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Orchid Hanging Ideas

Top 35 Orchid Hanging Ideas: Bring Nature Back Home

If you want to change the look on people’s faces when they see your home, you need to try out some new orchid hanging ideas. 

Orchids are perfect for decorating a house both inside and outside. You can hang them in your living room, kitchen, and dining room. 

These beautiful flowers can bring a more natural and calm feeling when you hang them around the house. 

A quiet and peaceful environment can motivate you to stay productive throughout your day. Read to the end of this article and discover 35 orchid hanging ideas you could try today 

1. Mounting Orchids On Bamboo

Mounting Orchids On Bamboo

Bamboos are an innovative way to hang your orchids. Using a few bamboo sticks, you can make a rack from which the orchids will lie. 

Take your orchids and allow the roots to hang freely in the air. Tie the orchids to the bamboo so that they cannot fall. Use a rope to suspend the bamboo stick so that you can end up with a gorgeous orchid on a bamboo stick. 

2. Mounting Orchids On Clay Pots 

Mounting Orchids On Clay Pots 

If you have a clay pot, try mounting your orchids on it. Orchids on a clay pot will bring a wonderful view of the roots, adding a sense of nature to your home décor. 

This idea is perfect for your balcony or even your backyard. You could place your clay pot in a special corner where everyone can easily notice it. 

3. Orchids On Coconut Fiber  

Orchids On Coconut Fiber

Coconut fibers are brown or yellow gold. If you hang your orchids on a coconut fiber frame, they will bring out beautiful and quiet tranquility, especially in your living room. 

It could also do well near the dining table. This orchid hanging idea brings out a peaceful and relaxed environment, and you can also have it in your home office to make you feel more productive. 

4. Orchids Under Glass 

Orchids Under Glass 

Glass jars are everywhere in our houses but did you know they are also a perfect place to place your orchids? 

Orchids on a glass jar bring out beautiful scenery since you can see the roots coil onto each other through the glass. This idea is perfect for having your orchids near the windows where they can get enough sunlight.  

5. Orchids Wreath 

Orchids Wreath 

An orchid’s wreath is wonderful for decorations around the house, especially during celebrations like Christmas. You can place it on the door or even within the living area. 

This wreath allows the roots to hang freely and assumes a beautiful circular shape. This orchid hanging idea can also work in a thanksgiving ceremony. 

6. Orchids Terrariums 

Orchids Terrariums 

These orchids set up look like terrariums except that it is a way of hanging orchids. This orchid hanging idea involves making a metal frame where you will place your orchids. 

The metal frame with the orchids hangs freely, and you can suspend it from your ceiling. It is a brilliant way to decorate the dining area. You can also hang them near the window where they will get natural sunlight.

7. Orchids On a Simple Planter

Orchids On a Simple Planter

Sometimes, simplicity offers the most elegant design. You can hang orchids on a simple planter to get that nice look of the orchids in your house. 

This idea is perfect for decorating your kitchen. You can place the orchids near the bowl of fruits, bringing a sense of simplicity and beauty to your kitchen. 

8. Orchids On Shower Caddy 

Orchids On Shower Caddy 

You can decorate your bathroom by hanging orchids on your shower caddy. Most people like to go and have a nice quiet time in the bathroom as they shower. 

Orchids on your shower caddy are an amazing way to bring that tranquility and serenity to the bathroom. 

9. Orchids On drift Wood 

Orchids On drift Wood 

Driftwoods is the way to go if you are looking into decorating your home office with orchids. Orchids provide your office with some good aesthetics that are wonderful when you want to do some serious work. 

They will also make you feel peaceful and quiet, creating a wonderful environment to enhance your creativity. 

Many say that they feel more productive when working in a neat and healthy environment, and so will you. 

10. Orchids On A Curtain Bar

Orchids On A Curtain Bar

Your curtain bar is also a great place to hang your orchids. It will help you achieve a more comfortable living room where you and your guest will enjoy having conversations. 

11. Orchids On Hanging Wood Planters 

Orchids On Hanging Wood Planters 

A wood planter is itself an amazing piece of art. It becomes better when you hang some orchids on it to make an excellent interior decoration. 

12. Dangling Orchids 

Dangling Orchids

If you want a home that feels like a rainforest, consider decorating it with dangling orchids. They are easy to set up and only take up a little space in the house. 

13. Neat Orchids Planters

Neat Orchids Planters

Another orchid hanging idea is the use of some neat orchid planters. They look better when you place them next to your large window. 

It will help the orchids get oxygen and natural sunlight. It will also give your house a beautiful outlook when you look at it from both inside and outside. 

14. Orchids On-grid 

Orchids On-grid

What is a better way to hang orchids on a grid? Grids provide enough support to hang your orchids, and they also provide a stunning view. It is an amazing way to decorate the walls of your backyard that lead to your swimming pool. 

15. Gutter Guard Orchids 

Gutter Guard Orchids

Gutter guards provide a good surface to hand orchids. They also provide room for sunlight and oxygen to reach your orchids. They can also easily pass a rope through and hang it on the wall. 

16. Orchid Structures

Orchid Structures


If you want a clean and decorative way to hang your orchids, then the orchid’s structure will be good for you. Orchids’ structures will look great in many places, including your living, bedroom, and kitchen. 

