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ACNH Fountain Ideas

30 ACNH Fountain Ideas; New Horizons  

Gaming is a fantastic experience, and these ACNH fountain ideas will help bring your game up a notch. 

Animal Crossing is a popular game, and you can create unique fountains in New Horizons even if you are a new player.

Fountains are decorative elements of the game, and you can buy them in-game or get one as a reward for completing tasks or trades with other players. 

Regardless of the source, you need ideas to help you get the most awesome fountain, and here are some of the best;

30 ACNH Fountain Ideas

1. Bench Garden ACNH Fountain

Bench Garden ACNH Fountain


The first feature on our list is this achievable and gorgeous fountain concept for New Horizon. It has two benches on opposite sides of the fountain, with flowers and beautiful architecture to envelope the entire setup.

The fountain is the space’s centerpiece, with a fantastic water pattern on a circular white concrete design.

2. Pool Center Piece ACNH Fountain Idea

Pool Center Piece ACNH Fountain Idea

 A pool surrounding the water fountain is one of the best décor options for ACNH. This option has water all around with beautiful flowers on the platform with the fountain. The pond and platform have an artistic shape to complement the fountain.

The four benches around the pond and the wooden bridge make this one of the most architecturally appealing options.

3. Serene Garden ACNH Fountain 

Serene Garden ACNH Fountain

You need to create a décor option that can reflect the night sky and become more beautiful and this option will deliver it. It features gorgeous flowers around the fountain, adding a natural touch to the setup.

The lighting illuminates the beautiful fountain to add to its beauty.

4. Patterned Rock ACNH Fountain Concept

Patterned Rock ACNH Fountain Concept

Sometimes the most beautiful elements of a game come from creatively combining multiple aspects. This décor option uses plants, rock patterns, trees, wooden benches, and a water fountain centerpiece to create one of the most enchanting scenes ever.

5. ACNH Flower Garden Fountain 

ACNH Flower Garden Fountain 

A flower garden is an excellent place to add a fountain since it creates a natural form of beauty, the same as flowers. 

This décor option uses several green and white flowering plants to create a serene environment which the water fountain complements.

The stones around the fountain and the architecture add to this setup’s beauty, making this one of the best ideas on our list.

6. Large Stone Water Fountain 

Large Stone Water Fountain 

You don’t need an extensive flower collection for a garden ACNH fountain. This idea features a centerpiece ACNH fountain with just a few flowers and a rock collection. It creates a beautiful centerpiece that blends into the surrounding architecture. 

7. Palace Front ACNH Fountain 

Palace Front ACNH Fountain

This is a superb idea for someone with the resources to build a large home with many elements. This water fountain goes in the lower parts of the compound like an entrance into the home. 

The rocks on the ramp to the house and the flowers give the fountain context and an excellent background.

8. Majestic White ACNH Fountain

Majestic White ACNH Fountain

This fountain is one of the most amazing ones in the game, and you can have it in your designs. It has an amazing water pattern, and the flower pots and patterns around it make it a site to behold.

It has a pond on one side to give it a more natural feel. The flower patches around it make this a beautiful garden that you can achieve with minimal effort.

9. Miniature Artistic Fountain Idea 

Miniature Artistic Fountain Idea 

This small paradise can be yours in ACNH with the right resources. This gorgeous fountain has flowers surrounding it and a beautiful water pattern to crown the view. 

The rest of the environment is brick-laid; this is the perfect balance between natural and artificial décor. 

10. Tap Design Water Fountain

Tap Design Water Fountain

Simplicity is sometimes the best way to create elegant art; this picture is a true manifestation of this sentiment. The fountain is small with a simple design, yet it is one of the most beautiful options on our list.

A few flowers, a duck sculpture, and concrete and wooden fences are all you need for this. 

11. Simple Centerpiece ACNH Fountain

Simple Centerpiece ACNH Fountain

Here is another beautiful garden fountain idea that can work for ACNH fans. It has big trees surrounding the fountain with flowers, giving the space a naturally beautiful feel. The pattern around the fountain provides this idea with a great finishing touch. 

12. Flower Design On An Outdoor ACNH Water Fountain

Flower Design On An Outdoor ACNH Water Fountain

This ACNH fountain idea is a fantastic choice for those who want to add an artistic flair to their gameplay. The fountain has a flower shape that creates a beautiful setting. The pond around the fountain platform follows the flower shape, making a fantastic pattern.

The flowers and benches on the corners along with the external pond, make this one of the most inspiring ACNH fountain ideas on this list.

13. Waterfall-fountain Combination Design

Waterfall-fountain Combination Design 

You don’t need to choose between a waterfall and a fountain. This décor has beautiful waterfalls that lead into a pond that offers a background for the fountain. The fountain sits in a lush green patch with flowers and grass to complete the natural look.

14. Double Side Replica Design 

Double Side Replica Design 

Why stop with one water fountain if you can have two? This design option features two water fountains that look alike like one is a reflection of the other. It creates a beautiful visual with flowers and lovely grass to give it a touch of nature.

The water fountains have an amazing design and beautiful patterns that make them deserve attention.

15. Massive Outdoor Park ACNH Fountain 

Massive Outdoor Park ACNH Fountain 

This is an incredible idea for a park or an ample outdoor space. This large, elegant fountain can be the crown of your décor and has a beautiful environment. The white benches and flowers match the fountain’s color and blend with the lush green surrounding. 

