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Bloxburg Exterior Ideas

35 Bloxburg Exterior Ideas: Creating Your Dream House

You are in the right place if you are looking for Bloxburg exterior ideas to give you inspiration for your next design.  

This is a haven of numerous amazing houses made by different players worldwide, and you can have your addition to it.

There are numerous buildings from which you can draw inspiration for your next project and translate that into your real-life home.  

Let us look at some of the simplest, most elegant, and most amazing designs you could use for Bloxburg houses; 

Bloxburg Exterior Ideas

1. Traditional Suburb Concept

Traditional Suburb Concept

You can have this beautiful concept for your home as it embodies everything you will find in a Traditional American house.  

It is a two-story house with brick and concrete walls and a dark gray roof contrasting the white walls for a beautiful finish.

2. Small Brick And Stone Walled Design 

Small Brick And Stone Walled Design

 This marvelous brick and stone-walled house has a design that makes it stand out.  It is compact and homey, an ideal choice for a farm or woodland structure that preserves the beauty of nature around it.

3. Two Story Contemporary Design 

Two Story Contemporary Design 

This well-lit paradise has two floors, a double garage, and all the space you need.  The concrete walkways and driveway make it easy to keep clean, and flowers around the property enhance its beauty.

4. White Stone Wall Design

White Stone Wall Design

Here is another gorgeous design for a Bloxburg house.  It has a concrete driveway and front yard, making it easy to keep clean.  

The house features a mix of rocks, concrete, and glass, leading to an amazing mix of modern and traditional looks that make this an architectural masterpiece. 

5. Compact Two-Story Wooden Bloxburg House

Compact Two-Story Wooden Bloxburg House

What a gorgeous addition to your countryside décor.  This simple wooden house will bring a natural feel to your countryside home.  It is all glass and wood with simple colors that make it elegant. 

A large walkway paved with plush green grass will guide you to the front door each day, leading to a peaceful end to any working day.

6. Garden-Themed Traditional Idea

Garden-Themed Traditional Idea

Are you a simple plant lover?  Then this is absolutely the best décor choice for your Bloxburg house.  

It features a simple traditional design with two floors and vegetation growing on the sides of the house and the roof.  It is gorgeous to look at and easy to achieve. 

7. Cottage Design Bloxburg House

Cottage Design Bloxburg House

A nice cottage in the woods or countryside can be an amazing summer home, and this is a nice design to consider. 

It is a bungalow with stone and wooden walls to keep the interior cool.  The design has a chimney, so you have room for a fireplace to keep you warm at night.

8. Modern Black And White House Concept

Modern Black And White House Concept

This majestic house is the pinnacle of modern architecture and can be an amazing choice.  It features a mix of gray, black, and white, making a nice contrast that makes it classy.  The open balcony has room for a sitting area to enjoy the beautiful view. 

9. Traditional House With Chimney and Garden

Traditional House With Chimney and Garden

 This is an awesome choice for the suburbs and countryside as it has a design that blends in with most locales.  All white walls bring elegance, and the black window frames add a little contrast to make the setup classy. 

Gray roofs complete the look making this the ideal choice for most people.

10. Massive Mansion With Garden Bloxburg Idea 

Massive Mansion With Garden Bloxburg Idea 

If you are a fan of mansions, you can adopt this huge house and use its design for your dream home.  It is an ideal courtside home with room for multiple bedrooms, vegetation, flowers, and ponds.  Put your décor skills to the test with this amazing choice.

11. Red Brick Bloxburg House Concept 

Red Brick Bloxburg House Concept 

Exposed red brick is an amazing décor choice, and this option buckles down on it to make for one of the most spectacular designs.  There is a concrete pathway with grass lawns on the edges, which makes maintenance simpler. 

The house walls are green, and the chimney and attic have exposed red bricks, creating a colorful and amazing mix.

12. Traditional Double Garage Stone House 

Traditional Double Garage Stone House 

Stone is one of the best décor options, and you can get a nice home with this idea.  It is a stone-walled two-story building with a mix of white and gray parts that creates amazing contrast.  The dark gray roofing is the crown of this kingly home idea.

13. Colorful Pool Décor House Design 

Colorful Pool Décor House Design

This is an idea for people who like colorful surroundings.  It is full of vibrant colors on the walls, and every morning feels like a carnival.  

The pool brings an additional sense of serenity to the house that is unmatched by other mansions on this list.

14. Beautiful Two Story Water Themed Idea

Beautiful Two Story Water Themed Idea

What could be more welcoming than a beautiful pool with colorful trees and flowers?  This house design features exactly this and is an awesome choice for a serine home.  The entrance is a bridge over a river with flowers guaranteed to brighten your day.

15. Serine Black And White Wooden House Concept

Serine Black And White Wooden House Concept

Here is a design for a user that needs a quiet house to go to at the end of a long day.  It is a small and beautiful traditional home guaranteed to get your attention.  It can fit in a suburb or countryside, making it ideal for many people.

16. Bloxburg Traditional Fauna Home Concept

Bloxburg Traditional Fauna Home Concept

This is an amazing choice for users that like a plush grass yard.  The only concrete on this property is on the walls and in the house.  

This wooden cottage is an amazing choice for a summer home with a design that allows room for all accessories you might need.

