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5 Amazing Scholarships You Can Get As An Athlete

5 Amazing Scholarships You Can Get As An Athlete

When we were young, most of us used to watch various movies about teenagers’ life. Sports were the key part of each one. The main character joined the school’s team along with some hot and cool-looking members. But instead of being a shadow, he or she decides to put all the effort and work hard to be the star of the show. But the actual aim is beyond this. 

As you know, sports are a very important part of the education system. Since entering school, students are trained in the best conditions. And the thing is if, you are talented enough in any sport and coaches from popular colleges will notice you, there is a chance to get a free or nearly free degree in any state in the future.

If you want to get this chance and get a scholarship, you need to pay attention not only to your sports achievements but to your education in general. If you are good at a sport, but your grades leave a lot to be desired, then you should focus on studying more. 

In case you have trouble, for example, writing essays, you can turn to an academic essay writer at EssayPro, who will gladly help you. So now, let’s have a closer look at scholarships you can apply for if you are doing sports.

Alabama Golf Association Women’s Scholarship Fund

Award Amount: $2,000

If you are a talented young woman who adores golf, this option is for you. The AGA Women’s Scholarship Foundation was established in 1993. It offers four years of higher education at an accredited college in the State of Alabama. You will be eligible in case you are a resident of the state of Alabama and in need of financial assistance to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

You can get this award only on a semester basis. It will be renewed each Fall and Spring semester for the next 4 years, depending on your grades. One more thing – it is an academic scholarship program rather than athletic-based. If you want to apply to this college, you have to demonstrate evidence of academic excellence combined with your golf skills.

Absolute Fencing Gear All-Academic Team

Amount: $10,000

The USA Fencing High School All-Academic Program, together with Absolute Fencing Gear, offers an amazing $10,000 reward for students who are keen on fencing. Those are basically athletes who want to get an education and still continue achieving great results in fencing. You will only be provided with these awards in case you can’t afford to pay for further higher education. 

There will be only 4 winners. The first two candidates who show the best result will get $4000 each. Two other applicants will receive $1,000. You can get the award of $4000 with a good GPA score (at least 3.85) and a perfectly written essay. To get $1,000, you only need to submit a good essay. Another requirement to get a scholarship is to be a current USA Fencing member.

Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

The Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship was established in 1998 in honor of Brian Pearson. Back then, he was a former Iowa State University basketball player, but unfortunately, he died from cancer in 1997. The sponsors of this award are Pioneer DuPont, Ron & Margaret Kenyon, and The Skinner Foundation.

Each year, only two applicants (male and female) are elected. Thus, the competition will be tough. If you want to be chosen, you need to showcase your personal characteristics like trustworthiness, respect, perseverance, and fairness. If you win, you will have a chance to participate in the Iowa Games Opening Ceremony in July 2022. Or, you will get a $1,000 scholarship if you have already taken part in the Iowa Games.

In order to apply, you have to prepare a two-page essay in which you are to state your educational goals, professional aspirations, and citizenship. In addition to this essay, you can submit two letters of recommendation. You can ask your teacher or coach to write you one.

Billy Smith Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

The Billy Smith Memorial Scholarship is created in honor of William Robert Smith. He was both a football and baseball player during high school. What you should know is that this person was warmhearted and was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. The amount of money you might get varies from $500 to $10,000, depending on how much money the sponsors can provide the fund with.

Everyone was so inspired that after his death, the staff decided to continue his path and purpose. That’s why this scholarship was established to help high school baseball or softball players whose dream was to pursue a sports-related college degree. But we know how expensive education is. So if you don’t have enough financial assets to afford to study, you can try to apply for this scholarship.

Cameron Impact Scholarship

Amount: $20,000

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation offers scholarships to 10-15 exceptional high school students. This award would be enough to cover all the expenses like tuition, books, equipment, etc. That’s why you don’t need to save money, yet it is still better to invest in yourself. 

The main thing is that getting this award is quite hard. You have to stand out from other candidates based on not only high achievements but also the responsibility for your community. Because as a graduate, you will make a positive impact on the world in general. 

But before it happens, you should develop yourself both professionally and personally. That’s why the organization will provide you with scholarships and additional help so that you find your way.

How Do I Get a Scholarship?

Colleges and universities provide opportunities the both the intellectual and physical development of their students. That’s why everyone is trying hard to seize this opportunity. Thus, you should know everything about scholarships and be ready for the competition among other students. Here are some tips on what you should work on and focus on to get the scholarship you want:

  • Demonstrate discipline, high motivation, and excellent athletic performance.
  • Your GPA should meet the level of entrance requirements.
  • You should be full of energy and have the desire to win.
  • Do in-depth research about the team and coaches to establish good relationships with them.
  • Learn the application and eligibility processes properly.
  • Weigh your abilities and choose the best scholarship options and best offers that will suit you.


If you want to connect your life with sport but are not sure if it is an option, the best way is to apply for scholarships. Thus, you will be provided with an opportunity to get an education and do your favorite activity. Plus, you will have access to fully-equipped gyms, stadiums, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, etc.

But this goal is not easy to achieve. One has to work really hard and spend years training to become the best candidate. If you want to live the college life of your dream, be ready to put in all your effort and never give up. If you believe you can do it and you are enough, give it a shot. You never know. Maybe you will be the next Kobe Bryant!

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