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Top 8 Comedies That Will Lighten Up Your Mood

Top 8 Comedies That Will Lighten Up Your Mood

Everyone needs a feel-good movie once in a while. Whether you are tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or just influenced by bad weather, it can lighten the mood instantly.

This is especially true for college students as they deal with a lot of stress. It is hard to balance out studies, social life, adult responsibilities, and sometimes part-time work. There are almost endless classes, seminars, and, of course, written assignments. 

All of that can be extremely overwhelming and frustrating, which is not a good state to be in for a long time. Everyone needs time to recharge, especially if you’ve been pulling all-nighters with an essay or research paper. Fortunately, there is a way out. Students can get immediate help from platforms like WritePaper that assist with writing college papers. Professional academic writers can help with all of that, from research to proofreading and editing. 

And while it is taken care of by experts, you can enjoy one of these fantastic comedies to feel better. 

Mean Girls, 2004

The film is not only a great comedy but a modern classic. It is quite nostalgic to r`e-watch every time, as it brings back all the memories. And if you haven’t seen it yet, it is time to change that. 

The movie is set in high school with typical student problems and dilemmas. A new girl arrives, and it is her time to find a place here and navigate this brand new world. Despite the plot being quite a popular one, the film has a fresh perspective and a good amount of jokes.

There are also a lot of twists and turns and dynamic moments. And the cast is amazing, so it is definitely a good choice for a gloomy afternoon. 

Shaun of the Dead, 2004

This film is a brilliant mix of hilarious adventures, zombies, and even some romance. So if you do not mind some horror, this is a great choice. 

It is extremely well-written and just hilarious. The cinematography is also on point, with a distinct style and presentation. Overall, it is a brilliant movie anyone should watch. Even if you are not a fan of zombie movies, it gives so much more than just that. 

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, 2005

It is another unique spin on the comedy genre. Did you know that it can be noir as well? Well, now you know. It is a brilliantly written plot with sharp jokes and amazing cinematography. Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer play the main characters, and they deliver great performances. 

The plot revolves around a thief who mistakenly gets into an audition for a film. He is on the run from the law. The film is also a parody of action and no-noir movies. 

It is a great dark comedy. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010

Based on the original comic series, this is a treat for genre lovers. It almost has everything one can possibly need in a feel-good entertainment:

  • Brilliant storytelling; 
  • Amazing characters (and powerful cast); 
  • Action; 
  • Love story; 
  • Great cinematography; 
  • And even some great music. 

There are lots of jokes; some are more subtle than others. Scott is the main character; he is a bit immature and plays in a band. One day he meets Ramona and falls for her. But to date her, he needs to defeat her evil exes. It is a good old love story with a classic hero arc. 

What We Do In The Shadows, 2014

This movie is the best thing that came out of the world’s obsession with vampires. It is original, authentic, and hilarious. Taika Waititi directed it, which should explain how good it is. 

The plot is built around vampires living in the modern world. Here we have romantic Victorian Viago, Vladislav the Impaler, and rock’n’roll vampire. The comedy is shot in a mockumentary style to describe the routine and life of these supernatural roommates. 

It is a new spin on vampire lore with a refreshing and entertaining approach to it. And it is impossible to stop laughing while watching it. 

Spy, 2015

At first, one might think that it is another typical comedy about an unlikely person turning spy. But it is so well-written that it truly stands out from the competition. And Melissa McCarthy’s performance is amazing here. It is a hilarious new take on quite a classic subject which can be a good addition to student party activities

It is a nod to the spy genre, of course. The main character used to work in the CIA office, providing support for spies on the frontline. But now she has to go into the field. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy, 2014

Let’s be honest, it is not strictly a comedy, but it is one of the funniest films set in the Marvel universe. Marvel outdid itself at creating an entertaining movie about the story nobody was really interested in at first. But here, it all comes together in a mixture of adventure, jokes, and surprisingly relatable characters, even if one of them is a tree. 

It is so genuinely funny that it deserves rewatching. If you’re in the mood for another superhero movie, the sequel is as brilliant as the first film, so give it a watch.

Logan Lucky, 2017

Some describe this one as “Ocean’s 7-11,” referring to the styles it incorporates. The story follows two brothers (portrayed by Adam Driver and Channing Tatum – a great duet) who decide to steal money during the race. Here you have a well-crafted narrative with lots of unexpected twists. 

The adventure, the escape plan, and the strong chemistry between the characters are the most enjoyable in the story. It is funny from the beginning to the end. Watch it to get that bit of entertainment you need in a day. 


Watching a great movie can make one’s day and lighten the mood; there is no doubt about that. Whatever you prefer in terms of style and the plot, this is a versatile list that offers something to almost anyone. So grab your snacks, get on the couch with a favorite blanket, and make this day better with a hilarious film.  

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