16. Circular Design Botanical Garden ACNH fountain

Circular Design Botanical Garden ACNH fountain

In this option, a nice rock path with colorful flowers leads you to a small, beautiful fountain that looks like the stuff of dreams. The fountain is on a small island with trees and a lovely pond on the outside to add to the beauty.

17. Bench and Stone Décor ACNH Fountain Concept

Bench and Stone Décor ACNH Fountain Concept

Stones have an amazing way of creating beautiful décor, and this ACNH fountain idea focuses on this concept. It has a beautiful rock pattern in the middle of the grass around the fountain. 

The fountain sits on a rock surface with two benches on its sides. The mini ponds and plants around the setup add a beautiful feel.

18. Large City ACNH Design 

Large City ACNH Design 

This is another ideal choice for a user wanting a large ACNH fountain design. It features a large pond that creates an island on which the fountain stands. 

The corners of the island have plants with a majestic fountain in the middle of them. A nice bridge and flowers around the pond give an overall beautiful feel to the setup.

19. ACNH Waterfall Architecture Design 

ACNH Waterfall Architecture Design

Here is an architectural marvel even in ACNH; you need a lot of time and effort to achieve this. The beautiful fountain sits in the middle of four small waterfalls with four pathways leading to it. They all have an array of flowers and plants, creating a stunning pattern for this idea. 

20. ACNH Water Park Concept

ACNH Water Park Concept

This diagram can be your next project; you can bring it to life in ACNH. It has a small, well-designed fountain in the middle with grass and plants around the square island. A small pond separates the fountain from the rest of the world, but two wooden bridges connect it.

21. Rock and Flower Garden Fountain 

Rock and Flower Garden Fountain

This beautiful rock garden is one of the best choices for an ACNH fountain environment. The design features two fountains, one small and one massive, in the same garden. It has beautiful red flowers on the sides.

The best part about this arrangement is the stones’ organization around the fountain and other parts of the garden, giving it a beautiful completion.  

22. Bright ACNH Fountain Idea 

Bright ACNH Fountain Idea

You will love this fountain idea if you are a big fan of bright colors. It has these beautiful brightly colored plants around the fountain giving it a nice soothing feel. Two yellow benches match the décor, and the dull surrounding of the fountain completes the loo.

23. ACNH Botanical Park Idea 

ACNH Botanical Park Idea

You can enjoy this botanical garden and all its best parts. It has a three-sided plant enclosure with benches on each side and large trees on each of the corners. 

There are grass patterns with flowers in the middle to add more beauty to the design. The fountain is small enough for anyone to build, creating a beautiful touch in the background.

24. Walking Park Corner ACNH fountain 

Walking Park Corner ACNH fountain

You can create a beautiful park in ACNH with a fountain idea like this, and it doesn’t need too much. It is a small corner fountain with a path going around it with benches on the sides of it. Trees, wooden fences, and a small pool add some beauty to the setup.

25. Patterned Flower Garden ACNH Fountain

Patterned Flower Garden ACNH Fountain

This design is a solid choice for nature lovers that want to create a garden in ACNH. Most of it emphasizes flowers and plants but has a beautiful fountain at the center to add class and beauty to the garden.

The rock path and amazing organization of the plants make this one of the best garden fountains for ACNH.

26. Dinosaur Themed ACNH Fountain

Dinosaur Themed ACNH Fountain

This is a fantastic decoration option for your ACNH fountain and has unique décor. The flowers and lush green plants are beautiful, but the dinosaur skeleton in the background is the identifier for this décor option.

The white bricks contrast the brown benches and pathways to create a beautiful combination.

27. Water Themed ACNH Fountain

Water Themed ACNH Fountain

Island designs are a popular choice for water fountain lovers in ACNH, which can be ideal for most people. It has a lot of plants both off and on the island with the fountain. 

The fountain has white concrete that matches the pillars around the island. The island also has rocks to add to its beauty and connect to the pond.

28. Flower Garden ACNH Fountain Idea 

Flower Garden ACNH Fountain Idea

This is one of the simplest and most beautiful fountains on this list. It has no complicated designs or islands that need time to carve out. It is a lovely flower garden with numerous colors and a simple water fountain at the center.

29. Classy ACNH Flower Fountain 

Classy ACNH Flower Fountain

You can create this elegant masterpiece in ACNH if you have an artistic feel. The water pattern is an integral part of a fountain, and this idea has the best design. The flowers, benches, and architecture do a great job of complementing the fountain’s beauty.

30. Elegant ACNH Water Fountain Concept 

Elegant ACNH Water Fountain Concept

The last ACNH fountain idea on our list is most certainly breathtaking, and it has the most fantastic architecture around it. It has two levels with a beautiful metal fence around it. The flower pots on the sides give it an unmatched museum feel. 


You have some of the best ACNH fountain ideas to help you improve your gameplay in New Horizons. 

You will have better luck trading with other players or buying the fountain in the game and improving it depending on your taste. 

There are many customization options and activities you can indulge in Animal Crossing; New Horizon and the customizability is the best part. This is your chance to create a beautiful video game world in which you can get lost for hours.

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