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Are Beats Waterproof

Are Beats Waterproof? Read This Before Using Beats

Beats are probably one of the most recognizable brands out there when it comes to headphones and earphones. Many like the brand because of its more robust bass sounds. However, how do Beats react with water? Are Beats waterproof?

Beats headphones and earbuds are water resistant but not waterproof. This means Beats head and earphones may survive if exposed to splashes of water, some sweat, or light rain but may not be submerged in water. You should not take it in a hot and humid environment as well, such as a sauna. 

This article discusses Beats head and earphones and if they are waterproof. We also will discuss some common questions people have about Beats, such as if they can continue to wear it in the rain or expose it to sweat.

What Are Beats?

Beats is an audio equipment brand made by Beats Electronics, based in Culver City, California. It was founded by major players in the music industry, such as Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Beats are known for its heavy bass sound and were acquired by Apple in 2014. 

Beats started in 2006 after noticing how audio quality for music has dropped substantially due to music piracy and also widespread use of Apple’s plastic earbuds. Dr.Dre, in particular, hates how Apple’s earphones ‘destroy’ his music. 

Beats partnered heavily with many artists to promote the brand and market it to young adult consumers. 

The brand grew in popularity; by 2011, it was reported Beats took up 64% of the market share of headphones over $100. Beats were so booming as an electronics company they were acquired by Apple for $3 billion in 2014. 

The brand is well appreciated by audiophiles for its great headphone and earphone. Beats are well-loved because they produce a more neutral and realistic sound. Some also claim that Beats headphones and earphones also deliver more precise sounds. 

The headphones have a bass-heavy sound signature that sets them apart from many other well-known manufacturers, including Sennheiser, Altec Lansing, and Audio-Technica. Some critics, however, noted that the overly heavy bass sounds resulted in some distortion. However, many fans of the brand do not seem to have issues with it.

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Are Beats Waterproof?

Beats are not waterproof but water resistant. This means Beats can be exposed to water splashes and may even survive a quick dip into the water. However, it may not survive prolonged exposure to water, such as being submerged entirely in water for too long. 

As good as Beats’ head and earphones come, they still may not survive too much water. Most Beats products come with a water-resistant coating. They may temporarily protect the sensitive electronic parts inside their headpieces in case of exposure. 

This means it should be fine if your Beats headphones, earphones, or earbuds were exposed to things such as water splash by the pool or sweat. Suppose you accidentally dropped your Beats into a body of water such as a river or pool. In that case, it should still be fine, provided you quickly retrieve it from the water. 

However, Beats are not waterproof. This means Beats headphones, earphones, or earbuds will not survive if submerged in water for a prolonged period. This means you should not take your Beats for a swim, wear them in heavy rain, or anything that may expose them to too much water. 

The key is to differentiate between water-resistant and waterproof and to treat your Beats as a water-resistant device. If you are a stickler for details, many Beats products are IPX4 water resistant, which means they have a higher level of water-resistance. 

You should not treat your Beats as if they are a G-Shock watch. The G-shock watch is an example of a genuinely waterproof electronic device, as it can go under the water for a long time and up to depths of 330ft (100M) or more. Beats do not even come close to anything like that. 

Can You Wear Beats In The Rain?

In short, yes. You can wear Beats in the rain. However, if the rains get heavy and may result in too much exposure to water, you may want to remove it and keep it in a dry place, away from the rain. 

If you are walking around the park, listening to your favorite jams, you notice some drizzling rain from the sky. Do you need to take off your Beats earpiece and keep it inside your bag?

The answer is no. This is because Beats are engineered to be water resistant, meaning they can handle drizzling rains with no issue. However, when the rains are turning into a shower, you may want to not push your luck.

Showering rain may introduce a large amount of water to your Beats earpieces, and it may break through the water-resistant coating, reaching the sensitive electronic parts. In this case, your earpiece may likely break down. 

Can Sweat Damage My Beats?

In short, no, your sweat will not damage your Beats earpiece. If you are wearing your earpiece for a regular gym workout, your Beats headpiece should do just fine, as it is engineered to be sweat-resistant. However, you may not want to expose your Beats to prolonged sweat, such as running a half or full marathon.

Beats headpieces are engineered to be water and sweat-resistant. This means your Beats should not find it difficult to protect itself from occasional sweats from your workout at the gym. 

However, suppose you are going to engage in a prolonged session of heavy sweating, such as running a half or full marathon. In that case, you may want to keep your Beats away. This is because you may sweat profusely, resulting in a large amount of water pushing into your Beats. This may be pushing your luck with the water-resistant coating. 

Another thing is that if you are unlucky, your heavy sweat may discolor your Beats earpiece. Also, when your sweat dries, it may leave gunk and stains that require additional effort to clean.

Can You Wear Beats In A Sauna?

You should never wear your Beats in a sauna. This is because the high heat and humidity will likely damage the sensitive electronic parts inside your Beats earpiece. Not many electronic devices can survive increased heat and high humidity environments, including your Beats as well. 

The biggest enemy of most electronic devices is humidity, as they either corrode the surface or cause short circuits that may eventually electrocute and ruin the circuit board. Humidity may present itself in many forms, such as water and, in the case of sauna, overly humid air. 

In fact, overly humid air means the water in the air travels into the circuit board of your earpiece in the form of air. This means the water-resistant coating that protects your Beats may not even stand a chance against it. 

Your Beats are technically a seating duck inside a sauna room, waiting for its time to die. 

It may be prudent to leave your Beats headpieces outside and learn to enjoy conversing with people inside the sauna room instead.

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How To Dry Your Beats If Exposed To Water?

If exposed to water, your first action is to turn off your Beats. Wipe out any excess moisture around your device before keeping it in an ultra dry environment to draw out any remaining moisture inside your device. You may keep it inside a box with a lot of silica gel. 

Say you accidentally dropped your Beats into a body of water, say a swimming pool. What do you do to save it?

First, fish it out of the water as fast as you can. The quicker you do it, the likelier it is that your Beats headpiece may survive. This is because the water-resistant film inside the device may still be intact, keeping water out. 

Once you get it out, check if it is still turned on. If yes, quickly turn it off. This avoids any transmission of electricity, which in a wet circuit board may result in a short circuit and ruin your Beats. 

Next, wipe out all excess moisture that you can observe from your Beats with a dry cloth. You may also need to leave your Beats in the open, ventilated areas at least overnight to remove excess moisture inside your device. 

If you want to go further and perform a better job, you may consider leaving your device for at least 24-48 hours inside a box with silica gel. Silica gel will suck in the moisture from the air into itself, meaning it will also absorb the moisture inside your Beats device as well.

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