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A Guide To Choosing The Right Vaporizer For You

A Guide To Choosing The Right Vaporizer For You

Vaporizers are very popular devices in the cannabis community and over recent years, these devices have evolved a lot. These advancements have made consumers make vaporizers more popular and you can easily access these devices online. There are also many types of vaporizers you can choose from and there are certain things that you need to consider when you’re in the market for a vaporizer because if you choose the wrong device for your needs and lifestyle, you will have wasted your money and you won’t enjoy an optimized experience. Keep reading as we list some things to consider to ensure you choose the right vaporizer. 

Consider the heating method 

Vaporizers typically use one of two types of heating methods which are conduction and convection. With conduction, the heating element is in direct contact with the herb which can turn the bud brown in devices that are poorly designed. However, if the vaporizer has ceramic heating elements, conduction can happen optimally without causing the herbs to burn. Convection heating on the other hand is commonly found in more expensive and higher quality vaporizers. This heating method forces hot air around the herb which means the heating element and the herb do not come into contact. This makes it impossible for herbs to burn. Entry-level vaporizers generally use conduction heating methods. Knowing the heating method will help you choose the right device because you will know what experience to expect. 

Desktop vaporizers 

Desktop vaporizers are the only vaporizers that are not portable. These devices are big and rely on electricity to power themselves which makes this device suitable for home use only. There are also different types of desktop cannabis vaporizers for sale with the most popular being the whip-style vaporizer. This device uses what is called a whip attachment which comprises a wand where the herb is packed, tubing made of silicon, and a mouthpiece typically made from glass. Users can pull hot air over the dry herbs which then creates a stream of vapor to be inhaled. These devices are very popular, especially for medical use and the best of all is that they are easy to use and surprisingly quite affordable. If you want very potent and intense effects, this device is for you. 

Portable vaporizer 

Portable vaporizers are very popular vaporizers. They allow you the convenience of vaping on the go and you have the option to stop a session and continue at a later stage. The components of this device are the mouthpiece, cartridge, power button, and battery. To consume you need to finely crush a small amount of dry cannabis, stack it into your chamber, turn the device on, select your temperature, inhale and exhale until the session is done or until you’ve had enough. This device is convenient and portable which makes it popular for those who are constantly on the go but also want to vape. You’re also not forced to finish a session in one go which is why it’s a good investment.

How often should I vape

When it comes to how often you should vape, there isn’t one single answer and it all depends on the person because some people prefer to vape every day while others are only interested in vaping occasionally. You need to figure out what system works best for you but also keep in mind that many health surveys seemingly agree that vaping daily can increase your risk of a heart attack depending on the other aspects of your lifestyle. 


Vaping in general is known for providing more potent effects than joints however different vaporizers offer different levels of potency. For the most potent and intense effects, hands down you want to go with a desktop vaporizer. Also, consider if you want to have a full-blown session or just a few drags because a full-blown session with a desktop vaporizer might overwhelm new consumers; however a portable vaporizer is perfect for full sessions although it can work for a few drags too. 

When choosing a vaporizer, the heating method is important as well as the type of vaporizer you want to go with. You also need to consider how often you will be vaping and the potency that each device delivers. If you want to consume on the go, a portable vaporizer will never disappoint while desktop vaporizers are great for home use.

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