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5 Free AI Essay Writing Tools To Elevate Your Productivity

5 Free AI Essay Writing Tools To Elevate Your Productivity

With AI quickly integrating into the Internet space, a variety of innovative tools have begun to surge. While this relatively fresh technology is far from perfection, many people still are curious to see how it works and how it can benefit from its solutions. 

There are many such tools out there. You may be wondering, “What are the best essay writer free online a student could try out?” Check out this list we’ve composed for you. All of the tools are easy to access, and most importantly, they are free, which is awesome news for a student on a budget.


It is the most popular free tool that can write essays according to your request. It remembers the details of the dialogue with the user and avoids controversial topics. Chatbot’s answers can be corrected with leading questions, if you know how to present them correctly. But it still cannot completely replace a person! For this reason, the best option remains to find services where you can find essay writers for hire and place an order.

A student can use the bot for free without any limits (except for asking too many questions and having to wait for one hour to keep using the chat). For this, you only need to sign up on the OpenAI website.

The drawback of ChatGPT is that sometimes it writes incorrect answers that sound as if they make sense. The model also tends to overuse certain phrases. ChatGPT doesn’t usually ask clarifying questions but guesses what the user wants to ask.


This software is based on GPT3 technology that helps produce text automatically. The app has over 30 use cases. This means that anyone can just pick the one that suits their request the most and goes from there. With this tool, you will have the ability to select a preferred language.

Also, there is a list of tones to choose from to suit your essay: casual, assertive, convincing, and even awestruck. Once you enter the chat option and type something simple, Rytr will follow up with various questions to make the result as detailed as possible. As a student, you will not waste a lot of energy trying to get familiar with Rytr, as the application can boast its speedy response and easy-to-use interface.

Jasper AI

Jasper is praised by many users for its features and is considered to be one of the best productivity tools. This tool helps you come up with a decent draft you can work with later on. The awesome feature about Jasper is that it lets you generate long-form text. It quickly understands the context of the sentence and continues your thought in the same direction. 

The tool gives you quick options to edit the text description so that you can save up even more time. The other pro of Jasper is the ability to integrate with the Grammarly app. However, with a free plan, you can use only up to 10 000 words. The con is that you will still have to do the fact-checking after receiving the text, as you risk getting false information anyway. 


This AI tool uses Natural Language Processing technology that can create engaging content. The software writes your essay after analyzing multiple resources on a similar topic and combines the information in one text. It is capable of writing coherent essays, making sure the text is understandable and makes sense. Articoolo is good at summarizing and coming up with creative headlines too. 

The advantage is that it can produce texts on any topic. The problem with this tool could be the difficulty in creating complete essays and sometimes finding relevant information. The quality of the text is also not consistent, so it may vary depending on the topic. 

DR Essay

DR Essay is a software product that is created specifically for composing essays. It offers a pack of tools that can help you come up with a well-researched paper. You can provide the tool with information on the needed word count, main essay keywords, and even the research depth. DR Essay has a powerful thesaurus database that enables it to rewrite the text as many times as you need. The tool also allows you to shuffle sentences.

With DR Essay, it’s possible to even generate references and bibliography pages to match your topic. However, the disadvantage is that it has limitations, and the free version won’t be available forever.

Why Should You Be Careful With AI Writing Tools? 

Most of the professors at your college are already aware of these apps too. A teacher could probably also scan the text through an AI detector. That’s why it’s not the best idea to use AI writing tools for the sole purpose of getting rid of the work. 

However, it can be helpful when you are just starting off learning how to write essays. After using such tools for creating an essay, you should never skip proper editing. Most of the AI tools still write texts in a similar style and end up sounding robotic.

They also can mix up facts, be generic and repetitive throughout the text, and fail to present information in the way you ask for. A student could use essay editing services to adjust the text to their liking and match academic requirements. This is the situation when professional editors are irreplaceable if you want to receive high grades. 


Writing an essay can be a challenging task, and sometimes a student may need additional help. There are many tools that appear to make writing easier. Even though AI writing software is not an ideal solution, it can still be used to increase productivity. But all of the mentioned options are only suitable for creating a draft. Proper editing is a must-do if you want to excel in college. 

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