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Do Planeswalkers Have Summoning Sickness

Do Planeswalkers Have Summoning Sickness? Here’s What You Need To Know

Planeswalkers are one of the most influential cards in Magic. They vary from regular Magic cards, you know. They also act as extra players in the game.

Just like any other card, you can shuffle planeswalker cards into your deck at the start of the game.

Then, during the main phase of your turn, you can cast a spell. Because Planeswalker is a permanent card, it enters the battlefield under your control when the spell resolves.

The unofficial game rule that prevents creatures from attacking as soon as they enter the battlefield is known as summoning sickness. 

Now to the crucial question!

Do Planeswalkers have summoning sickness?

No, Planeswalkers do not have summoning sickness because they’re not creatures. 

However, if they turn into creatures on their first turn, they may have summoning sickness. For instance, Gideon of the Trials is a planeswalker that can transform into a creature. Therefore, he can have summoning sickness as soon as he hits the battlefield, just like any other creature.

You’ve probably heard of Planeswalkers. But, how many are there in total? What exactly do they do? If you need answers to these questions on Planeswalkers, then this article got you covered. So, read on!

The Abilities Of Planeswalkers

A planeswalker loses its loyalty counters when it’s under attack from combat, spells, or abilities. 

The number on the bottom right corner of the card represents the Planeswalker’s “loyalty.” A planeswalker goes into the battlefield with its many loyalty counters. 

But, if the loyalty counters reduce to zero, it is banished to its owner’s graveyard.

They have abilities that you can activate. A planeswalker, on the other hand, can only use one of their abilities every turn.

Activating a Planeswalker’s abilities comes with a cost! That is adding or removing loyalty counters from your Planeswalker’s deck. 

How To Fight Planeswalkers

You can decide whether your Planeswalker attacks an opponent. However, this opponent may declare blockers if their Planeswalker is under attack. 

If you control a spell that can damage an opponent, you may use it instead of attacking the Planeswalker your opponent controls.

What Is The Highest Number Of Planeswalkers That You Can Have In A Game?

In your deck, you can have as many planeswalker permanents as you choose!

It may hurt your head trying to keep track of 100 passive and loyalty skills, but it’s all in good fun. The only setback is that you can’t play two planeswalker cards at the same time.

How You Can Handle Planeswalkers

Even if you haven’t yet played a Planeswalker game, you see them regularly on Arena or in your peer group.

When you’re new to the game, you might feel unready to tackle your opponents’ cards. Unfortunately, this confirms that the game requires specific tactics to deal with them.

You can follow the four strategies below to handlePlaneswalkers in a play.

Go after them:

They are known to lose all their loyalty if they are under attack from creatures. This trick is one of the best tricks for you if you prefer playing aggressive creature-based decks.

However, it may be challenging to decide whether to damage a planeswalker or to strike their controller.

Use removal spells:

Planeswalkers are vulnerable to several spells removal in Magic. For instance, removal spells like the one in Murderous Rider. This removal spell is known as Swift End half and can target a permanent or any Planeswalker.

Please make use of counterspells:

Counterspells can keep them from entering the battlefield. You can target Planeswalkers with counterspells such as Devin’s Veto or Negate.

Do not pay attention to them:

If you ignore your opponent’s strongest card, it may seem counterintuitive. However, you will get a reward for concentrating instead of lowering your opponent’s life total.

After all, if your opponent loses in the play, they can’t activate their Planeswalkers!

Are Planeswalkers Creatures?

No, Planeswalkers aren’t creatures at all. Instead, they are a distinct type of permanent with entirely different rules. As a result, most Planeswalkers do not attack unless you animate them into creatures by spells or abilities. Instead, they can only “be attacked.” 

However, some can transform into creatures like Planeswalker Gideon or Sarkhan the Masterless. 

Planeswalkers like Chandra can cause a great deal of “attack” on an opponent by using damage abilities to target them.

List Of Famous Planeswalkers

Some of the Planeswalkers people have been watching for a long time are still alive. Here’s a list of familiar Planeswalkers, paired with their unique personalities.

