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What Do You Call A Baby Cow? Life Of A Baby Cow 

What Do You Call A Baby Cow

Cows are one of the most widely used agricultural animals in the world. They are mainly used as livestock for meat, milk, manure, and skin for leather production.  Cows usually give birth to one child about nine months after mating, but twins are conceivable. These animals are reared mostly for …

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Dog Ate Chocolate Cupcake Wrapper: Read The Possible Outcome

Your dog ate chocolate cupcake wrapper, and you’re terrified that something terrible might happen. It’s normal for dog owners to feel that way towards their canine friends. After all, both of you have built a solid relationship over the years. But before you panic and hurt yourself in the process, …

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What Is A Baby Whale Called? What You Need To Know

Do you know that the Antarctic blue whale is the largest sea mammal on the planet? This remarkable creature weighs approximately 400,000 pounds, which is equivalent to 28 adult male elephants. And it reaches 100 feet in length. In addition, whales are warm-blooded, just like humans. And interestingly, they look …

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What Is A Group Of Giraffes Called? Things You Need To Know 

What Is A Group Of Giraffes Called

If you have ever been to the zoo, chances are you have seen a giraffe. This gentle-looking, super attractive mammal boasts only four distinct species and five subspecies.  The four species are the Northern giraffe (G. Camelopardalis), Masai giraffe (G. Tippelskirchi), Reticulated giraffe (G. Reticulata), and the Southern Giraffe called …

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What Is A Group Of Hawks Called? The Wonders Of Nature

What Is A Group of Hawks Called

Hawks are medium-sized diurnal birds. You can find them in almost every part of the world, except in the Antarctica region.  Interestingly, these birds are solitary and enjoy living in isolation. But occasionally, they live together and exist as social animals. Now, here’s the question.  What is a group of …

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Are Butterflies Bug Or Animals? The Classic Debate

Are Butterflies Bug or Animals

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures to exist. Their queer features make curious minds wonder what kind of creature they are in reality.  We often get confused between the words ‘bugs’ and ‘animals’ and if they mean the same thing or not. This confusion leads us to ponder …

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