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Perfume Organizer Ideas

 31 Perfume Organizer Ideas: Get Your Perfume In Order 

You might need some perfume organizer ideas to stay neat when expanding your fragrance choices. Perfumes can change how you feel and present yourself in public places. 

There are many perfume brands, and you might own several to have a sweet fragrance blend. The only problem with owning many perfume bottles is knowing how to organize them. 

But don’t worry; we got you covered. In this article, we’ll take you through 31 perfume organizer ideas to get your dresser room looking neat.

1. Cake Stand 

Cake Stand 

This perfume organizer idea is for those who love simplicity in their dresser room. A cake stand provides ample space where you can place all your perfume. However, it is good to know that a cake stand is suitable for you if you have a few perfume bottles. 

It is just enough to organize little perfume bottles. You can go through it whenever you dress up and decide how you want to smell for the day. 

2. Rotating Perfume Organizer

Rotating Perfume Organizer

Do you want a classy way to organize your perfume? This perfume organizer idea might be your ideal. It features a large tower-like glass with shelves for you to place your expensive fragrances. 

The organizer is perfect for placing all your perfume bottles. It also rotates, which means you can fully control how you use your perfumes. 

3. Perfume Rack

Perfume Rack

This perfume organizer idea might fit you perfectly if you have a smaller dresser. It involves having a small rack where you can arrange your perfume bottles. 

You can place the rack anywhere, even on your desktop. The rack is so easy to maintain and arrange perfume on. You have to place it on top, and that’s it. 

4. Baroque Perfume Wall Frame

Baroque Perfume Wall Frame

If you would love to turn your fragrance into fine art, try this perfume organizer idea. Some perfume brands are a symbol of luxury due to their expensive nature. And in that case, you cannot just store them anywhere. 

The baroque perfume wall frame is perfect for storing your expensive perfumes. You can attach it to the wall of your dresser room and neatly arrange the perfumes on the shelves. 

5. Mini Perfume Display Cabinet

Mini Perfume Display Cabinet

Sometimes all you need to organize your perfumes is a small display cabinet. This perfume display can be a perfect gift for moms. She can have all her perfumes there neatly arranged. It can fit all perfume bottles, including long ones. 

6. Command Shelves

Command Shelves

If you only have a few perfume bottles, command shelves will do you great. You can neatly arrange them by placing them on top of the command shelf inside your dresser room. You can increase the size of the command shelf if you have more large bottles. 

7. 3-tier Perfume Tray 

3-tier Perfume Tray 

This perfume organization idea involves a clear acrylic that will allow you to view your sweet fragrances from every angle. 

It also has enough surface to ensure that your perfume stays perfectly. It will look good on top of a make-up table. 

8. Acrylic Wood Perfume Display Shelf

Acrylic Wood Perfume Display Shelf

This idea features a new AA acrylic and a rising wooden shelf. It not only looks amazing, but it is also durable. 

It brings out a wonderful blend of color, bringing a classical look to your dresser room. You could also add some LED lighting to make it look like a masterpiece. 

9. Perfume Tray 

Perfume Tray 

Sometimes all you need to organize your perfume is a tray and nothing more. Just place them there, and it will all look good. This Perfume organizer idea is perfect for big and small dresser rooms. 

It will only take a small portion of the room and is the easiest to implement. 

10. Two Tier Perfume Tray 

Two Tier Perfume Tray

This perfume organizer idea involves a decorative metal double-layer vanity dish. It will wonderfully serve you if you have small perfume bottles. It can also be a perfect gift to your friends or loved ones.  

11. Antique Rotating Vanity Perfume Organizer

Antique Rotating Vanity Perfume Organizer

It is yet another way to organize your perfume. It rotates, giving you easy access to all your perfumes. 

It is easy to arrange all your perfumes on it, and it also looks good on the home décor. Keep your perfumes organized with this antique rotating vanity perfume organizer. 

12. Crystal Tray 

Crystal Tray 

Another traditional way of organizing your perfume is using a crystal tray. It is perfect for your home décor and will also be perfect for your few perfumes. The glass and metal rings around the crystal make it so gorgeous and visually appealing. 

13. Crystal Perfume Box

Crystal Perfume Box

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant way to organize your perfume? Try the perfume box. This perfume organizer idea features a box with drawers from which you can organize your perfumes. It also has crystal knobs perfect for your home décor. 

The small box can fit beside your bed or your dresser room. Where you decide to place your perfume box is directly up to you. 

14. 4 Tier Perfume Tray 

4 Tier Perfume Tray 

Unlike other perfume trays, the four-tier perfume tray gives you more room to organize your perfumes. It is perfect for your dresser, and it will bring out a decorative look that is visually appealing. 

The acrylic also looks quite expensive and wonderful. You can view your perfume collection from any angle, ensuring that you sequentially use them. 

15. Desktop Perfume Storage Shelf

Desktop Perfume Storage Shelf.

This perfume organizer idea involves a sleek and stylish acrylic shelf with two metal stands. The design looks so simple, yet it looks amazing. 

The double shelf means that you get more storage to organize your perfume. It will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom or dresser room.  

16. Decorative Glass Vanity Tray For Perfume 

Decorative Glass Vanity Tray For Perfume 

It is a wonderful glass for you to organize all your sweet fragrances. This idea is best for those who want to look elegant and stylish at the same time. Not only will you smell nice, but also feel comfortable looking at your perfumes neatly arranged. 

