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Best Pesticide-Free Lawn Services For Your Home Garden This Year

Best Pesticide-Free Lawn Services For Your Home Garden This Year

Do you want to break from using pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides for your home garden? Generally, the use of chemicals for your lawn services might be hazardous in the immediate environment used. Also, some might be unhealthy to human beings. 

Similarly, most of these chemicals come with “keep out of reach of children” tag on them. Therefore, you’ll always worry about these synthetic fertilizers when using them on your lawn, especially if you’re surrounded with children less than 5 years old.

If you’re tired of such inconveniences and want to use pesticide-free products for your lawn services, you are at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn some of the best pesticide-free lawn services you can use for your home garden this year. Additionally, the following are some of the essential takeaway points to know before using pesticide-free lawn services. 

  • Is Pesticide-Free Lawn Care better
  • What is the best natural lawn feed?
  • Best pesticide-free lawn best practices for your home garden

Is Pesticide-Free Lawn Care Better

Most homeowners are used to synthetic fertilizers and herbicides to treat their lawn. Therefore, a sizable number of people might be aware of whether the use of pesticide-free lawn care is better or not. Therefore, the use of pesticide-free is not only a good way to take for the treatment of your lawn, but it will also make your lawn have an attractive look. 

In addition, these products are environmentally free and cause no harm to human beings. The most crucial fact about pesticide-free lawn services is that they require little caution when applying them on your lawn, unlike when using the chemical composing lawn services. 

So, if you are looking to have a chemical-free environment when treating your property, look for no other but pesticide-free lawn services for your home garden. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the importance of pesticide-free lawn services, what are some of the best natural lawn feed for your home garden?

What Is The Best Natural Lawn Feed?

Pesticide-free lawn services can also be referred to as organic lawn care. And so, there is the best natural lawn feed you can use on your home garden effectively. They all come with some benefit in each angle used on your lawn. Therefore, here are some of the best natural lawn feed for your home garden;

  • Mulch Mowing
  • Humus or compost (green matter)
  • Hoof and horn
  • Top Dressing
  • Blood, fish, and bone
  • Seaweed; liquid or solid
  • Manure, particularly chicken manure

The general benefits of natural lawn feed on your lawn include the following;

  • They supplement organic content in the soil
  • They have no risks of fertilizer burn
  • They offer essential micronutrients on the lawn that are not easily found in synthetic fertilizers.

Best Pesticide-free Lawn Practices For Home Garden

Using pesticide-free lawn services aims to produce chemical-free soil and a healthy lawn that can last long after lawn care. One of the practitioners said that the continuous use of chemical compounds for lawn care services deprived the lawn of its natural capacity of performing well. Therefore, it is always recommended to use pesticide-free services for your property to help it maintain its robust strength. 

So, a healthy soil flooded with natural feed retains its natural capacity and frees you from the hassle of using fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides again. Thus, the following are the standard pesticide-free best practices to implement in your home garden.

Use Of Organic Lawn Fertilizers

This is one of the best pesticide-free lawn mowing services for your home garden this year. Generally, organic fertilizers come with huge benefits, unlike when one uses chemical products to treat their lawn. Similarly, organic fertilizer gives your home garden an occasional boost, especially during the growing season. This is because most organic fertilizers are laced with ingredients such as feather, potassium, and phosphorus.

One of the pros of organic lawn fertilizers is that they offer easier-to-handle nutrients on your lawn which are released slowly instead of synthetic fertilizers. Therefore, once your soil has undergone these essential treatments, ensure you overseed the property by using an ideal turf grass. 

So, it is recommended to select seed mixes that benefit your sun/shade and the moisture needed on your lawn. After this, ensure they blend well with your current property. Set a routine to water your lawn daily to establish productive growth.

Spreading Compost On Your Lawn

Another pesticide-free service to implement on your lawn is to spread half-inch of compost to supplement it with organic matter. The founder of Safe Lawns and the author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual, Paul Tukey, views this lawn treatment method as the foundation of organic lawn care.

He further compares it with the blood transfusion technique. That means; spreading compost on your lawn boosts soil structure in sand or clay soil. In addition, compost is beneficial to nematodes, bacteria, fungi, and algae. 

Therefore, when looking for good compost, it is advisable to consider compost fully featured with decomposed organic plant materials. You can quickly get the organic material from nurseries or your yard waste.

Beefing Up Weakened Soil

Additionally, if you want to use pesticide-free lawn care for your home garden, beefing up weakened soil is another best practice to implement on your existing lawn. This essentially means starting with soil testing.

Typically, soil testing will help you detect some of the essential elements or nutrients your lawn lacks and which organic methods to use to boost the soil nutrients on your lawn. For example, after carrying out soil testing on your property and discovering it lacks calcium, it is needless to say you’ll be required to top-dress the soil with gypsum.

Similarly, soil lacking magnesium might require a good dose of the mineral langbeinite. Additionally, you might want to dig up some soil samples from different parts of your lawn and take them to the lab for soil analysis. You can reach out to extension officers or local nurseries tender and see if they usually offer soil testing. 

So, after conducting a soil analysis, you’ll have identified which organic amendments your soil needs. Therefore, you should prepare your lawn by pulling up weeds, mowing the grass down to some specified inches, aerating, and removing thatch. Such preparations will help your soil incorporate any organic amendments made on your lawn. 

Overseeding: Use Of Organic Grass Seed

You can literary make your lawn sustainable by substituting, replacing it, overseeing, or using organic grass seed. One of the first companies to provide USDA-certified organic lawn seed is Las year, DLF Organic in the US. These lawn seeds can be grown without herbicides, synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers.

Aside from that, you can also use native turf-grass seed. These seeds require less water and can resist diseases, including St. Augustine grass and Kentucky bluegrass.


The use of pesticide-free lawn services for your home garden is a big plus, especially when surrounded by children below five years. These organic lawn care practices are chemical-free and have many internal benefits, unlike synthetic fertilizers. So, if you are looking forward to using some of the best pesticide-free lawn services for your home garden, consider Overseeding, beefing up weakened soil, and use of organic fertilizers, among others.

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