must rely on their virtue.” A top horizontal bar of this shield symbolizes the United States of America’s Central government. The Eagle’s shield is supported by vertical bars representing the 13 states initially founded when the founding fathers discovered America.

5. The Stars on Top of the Eagle

The stars on top of the dollar bill are 13 in number, and they represent the original 13 states or colonies in the founding days of the country.

6. The Eagle’s Talons

The official American bird clutches to an olive branch in a talon and a group of arrows on another talon. This represents the delicate balance between war and peace. The bird is also holding 13 arrows. If you look closely at the bird’s olive branch, there are 13 leaves on it and 13 olives also.

7. The Seal of the Department of Treasury

The seal on the dollar bill is the scale of justice. Just below the scale and above the key are 13 stars representing the legality of the original 13 states of the country. The seal represents the official authority of the treasury department on the bill.

8. The District Number of the Federal Reserve

If you look closely at the number located on the left side of the front of the bill, you will understand how unique it is. It is regarded as the Federal reserve district number, and that is the organization that prints the dollar bills. There are 12 Federal Reserve Districts in the United States of America, and there are unique district numbers attached to each dollar bill.

9. The Plate Number

If you look to the left of the Federal Reserve District Number, you will notice another number-letter combination- This is the plate number. The plate number comprises a variety of one letter from A-H and one number 1-4. You may see the number and letter appearing as “F3,” for instance.

This plater or alpha-numeric combination helps you know what position the note was laid on the plate during printing. An A1, for instance, will mean a top-left plate-printing position. An H4 should mean the bottom right plate-printing position.

US Dollar Symbols And Conspiracy Theories

There have been many conspiracy theories as to the meanings of the symbols found in different dollar bills; these are summarized below;

1. The $1 Bill Owl

The owl may be too small to see on the bill, but there seems to be a number of conspiracy theories surrounding this image. Some conservative Christians believed that the symbol is the remnant of the devil, thus explaining some satanic meanings on the currency. 

Some do see more of a contemporary meaning to the symbol. The owl was ascribed to the vigilance of the United States government.

2. The Spider on $1 Bill

Another conspiracy theory on dollar bill symbols was that of the hidden Spider that lurks down at the bottom of the bill. It looks quite creepy, and you have to zoom in to see the hidden symbol. According to many conspiracy theories, the hidden Spider symbolizes the evidence of the past to the possible invasion of the planet by aliens. There have been reports of people sighting aliens and their activities in different parts of the United States and the world at large.

3. The All-seeing Eye

No symbol has received more attention than the looking eye that is visible on the $1 bill. The Latin inscription “annuity coeptis” under the eye also created more speculations. The Latin statement means “He approves of our undertakings.”

Scholars, historians, and conspiracy theories alike have ascribed many meanings to these words and the eye. The most popular theory about the eye is “The government or the elite has absolute control over the masses.” Others would argue that the eye bears some resemblances to the American online corporate logo and the CBS. Some say that the eye represents a secret used by the elite to pull the strings of their puppets.

Another popular theory is that the eye is that of the Egyptian god-Horus, which means the country is watched over and governed by an Egyptian god.

4. The “Masonic” Seal of the United States of America

While the treasury department’s seal is the authentication of the dollar bill, many believe it is a Masonic symbol, and there is no coincidence. There are nine feathers underneath the eagle symbol, and many think they represent the nine spheres rising to return to heaven. According to the free-masonry-watch website, the 32 feathers on the Eagle’s dexter wing represent the number of the ordinary degrees in the Scottish rite freemasonry.

In addition to linking the feathers under the Eagle to the freemasonry cult, it is believed by some people that the clothed Eagle represents the union of the French with the American masons in the struggle for liberty, equality, and fraternity. It is believed that the original designers of the seal, including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, were members of the freemasons.


This Roman numeracy is engraved to the base of the pyramid, and it means “1776”. This is the same year the declaration of America’s independence was signed into law.

Conspiracy theorists believed that the year 1776 was chosen because it was the year the Illuminati was selected, and this again points to the control of the world by the Illuminati and the establishment of new world order.

The strategic location of this year at the base of the pyramid could indicate that the progression of the American society is subject to approval from the Illuminati.

6. E Pluribus Unum

This is a Latin phrase that is seen on US coins and bills. It is translated to “of many, one” in English. There is an agreement between historians and scholars that this phrase refers to the coming together of the original thirteen colonies or states to fight Britain’s colonization, especially in the late 1700s.

The phrase was first used on any US currency in 1795, ad on a $5 note. The phrase was removed from the currency in 1834 but re-emerged permanently in 1866 and has remained a fixture on the US currency since.


Nobody knows if there are some elements of truth in the conspiracy theories trailing the symbols on the US currencies. Nobody has also come out to debunk the claims made by these theories. It appears only the foundational members of the American democracy will offer the most reliable explanations on reasons why the symbols were made to appear on the currencies. Some would argue that so many landscapes and iconic monuments in the country should replace many of these symbols.

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