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Can Pets Benefit From A Wellness Plan Including CBD Supplements

Can Pets Benefit From A Wellness Plan Including CBD Supplements

In the same way that humans develop a wellness routine, it’s essential to ensure pets’ optimum health and well-being. Furry friends can’t tell their pet parents how they feel with most companion animals, like dogs and cats, disguising ailments, and injuries until they get a high severity level. 

That’s a reason for us to be exceptionally mindful of their day-to-day activities so that any minute detail that seems off will give us a clue into their wellness. Most animals are creatures of habit; not many, especially cats and dogs, are fond of change. 

Because of this predictability, you can be assured those daily routines will be pretty repetitive, allowing you to keep tabs relatively easily. When you do notice something out of balance, it’s vital to contact the vet for a checkup to catch a condition or injury in the early stages.

While vets tend to prescribe medications, some animals don’t do well with pharmaceuticals. In some cases, these are a necessary part of the treatment plan to adequately eradicate the ailment. Still, some options can go hand-in-hand to potentially help with some of the adverse effects of both the illness and the pharmaceuticals. 

Cannabidiol or CBD, boasts properties that can potentially assist with a pet’s anxiety level bringing them back to a place of calm. 

The cannabinoid has the possibility of aiding with bouts of nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting in animals soothing an upset stomach that can sometimes result from the harsh chemicals in the pharmaceuticals. 

There is also the potential for it to relax the pet so it can comfortably rest while it recovers. As pet parents, we want the very best for our fur babies, including an ideal routine to keep them fit, healthy and happy. Click here for a few myths about CBD and pets and then move on to look at how you can establish the best wellness program for your fur baby.

Tips For Setting Up A Wellness Program For Your Pet

Of course, when setting up a wellness plan for your beloved pet, you’ll ensure that the animal is on a wholesome diet and that there is an active exercise program each day specific to its needs. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is a safe, natural herbal remedy many people provide for their fur babies to supplement other aspects of their wellness program. 

A specific CBD line of products on the market caters to pets try Cheefbotanicals for a wide variety) with multiple delivery methods to make administration easier.

Fitting CBD into the routine is not much different than developing a feeding schedule, nor does it have to feel like something new and different to the animal. It can seem like a “treat,” nothing out of the ordinary. 

The only requirement is that it be consistent and with regularity. What you give pets as far as the product and how you administer it can change up as much as you want depending on what they like and the amount of time you have. How do you develop a wellness plan that includes CBD? Let’s learn.


Consult with the pet’s veterinarian

The veterinarian is the one person who knows your fur baby inside out, allowing the medical provider the position of deciding what enters the body and what would not be such a good idea. 

Collaborate with the professional to go over the animal’s history, discuss potential behavioral or health concerns or current overall condition, possible medication interactions, and suggestions on CBD dosage, potency, and administration. 

The vet will be able to make the determination based on breed, size, and specific needs. 

Dosing CBD

Pet parents can get an idea of an adequate dose from the vet, who will make a determination based on the animal’s breed and specific size. When searching for products for companion pets, buy for the species you have. Dog and cat lines shouldn’t be used interchangeably. 

Quality brands are offered in varied doses and strengths based on weight and a size ranging from small to large. Dosing is on a trial-and-error basis meaning the animal might need a bit more or less than is recommended, but the suggestion is to always start with the smallest dose and build up gradually.


You’ll find varied forms of products on the market meant to cater to specific pet needs. Cats tend to be somewhat selective, but mostly because they have sensitive stomachs. A few drops from a tincture added to their moist food might be easier on the belly than some of the other options.

There are so many choices for a pup, but one surefire treat they’re bound to love is the CBD peanut butter. There aren’t too many dogs that don’t love peanut butter. And if the puppy thinks he’s getting a treat, he’ll be super excited to lap it up. Learn tips for easier administration at you must get healthy


Cannabidiol or CBD takes some time to build up in a pet’s system, possibly 30 days before there’s a noticeable difference. Your kitty or pup will need ample time to situate themselves to the wellness program in the same way any of us would need to. 

The cannabinoid needs to be administered each day at the same time. In order not to throw off a schedule, give the compound at a time when the pet is due for either a treat or a meal. Work with the vet to ensure optimum success, and the result will be an enhanced quality of life

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