17. Orchids Twister 

Orchids Twister

Try the orchid’s twister if you want a sleek and elegant way to hang your orchids. 

Not only can you hang orchids, but you can also hang another plant on them, resulting in a more stunning decorative home. They look wonderful when you place them on tables. 

18. Circular Orchid Stand 

Circular Orchid Stand

Consider getting an orchid stand if you want to embrace modern art to hang your orchids. The stand features an alter-like design perfect for hanging your orchids and other embroideries. 

19. Orchid Hanger 

Orchid Hanger

A polite orchid hanger is just a wonder full for hanging your orchids. You can put the hanger in any corner of your house. 

You could add LED lighting to the hanger to create that eye-catching view. 

20. Reusable bottle Orchids 

Reusable bottle Orchids 

If you have water bottles piling up in your house, do not discard them. You can use them to hang orchids and decorate your backyard. 

All you have to do is cut them in haves and fill them with your orchids. Later on, you can hang them in any place that you desire. It is a good orchid hanging idea for your backyard. 

21. Orchids On coconut Shells 

Orchids On coconut Shells

If you are looking for simplicity and elegance, orchids on a coconut shell it the way to go. This idea will work well for you when decorating different places in your home. 

It provides a good sense of nature in the house, and it also feels like fine art. 

22. Orchids On cut Stems 

Orchids On cut Stems

When you have orchids hanging on cut tree stems, it will bring out the beautiful color of tree stems with a combination of orchids. 

If you decide to use this idea, make sure you use the strong rope to hold the weight of the cut stems. 

23. Orchids On Trees

Orchids On Trees

If you already have a tree around your homestead, you could use it to hang orchids. It will bring out a clever design, as the orchids will add a good essence of nature around the homestead. 

You can do this with the help of a simple rope to tie around the tree trunk. 

24. Orchids Pots On Tree Branches 

Orchids Pots On Tree Branches

The best way to decorate your compound with orchids is by innovatively using space. You can use space creatively by hanging your orchids on tree branches. 

Your pot of orchids will bring out a sense of tradition in your home and a good vibe of color. Use strong ropes that will resist harsh outside environments. If possible, you can use a chain. 

25. Fake Tree Orchid Mount

Fake Tree Orchid Mount

You can use a fake tree to hang your orchids if you have a large living area. It is like bringing nature inside the house. It will make your house look fantastic and elegant at the same time. 

26. Life Form Orchids 

Life Form Orchids


If you have some life-form sculptures on the wall, they could be an amazing place to hang your orchids. They will resemble a form of modern art with orchids hanging on them. 

27. Multilevel Hanging Orchids 

Multilevel Hanging Orchids

A multilevel hanging orchid is an idea where you hang orchids at different heights from the ceiling. The setup looks stunning for your entrance or backyard. 

28. Hanging Logs Orchids 

Hanging Logs Orchids 

A log in your living room could be the perfect place to hang your orchids. It will give the log a more realistic outlook which is ideal for decorating your living room. 

29. Chandelier Orchids 

Chandelier Orchids

Do you have a chandelier? It could be the right place to hang your orchids. The lighting from the chandelier will shine on the orchids bringing out a beautiful touch of nature. 

The number of orchids you mount on your chandelier will greatly depend on the weight your chandelier can hold. 

30. Fence Orchids 

Fence Orchids


Another orchid hanging idea is fence orchids. It is a great way to create a beautiful fence around your home. Hanging orchids around your fence also imply that you are an all-around person when it comes to decorative designs

31. Hanging Glass Bottle Orchids 

Hanging Glass Bottle Orchids

If you want to introduce orchids in your modern kitchen, hanging glass bottle orchids is for you. To make it more interesting, you can add light bulbs to those glass bottles to shine over your kitchen. 

32. Hanging Orchid Garden 

Hanging Orchid Garden

The hanging orchid garden is perfect for a large room with nice furniture. This idea involves a hanging grid where you can place orchids and other plants on top

33. Potted Orchids Hanging Grid Layout 

Potted Orchids Hanging Grid Layout

When you have some potted orchids, you can hang them on a grid layout. It is the perfect way to hang orchids in your home garden

34. Levitating Bathroom Orchids 

Levitating Bathroom Orchids 

If you want to increase the peace you get on your bath tab, you could levitate some orchids on top. It will help create a peaceful environment for you to clean your body. 

It will also bring about a comfortable environment when you want to meditate in water. 

35. Bedroom Orchid Wall 

Bedroom Orchid Wall

If you want to increase the essence of nature in your bedroom, consider building an orchid wall. It will bring some serenity to your bedroom, increasing the quality of your sleep. 

Your bedroom will look more aesthetical and beautiful with an orchid wall. You can place the wall in any direction you wish. 

If you want to look at your orchid wall every time you wake up, you could consider placing it in opposite directions with your legs. 


So there you have 35 orchid-hanging ideas you could try out in your home today. Orchids are an essential part of decorating houses and gardens. 

There are various ways in which you can decorate various spaces with orchids, from your bathroom to your backyard and balcony. 

Always make sure that you use materials capable of handling the weight of orchids whenever you hang them. 

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