Nicol Bolas:

You must have been following a real bad Nicol for a long time. Bolas is one of Magic’s most terrible Planeswalkers’ guys. 

You may be familiar with him from the MTG Arena new player tutorial as the “boss” you face—and finally, defeat.


Powerful PlaneswalkerJace may not be your usual favorite. However, he is well known for who he is. Jace sticks through the game, for better or worse!

Chandra Nalaar:

She’s got a fly-off-the-handle-quickly personality. However, she’s good at heart. Her trademark flame locks and Pyromancer Goggles fit her character well.

Liliana Vess:

She’s a self-centered yet beautiful lady who often switches sides. She began serving Nicol Bolas but eventually changed her mind. 

She wanted to sacrifice herself to save Ravnica and probably the entire universe.


She’s always mindful of nature and its preservation. Nissa is a self-proclaimed defender of Zendikar. She’s got a straight-line link and badass sidekicks.

How To Add Planeswalkers To Your Collections

Obtaining planeswalker cards in Arena isn’t as difficult as it may appear. The steps are relatively straightforward. You can follow us any of the options below if you would like to get them on MTG Arena.

Option 1:

Open them in batches. If you’re wondering how to obtain packs, there are several options. You may get some for free by using promo codes. 

You can also buy them with gold or gems in the Arena store. Furthermore, you can earn them by playing the game or participating in events.

Option 2:

Craft a planeswalker card. You can craft some wildcards to make planeswalker cards or any other card.

Option 3:

You can get Planeswalkers cards from the codes provided in a promo or official products.

Unique Abilities Of Planeswalkers

Planeswalkers have a mana cost, type and name like every other Magic card. However, they have some extra features that you need to be familiar with.

These features include: 

Static abilities:

Most Planeswalkers have static abilities that they use while on the battleground Consider PlaneswalkerUgin: “Colorless spells are less expensive to cast.” 

Your colorless spells will be two loyalty cheaper as long as Ugin is on the frontline. This ability is sometimes called “passive.”

Minus abilities:

The loyalty counters on your Planeswalker’s loyalty are removed when you use these abilities.

Ugin has a minus ability of -3. The-3 means that 3 counters are subtracted from his overall loyalty when the power is used. 

Note that your Planeswalkers cannot have negative loyalty when their abilities are used up. Therefore, they must have loyalty counters equivalent to the ability you intend to activate.

Ultimate abilities:

The most critical strategy for your Planeswalker is the “ultimate” ability. 

It always has an ability of minus with a cost of any integer below zero to the range of -14. An example is when you make use of Ashiok with an ultimate of -11. This ability removes 11 counters from its overall loyalty. 

Ashiok needs at least 11 loyalty counters to utilize its ultimate, just like the second ability; minus. Ultimate abilities have a lot of splashy powers that typically translate to “you smash the game.”

Tips For Using Planeswalkers

You can follow these three magical tips to use Planeswalkers. 

Ensure you build your deck to match your Planeswalker’s themes and colors:

A planeswalker in the right deck is a winning game. So, you should also make sure the Planeswalkers fit into your deck perfectly. 

Some Planeswalkers like Chandra, the Firebrand, work in all sorts of decks. However, some like Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded, must be built with the deck from the start.

Learn to use all Planeswalkers abilities and angles:

One of the best examples is Sorin Markov. Sorin’s minus ability can save your life in a pinch and brings a player with a high life total into burn spell range.

Be familiar with survival tactics:

It isn’t easy to keep Planeswalkers alive, especially if your opponent anticipates your attack. 

Before you cast your Planeswalker, make sure you have creatures ready to block. It’s also worth noting that a Planeswalker can help you stay alive by diverting your opponents’ attention away from your life total.


Planeswalkers are handy cards to have in your Magic collection and decks.

A creature can only attack if it has been under the control of its player. This attack can be since the beginning of their most recent turn. This rule is known as “summoning sickness.”

Since Planeswalkers are not creatures, then they do not have summoning sickness. Hence, a planeswalker can only “be attacked” and not “attack” unless you animate it into a creature by a spell or ability.

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