17. White Stone Mansion Design

White Stone Mansion Design

This massive mansion is ideal for the suburbs as the front lawn decoration doesn’t need too much pace.  The walls have a mix of brown, white and black rocks, giving it a beautiful and classy look. 

18. Two Storey Glass and Stone Design 

Two Storey Glass and Stone Design 

This house is an outstanding architectural concept with a mix of traditional and modern designs.  Some walls are white concrete, while others are brown rocks, which create a beautiful mix that makes this an outstanding option. 

19. Suburb White And Gray House Design

Suburb White And Gray House Design

Large glass windows and doors are always a good show of affluence and class; nothing gets better than this house design.  You have a concrete drive-through leading up to a beautiful double-door garage and glass front door.

The sides of the house leave enough room for grass, plants, and flowers to complement the beautiful white walls. 

20. Simple Bungalow Design With Garden

Simple Bungalow Design With Garden

If your dream home is a beautiful bungalow with a nice lawn, then this is an idea you need to explore. 

It features a traditional white wall and a dark gray roof that gives a simple elegance.  Its easy access outdoor garage and pathways make each part easy to get to.

21. White Wall With Black Accessories 

White Wall With Black Accessories 

You could have this massive stone castle on Bloxburg if it is your dream home.  Those high stone walls offer elegance unlike any other option, and the white contrasts with the black roof to bring amazing beauty.

The concrete driveway is easy to maintain, and the natural surroundings give it a serene vibe.

22. Modern White Mansion Concept

Modern White Mansion Concept

If this mansion isn’t living the dream, then nothing is.  It is a large area with a huge building in the background and sitting areas all around the property.  The huge glass window at the entrance is the centerpiece of an absolute marvel of architecture. 

23. Simple Suburb Home Concept

Simple Suburb Home Concept

Sometimes all you need is a beautiful front lawn to welcome you into a nice home, which is what this design is all about.  The house features iconic large windows that make it more beautiful.  

Mixing white, gray, and black colors creates a contrast that produces elegance and beauty in this simple design.

24. Hillside Two Storey Modern Design

Hillside Two Storey Modern Design

A house by the hill is a dream for many people, and this design is well-suited to make that dream come true.  With one side being low than the rest, this is an ideal choice to use for hilly terrain to build an amazing home.  

25. Two Storey Concrete House Idea

Two Storey Concrete House Idea

This is a nice idea that seems to have come from a gated community pamphlet; you can have it.  It offers easy access with a big pathway all around the property.  The grass lawns and vegetation ensure enough vegetation for a serene end to your day.

26. Bloxburg White Mansion Idea

Bloxburg White Mansion Idea

Follow a white driveway into the most beautiful white house you ever saw.  It features traditional white walls and gray roofing that give a gorgeous look.  The architecture is inspiring and can be a crowning part of your day.

27. Fairytale Mansion Concept 

Fairytale Mansion Concept 

This mansion looks like something from a Disney fairytale, and it can come to life thanks to Bloxburg. 

It features a medieval design concept that makes it merge with nature in the background, amazingly making it a solid choice for most fantasy fans.

28. Classic Two-Story Bloxburg Mansion

Classic Two-Story Bloxburg Mansion

This is an elegant choice that can be ideal for many people.  The two-story building has numerous rooms and a gorgeous view of its environs. 

The front lawn leaves space for trees, grass, and flowers to give the final touch of nature you need to make it a home.

29. Dark Themed Traditional House Design 

Dark Themed Traditional House Design 

This is an ideal design option for someone that isn’t fond of bright colors.  This house has dark walls and roofing, with only white window frames.  This traditional stone house is a beautiful option complemented by well-kept vegetation.

30. Amazing Design Multi Story House 

Amazing Design Multi Story House 

White is an amazing choice for a house color, and this majestic house has used it in all the right places.  

The above-ground swimming pool and creative array of staircases make this one of the most visually appealing options on this list. 

31. Black White And Brown Traditional House Design

Black White And Brown Traditional House Design

This traditional house design features white, brown, and black colors to create a beautiful contrasting pattern.  It has a nice suburban design that will be easy to build and maintain.

32. All White Paradise

All White Paradise

Elegance does not go much further than this gorgeous house design.  The pool area has a sitting space surrounded by water and in the background of a massive, majestic concrete and glass house that is sure to leave an impression. 

33. Poolside Bloxburg Paradise

Poolside Bloxburg Paradise

This majestic house is the pinnacle of creative design and has everything you need.  You get a good design, a pool, and plants all around.  It is a large structure, but it will be worth the effort with all its grandeur and perks.

34. Black Modern Décor With Sitting Area

Black Modern Décor With Sitting Area

Modern house designs can be quite breathtaking, as this concept proves.  It features a sitting area at the front with a fireplace. 

The house has large glass windows and doors that give it additional elegance, making it stand out from the list.

35. Unique Design Two Story Concept

Unique Design Two Story Concept

The final item on our list is one of the most impressive with its unique design.  It is a unique two-story building with large window panes on the front and a balcony on the side.  The thick grass and plants on the sides give the house a natural and homey feel. 


Hopefully, this article has given you some of the best Bloxburg exterior ideas, and you are better positioned to start your design.  

Bloxburg houses are an amazing way to come up with beautiful houses whose designs you could adopt in creating your home.

The design comes down to personal preferences and what you need.  You can build anything from a simple traditional cottage to a massive mansion with swimming pools and other accessories.  Bloxburg is the homebuilder’s paradise. 

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