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Dog Ate Chocolate Cupcake Wrapper: Read The Possible Outcome

Your dog ate chocolate cupcake wrapper, and you’re terrified that something terrible might happen. It’s normal for dog owners to feel that way towards their canine friends. After all, both of you have built a solid relationship over the years.

But before you panic and hurt yourself in the process, here’s what you need to know. Dogs are fond of eating diverse foreign materials. You’re just so fortunate to discover that yours have eaten a chocolate cupcake wrapper.

These scenarios mostly happen when people leave freshly baked and already wrapped cupcakes within their dog’s reach. And since humans can’t resist the smell and taste of a freshly baked cupcake, don’t expect dogs to do the same.

But the major question now is what would happen if the dog gobbles up the cupcake and wrapper? This post provides a detailed guide on what you need to know on this subject. Keep reading!

What Can Possible Happen If Dog Ate Chocolate Cupcake Wrapper? 

You’re worried that your canine friend could die because of the wrapper it swallowed. By the way, you should also worry about the cupcake. Don’t you think so? Why? Cupcake may also pose a severe hazard for your canine friend.

Now, let’s go back to the wrapper. If the dog in question is big, nothing should scare you that much. The tiny wrapper will pass through the dog’s gut within 48 to 72 hours.

However, if the dog is small, please visit your vet without hesitation. The wrapper may cause blockage, choking, and obstruction of the dog’s intestine, which may cause the avoidable to happen.

Regardless of your dog’s size, keep in mind that it’s common for dogs to experience diarrhea whenever they ingest foreign objects. So, if you find your dog having diarrhea or stomach upset after consuming the wrapper, know it’s only a matter of time before it stops.

It’s also best to play detective at this point, whether your dog is large or small. Keep an eye on the dog for a considerable period. Why? You’ll only know if the wrapper or chocolate cupcake the dog ate is causing a problem through careful observation.

We’ll discuss possible signs of stomach obstruction in this article. Keep reading.

Dog Ate Chocolate Cupcake Wrapper: When Should You Be Worried?

It’s improbable for a big dog to die because it ate cupcake wrappers. The foreign objects should leave the dog’s system in two to four days, and you may not even know that the dog had a cupcake wrapper in its system unless it starts acting sick.

But please, never fold your arms or not do anything if your dog ate cupcake wrappers. Though rare, a dog could die from eating cupcake wrappers. It usually happens when there’s obstruction or blockage in the dog’s gut.

Now, when should you be deeply worried if your dog ate a chocolate cupcake wrapper? Well, that should be when your canine friend starts showing signs related to gut blockage.

Here are some of the signs:

  • Vomiting
  • Poor appetite
  • Lethargy (lack of energy)
  • Can’t keep water down

All these should indicate that you and your canine friend should be heading to the veterinary doctor’s office for immediate medical examination and treatment.

At this point, a delay could prove fatal for your dog. Just take the dog to the vet immediately.

Can A Dog Digest Chocolate Cupcake Wrapper?

There are claims of some wrappers being digestible. Please, don’t pay attention to all that. Firstly, know that there’s no way dogs can digest cupcake wrappers. The best they can do is to pass the wrappers, as they are, after a few days.

Furthermore, the type of wrapper the dog ate also plays a crucial role. If your dog ate a paper wrapper, then you don’t have much to worry about. Paper wrappers don’t pose major risks to dogs, particularly bigger canines.

However, please keep in mind that paper wrappers aren’t entirely safe. Though relatively rare, paper wrappers can cause your dog to choke.

On the other hand, if your dog had eaten a foil wrapper, you should be very concerned. Why? Foil wrappers pose a severe risk to dogs.

A Handy Tip: Be mindful of the type of cupcake wrapper you store within your dog’s reach. Keep foil cupcake wrappers out of your dog’s or other pet’s reach. And note the kind of wrapper the dog swallowed so you can react accordingly.

Silicone cupcake wrappers are like foil cupcake wrappers, as both can block a dog’s intestine when ingested.

