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Facts You Need To Know About Cellulite And Its Treatments

No other city is as glamorous as Beverly Hills in the United States. It is the place where all the exuberant properties and all the expensive showrooms are. The median household income in Beverly Hills is almost double that of the county’s median household income at a whopping $101,241. 

The citizens of Beverly Hills are infamous worldwide because of their love for cosmetic treatments and plastic surgeries. This can be observed by the city’s high number of cosmetic surgeons. You can find more than seventy cosmetic surgeons in the town that only has a population of thirty-six thousand. 

The culture of cosmetic treatments in the area has also improved the availability of experienced surgeons and the variety of treatments they provide in Beverly Hills. 

You can even get cellulite treatment Beverly Hills if you visit the correct physician. 

If you’ve recently lost or gained weight, there are high chances that you must be noticing some cellulite in the upper thigh area or around the under-thigh. Cellulite is nothing, but collective fat tucked into the skin’s tissue. However, it is tough to get rid of without the proper treatment. 

If you consider getting the treatment for your cellulite, then here are some things you must know.

What Is Cellulite?

It is a collection of fatty tissues that become adjoined or connected to the tissues in the deep layer of the skin. 

Cellulite often appears on specific body parts such as the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. However, the thighs are the most prevalent area for cellulite. 

While it does not cause any harm to the skin or you, it makes the skin look uneven and dimpled in some areas. Many people often confuse cellulite with Lipedema, but that is not the case because cellulite does not make the skin sensitive. 

Moreover, it is more widespread for women to develop more cellulite compared to men. 

How Common Is The Condition?

It is a very common condition, and women often develop cellulite as they go through puberty. Cellulite is a common condition for at least 80% of women.

However, the factors that make the condition more prevalent or visible depend on gender, genetics, fat, and other related factors. 

Besides, aging also causes cellulite as the skin becomes looser and might make cellulite more evident. 

But, the condition is most common in human beings who have suddenly gained weight or are obese.

Grades Of Cellulite

The grades of cellulite are primarily categorized based on their visibility. 

Grade 0

The cellulite is deemed to be of grade zero when there are no visible dimples or signs of compression in the skin even after applying pressure. 

Grade 1

Herein, the dimples and compression signs are visible when applying some pressure. 

Grade 2

When the cellulite is visible in a specific part of the body without applying any pressure and when the body is in an upright position

Grade 3

Herein, the dimples are visible no matter the body’s position and even when the pressure is not applied. 

Treatment Options

If you are looking to get cellulite treatment in Beverly Hills,  you can choose multiple types of treatments. 

Some of the common treatments for cellulite in Beverly hills are – 

  • Celluraze – It is a minimally invasive treatment that is beneficial in treating the condition as it selectively targets the skin at the source. 
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy – Herein, no needles are involved as this treatment is done by applying pressure waves on the affected area to reduce the fibers from sticking to the skin tissues and causing dimples.
  • Viora Reaction – In this technique, heat, radiofrequency, and vacuum are used to eliminate cellulite to a great extent.

So, these are some prevalent things that you must know about Cellulite before opting for treatment.

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