Are Beats Waterproof? Read This Before Using Beats Headphones

Beats headphones are the most popular and technically advanced headphones, though they are a little expensive. Beats headphones promise to provide fantastic sound quality, which may be true, but are they genuinely waterproof? Find out more about how to care for your beats headphones and whether they are truly waterproof.

The answer is a little complicated. While they’re not fully waterproof, they are water-resistant; which means they’re protected against splashes and light rain but not complete submersion in water. This has to do with the technology: the components of the headphones don’t react well to being completely submerged in water.

If you get your headphones wet, make sure you turn them off immediately and let them air dry before using them again.

What Are Beats?

Beats headphones are a line of audio products manufactured by Beats Electronics. The company was founded by Dr. Dre and Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine, who started the brand with Apple in 2014.

The headphones feature a bass-heavy sound profile different from many other famous brands, like Sennheiser and Audio-Technica. These brands tend to be favored by audio enthusiasts because they produce a sound that is more neutral and accurate. Beats headphones tend to be preferred by people who enjoy the style and are willing to accept distortion in the audio signal for that bass boost.

Why Are They So Popular?

There are many reasons why Beats headphones are popular. The first is because of their sound quality. They have a high-quality sound that produces a wide range of tones and frequencies, essential for various music genres. Another reason is that they’re comfortable. They’re made of a soft material that feels good on the skin and doesn’t irritate people with sensitive ears as other brands do.

The last reason is that they’re fashionable and fashionable people want to look cool too! That’s why many celebrities wear them when they’re seen in public–it makes them seem like they’re on top of what’s going out in pop culture right now instead of just following trends blindly like most folks probably do (and let’s face it: most people don’t know what they’re doing).

What Happens If Beats Get Wet?

Beats wireless headphones have a waterproof coating, so if they get splashed with water or sweat on a little, you’re likely going to be fine. Just remember not to let them get too soaked. If you’re worried about getting wet, it’s best to keep them in your pocket or bag.

In the event your Beats headphones do get wet, make sure you dry them off as soon as possible by using the cloth that came with your headphones. If the cloth doesn’t seem to do the trick, you can use a blow-dryer set on low heat. Also, make sure that the headphones are completely dry before putting them back in their case.

Can I Wear Beats In The Rain?

The short answer is yes. Beats headphones are water-resistant and sweatproof. You can wear them in the rain and during your workout, but submerging them in water for long periods is not recommended.

Can You Wear Beats In The Shower?

While most Beats headphones are water-resistant, they aren’t made to withstand a hot, soapy, potentially water-damaged environment like a bathtub. Other risks include having your headphones submerged in the water and sinking to the bottom of the tub or slipping off your head and being lost forever.

In addition, wearing headphones in the tub means you will have limited access to sounds outside the tub—including emergency sirens, fire alarms, smoke alarms, and doorbells. This is especially dangerous if you use medications that make it difficult to wake up or be alert while bathing.

Wearing Beats headphones while taking a bath also presents hygiene issues. Since Beats headphones are designed to fit snugly on your ears and block out noise, they provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other germs that can cause ear infections and other health problems.

Can You Wear Beats In The Pool?

Beats Headphones are water-resistant but not water-proof, which means they can withstand exposure to a small amount of liquid—such as sweat from a hard workout or a few raindrops—but submerging them in water will damage them. If you’re swimming underwater, you might want to avoid wearing these headphones to the pool. However, if you intend on keeping your head above water, then you could wear them.

Can Sweat Damage My Beats?

Sweat and earbuds, headphones, and earphones aren’t a great mix. Water and electronics don’t always go well together, and sweat is mostly water. If you’re using your Beats in regular workouts or under strenuous conditions, your headphones have some serious potential for sweat damage.

If you’re careful, you can still get plenty of use out of your Beats while keeping them intact.

Can I Charge My Beats When Wet?

Yes, it is safe to charge your Beats when wet. The charge port is water-resistant and will not sustain damage if exposed to water or moisture. We do not recommend exposing the device to liquid while plugged in, damaging the product.

How To Prevent Beats From Water Damage?

Learn how to protect your Beats headphones from sweat, splashes, and spills. Moisture can damage your headphones, whether you’re working out, riding the subway, or sitting in the rain. Sweat, rain, and wet hands can cause water damage that affects the sound quality of your Beats. These tips will help you keep your headphones free from water damage. Never leave your headphones near a pool or other source of water. Don’t set them on a damp towel or surface. In general, never expose your headphones to high humidity or moisture levels.

Store your earphones in their carrying case or a plastic bag when you’re not wearing them. The bag doesn’t need to be airtight. A Ziploc bag works well for this purpose. The idea is to create an environment where moisture can’t get in quickly and can’t accumulate inside the case if it does get in. Store your headphones at room temperature when they’re not in use, so they dry out after wearing.

Don’t put them directly into a hot car or leave them out in the sun. They’ll dry out faster if you don’t do this, so they’re ready to go when you are next time around!

Is Water Damage Covered Under Warranty?

If your Beats by Dre headphones have been damaged by water, you are likely wondering if they are covered under warranty.

Beats by Dre headphones have a limited one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects and workmanship problems. This warranty does not cover damage caused by liquid getting into the device or any damage caused by that liquid getting into the device.

If your headphones were damaged by water, please take them to an Apple store for an evaluation. The employees at the Apple store will be able to determine what can be done to repair your headphones, but you may have to pay for these repairs out of pocket.


Of course, with all of these features, there is that one major question on the minds of consumers: are the Beats headphones they’re buying actually water-resistant? The answer is yes. Many people have tested the water-resistant capabilities of Beats headphones, and the results are conclusive. They may not be waterproof, but you won’t be hurting your headphones by getting them slightly damp in the rain. Considering their impressive sound quality, convenient design, and style choices at a reasonable price point, it’s no wonder why Beats headphones continue to be a popular choice for multimedia enthusiasts.

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