Please note cupcake itself poses a serious health risk for your dog, thanks to the fat, chocolate, and sugar it contains. Xylitol is another component in cupcakes that can be highly toxic to your dog.

So, even if the dog manages to survive the wrapper it ate, it might not have it easy with the cupcake in its stomach.

What To Do If Your Dog Ate A Chocolate Cupcake Wrapper

Your dog has just consumed one of the cupcakes you made. It did consume the cupcake together with the wrapper, leaving you more terrified than you have ever been for the past months.

Now, should you be terrified? Yes! Every dog owner would be. Besides, as a dog owner, you must keep your canine friend safe. But this isn’t a time to show how afraid you’re. It’s a time to be more observant to ensure nothing goes wrong with your canine friend.

Here are things you need to do if your dog ate a wrapper, whether it’s one made of silicone, paper, or foil.

Tip#1: Pay close attention to your dog:

You have to be more observant for a couple of days. If you can, please spend more time with the dog for the few days you’re going to be observing it.

Your focus should be if the dog is showing any sign of discomfort or pain. Ask yourself these questions; what’s the dog’s breathing pattern? Is the dog breathing too fast or abnormally, or is it struggling to breathe or breathing heavily? Does your furry friend appear to be choking or have pale gum? Is it vomiting?

Please rush the dog to the veterinary doctor’s office for proper examination and treatment if you observe any of the above signs.

If you didn’t observe any irregularity and see that your dog looks normal, please proceed to the next step.

A Handy Tip:  If you’re going to be busy the whole time, and you know you won’t have the time to keep watch over the dog, get someone to do it. The person could be your friend, child, spouse, neighbor, or relative.

Tip#2: Start the cleanup process:

Now is not the time to start beating yourself up. It’s time to act. It would be dangerous to allow the remnant of the chocolate cupcake wrapper, baking tools, and other things you know would be hazardous for your furry friend, to be within your pet’s reach.

Dogs are smart and intelligent. But there’s no guarantee that they won’t go back and eat the wrapper left within their reach.

So, make an effort to get rid of the remnant of the wrappers. And remember, your dog can still access your trash can. So, ensure you don’t dump the wrappers there. Or better still, you can move your trash somewhere the dogs can’t get to.

Tip#3: Make sense of the whole incident:

Though the unexpected has happened, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t piece details of what happened, together. The first question you need to ask yourself is how did the dog get to the cupcakes?

If you can find the correct answer to this question, you can prevent a similar incident from happening in the future. The next question you should ask is how many cupcakes were there before the ugly incident occurred? With this, you’ll understand how many cupcakes the dog ate and deduce the extent of the danger the dog is in.

The next question is the type of wrapper in use. Is it foil, paper, or silicone wrapper? Again, knowing this will give you a better idea of the danger your furry friend is in.

Furthermore, try to understand how your dog consumed the wrapper. Did the dog swallow the whole wrapper or chewed it before swallowing? And finally, what ingredients are in the cupcake?

If you have a list of the ingredients used, find out if any of them is toxic to the dog. If you can send the dog to a vet, it would be much better.

Tip#4: Visit your vet:

In the first step, we discussed the need to observe the dog before taking action.

In step three, we discussed the importance of information gathering. If you have accurate information on what transpired, you’ll be able to provide accurate details to the vet and save your dog’s life.


What would happen if a dog ate a chocolate cupcake wrapper? Well, anything can happen. If the dog is big, it might be able to excrete the wrappers in two days or more. But if a puppy ate the wrapper, please take the dog to the vet without hesitation.

Wrappers can be harmful to your furry friend, though it depends on the type of wrappers in use. Foil and silicone wrappers are more of a threat than paper wrappers, though the latter can cause choking.

The cupcake is another thing you should be concerned about, as it might contain ingredients that could be harmful to your dog. So, if your dog consumes wrapper and cupcake, endeavor to take action. You’ll find tips on what to do in this post.

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