Sweet fragrances call for neatness, which is what this decorative tray offers. If you have a few perfume bottles and want a neat place, try them out. 

17. Roller Ball Perfume Organizer

Roller Ball Perfume Organizer

If your perfume collection mainly consists of rollerballs, then this perfume organizer idea will interest you. It involves a holder with small spaces where your small bottles of roller ball perfumes are. It takes up quite a small space and can contain plenty of perfume bottles.

Since it is small, it will look good in any place in the house, including the dresser room and the bathroom. The holder consists of high-quality crystalline acrylic that is beautiful and stylish. 

18. 2 Tier Bathroom Perfume Organizer Countertop 

2 Tier Bathroom Perfume Organizer Countertop

It is the perfect perfume organizer idea for your bathroom. It features a modern and simple design which is what most people desire. This perfume organizer is the one to bring that elegant accent that you always desire at home. 

This perfume organizer can also be perfect for the dresser room. Besides perfumes, you can also have your make-up and other cosmetics in this tray. 

19. Birdcage Perfume Organizer 

Birdcage Perfume Organizer 

This idea will blow your mind if you are a big fan of the bird’s kingdom. Say hello to the birdcage perfume organizer. The idea involves taking a birdcage and turning it into a perfume organizer. 

It looks good and brings out a sense of creativity in the household. It lays out a cute perfume organization in your dresser room that you will love to look at. 

20. Glass Perfume Box

Glass Perfume Box

When it comes to your best luxury perfumes, special care is what you crave. What is a better way of treating your best perfumes than having them in a special glass box? 

It will always remind you of how special you feel when people react to your nice smell. If you always want that, you should try this perfume organizer idea. 

21. Glass Wall Storage Shelves For Perfumes

Glass Wall Storage Shelves For Perfumes

This perfume organizer idea is for those who want a solid solution to organizing their perfumes. The glass storage is mounted to the wall and has some metal frames to increase its durability. 

It is easy to have a nice all-around view of your perfumes, and you can store as many perfumes as the storage can allow. It looks incredible and very modern. Try it out if you love it. 

22. Perfume Treasure Box

Perfume Treasure Box

If your luxury perfumes make you feel special, you should treasure them. This perfume organizer idea is for those who deeply connect with their sweet fragrances. It involves a replica of a treasure box, just like that from treasure hunt movies. 

The box consists of glass and metal; you can only open it with a special key. The box looks really good, and you can organize your perfume. You can also gift the person you love with this box. It can be the best thing that will ever happen to them in their entire life. 

23. Apothecary Travelling Box

Apothecary Travelling Box

Are you a vintage person? If you are, then this perfume organizer idea will amaze you. This idea is associated with using a 1790 Apothecary traveling box. The mahogany and brass box comes with a drawer in front of it. 

You can use both the upper and lower parts to organize your perfumes. The box looks great and will make your sweet fragrances look like a masterpiece. 

24. Two Leg Glass Cake Stand

Two Leg Glass Cake Stand

Unlike other cake stands, this one is a little special. It is a little larger, providing more room to organize your perfume. It is more stable, and it adds simplicity to the house. It is perfect for bathrooms and dresser rooms. 

25. Chandelier Perfume Organizer

Chandelier Perfume Organizer

If you want the ultimate perfume organizer, you ought to try this idea. It involves a glass-like chandelier where you can organize all your perfumes. The idea is also perfect for you if you have plenty of perfume bottles you would like to organize. 

26. Decorative Wall Covering Shelf

Decorative Wall Covering Shelf

This perfume organizer idea is for those who are into modern living. You can have your perfumes on unique wall coverings in the design of your choice. They look gorgeous, and they are perfect for your dresser room.  

27. Ceiling Mounted French Bistro Display 

Ceiling Mounted French Bistro Display 

Sometimes, the tools in the kitchen are best for making the perfect perfume organizer. It provides enough space to organize your perfumes and looks elegant. 

28. State Of The Art Luxury Perfume Organizer

State Of The Art Luxury Perfume Organizer

If you love art like displays, then you will love this idea. It involves a special stand where you can place all your luxurious perfumes. It looks expensive and is perfect for standing in the middle of your walking dresser room. 

29. Hexagonal Shelves 

Hexagonal Shelves 

If you love honey, then you would love this idea. It involves having hexagonal shelves where you can organize your perfumes. 

It looks fantastic, and just like honeycombs, it is expandable. Therefore, you can expand it by having more perfume bottles to organize. 

30. Luxury Perfume Display Case

Luxury Perfume Display Case

This idea is perfect for those who want to organize their perfumes for display. The case has some spaces where they can show off their perfume. You can add some LED lighting to add some glamor to your well-organized perfume display. 

31. Perfume Closet

Perfume Closet

Just like your clothes closet, you can also have your perfume closet. It is wonderful for organizing all your perfume bottles. 

This idea will blend in perfectly in your dresser room. You can now open your dresser to decide what to wear and smell for the day.  


Armed with our 31 creative perfume organizer ideas, you can now organize your perfumes with no limits. Some ideas might be costly, but they will put a smile on your face whenever you look at them. 

It is always good to take time and figure out which idea is perfect for you. Make sure the idea you go for can serve you both now and in the future. Nonetheless, there is something for everyone to keep perfume bottles organized.  

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