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Why Most People Believe Habitat For Humanity Is Bad

Do you know why Habitat for Humanity is bad? Or are people attacking the organization’s reputation for no reason? If you’re here to know why people are ditching Habitat for Humanity (HFH), don’t skip this post.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization with a presence in local communities across all 50 states in the United States of America and over 70 countries. The organization’s mandate is to make low-income families’ dream of becoming a homeowner a reality.

Shelter is one of the necessities of life. You can’t start a family without a roof over your head. Homeless people face more challenges when they have kids.

Lack of shelter can cause mental health challenges. Being happy, healthy, confident, or safe without shelter isn’t easy.

Habitat for Humanity has been helping low-income families in the United States of America and over 70 counties secure shelter. They don’t just help people find a place to live but offer a route to become a homeowner. That’s how they have been operating since 1976.

Lately, people have been ditching HFH for several reasons! Check them out.

A Summary of Why Habitat For Humanity Is Bad

Here are the reasons many people don’t consider HFH homes to be an excellent option to end
their homelessness:

 Habitat for Humanity homes aren’t free
 Not everyone qualifies for the HFH affordable housing program
 You cannot renovate HFH homes for a given period
 You cannot sell an HFH property without informing the organization
 Homeowners must perform sweat equity
 You cannot determine the building specification
 Habitat for Humanity’s mortgage is similar to banks’

What Habitat For Humanity Is

Before discussing why Habitat for Humanity is bad , let’s talk about what the organization is all about.

Habitat for Humanity, also called Habitat for Humanity International, is a not-for-profit and non- governmental organization founded in 1976 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Additionally, Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization founded by Millard Fuller and Linda Fuller. The organization aims to get rid of the poverty of housing by making low-income
families homeowners.

Habitat for Humanity (HFH) currently boasts partners worldwide and builds homes in 70 different countries. Here’s a quick look at the regions where they operate, in no particular order.

 Asia
 Canada
 Africa
 Europe
 The Pacific
 Middle East
 United States of America
 Caribbean and Latin America

The vision of this global not-for-profit housing organization is to have a world where everyone can have a decent shelter to call their own. They operate in the 50 states of the United States of

Why Most Individuals Believe Habitat For Humanity Is Bad

Being a faith-based nonprofit organization whose mandate is to help the poor land a decent home, Habitat for Humanity needs to project a positive image. Over the years, a handful of people have had nothing but weird things to say about the organization.

So, why do most people believe that Habitat for Humanity is a terrible nonprofit housing organization?

Reason#1: HFH homes aren’t free as most people thought: 

Firstly, many believe that HFH (Habitat for Humanity) gives families free homes when it’s all a myth. So, hearing that it’s not free is the reason most people feel disappointed at the organization.

In the real sense, a family seeking a Habitat home qualifies for a no interest and no down payment mortgage. This allows individuals to purchase their homes from HFH at a reasonable market value.

So, HFH doesn’t give homes for free. You have to qualify and work for it.

Reason#2: Not everyone qualifies for HFH homes:

The truth is, being poor doesn’t qualify you to own an HFH house. You have to meet specific criteria. Most people don’t like the idea that the not-for-profit organization uses certain factors to qualify interested candidates. They want HFH to offer homes to everyone in need, which isn’t visible.

Now, the question is, who is qualified to apply for an HFH house? There are various criteria. For up-to-date information, reach out to the closest affiliate and inquire about their application process.

However, the general requirement is to work or live around the organization’s service area. You can’t be in Florida and apply for an HFH home in New York. It’s not possible or going to work out.

Additionally, another criterion is your median income. You must be earning somewhere around 30 to 80 percent of the HFH region’s median income. Plus, you must be ready to pay your mortgage and be willing to partner with the organization.

So, why would people consider HFH a bad option if they can make you a homeowner? As you might have discovered, securing an HFH’s home is a little demanding. But it’s worth it.

Reason#3: You cannot determine your proposed building’s specifications: 

Many people want a home built to their taste. If you’re one of such persons, Habitat for Humanity (HFH) isn’t for you. But that doesn’t mean HFH homes aren’t decent, require low maintenance, and contain basic amenities. They do.

However, don’t get your hopes high. HFH homes aren’t packed with luxuries, as many would expect.

Reason#4: You can’t perform any major renovation in an HFH home:

One of the drawbacks of HFH homes is that they don’t allow homeowners to perform major renovations on their houses for a certain period (usually, 10 years or as stipulated by the Habitat for Humanity you’re dealing with).

So, if you’re ready to live in a decent apartment with only basic amenities, Habitat for Humanity homes are for you. But if you’re more interested in landing a house packed with luxuries and one where you can perform significant renovations at will, HFH isn’t for you.

Reason#5: Homeowners must perform sweat equity:

Sweat equity means volunteering to partner and work with HFH to build other homes. As a wannabe homeowner qualified for HFH’s housing program, sweat equity is one of the compulsory things you must do to secure your home.

The hours required for sweat equity varies. But according to Habitat for Humanity, homeowners are expected to work 60 hours every month. In total, you may end up spending somewhere between 200 to 500 hours. Minimum is 100 hours.

Most applicants see HFH’s sweat equity as a burden and lose interest in pursuing their application. But if you genuinely need a roof over your head and value the time other volunteers would put into building your new home, nothing should stop you from performing your sweat equity. It doesn’t matter if you are sawing boards and feeding them to other workers, or if you are welding metal frames with an aluminum welding machine.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that you may have to take homeowners and financial classes by HFH.

Reason#6: You have to notify Habitat for Humanity before selling their home:

Wait, it’s not what you think. Since you have satisfied all that HFH requires to own the house, it now belongs to you. However, when fortune smiles on you and you decide to move to a better apartment, you have to notify HFH before selling the house.

HFH has the right of first refusal. And if they accept to buy the house, they’ll do so at a reasonable price.

Reason#7: Habitat for Humanity Mortgage is similar to banks’

HFH mortgages are similar to how banks operate theirs. You’ll have a certain amount of time to pay up your mortgage. And once done, you automatically own the house.

However, HFH is quite different from banks in that they are not-for-profit and operate differently.

HFH offers 0 percent interest, which banks don’t allow.

Why Habitat of Humanity Is Good – The Pros

We have discussed why Habitat for Humanity is bad. Now, let’s also focus on the reasons why HFH is good. If you’re seeking an HFH home, the best thing to do is consider the pros and cons. That way, you can make an informed decision.

1: The results are visible:

Habitat for Humanity does what it was established to do: build and renovate homes for low-income families. And the organization has been doing it for over three decades.
Houses built by HFH are scattered across the United States of America and other parts of the world. So, critics, volunteers, supporters and members of the organization can see the results of their efforts to better the lives of others.

2: HFH Housing projects have a positive impact on the community:

Any program that addresses homelessness in a community is a massive and commendable project. It will restore sanity to society and make homeless people valuable.

Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing projects gets homeless people off the street and improves society. The security, health and well-being of beneficiaries also improve.

HFH contributes significantly to community development. Its housing project helps address a fundamental human need, leading to economic stability and educational opportunities for homeless people.

3: Habitat for Humanity is well-recognized:

Because HFH is a well-recognized organization, securing funding, volunteers, material donations, and media attention is a breeze. They have been operating for many decades and have proven to the world that they are trustworthy.
Habitat for Humanity’s brand awareness is massive. It is one of the reasons the organization has successfully acquired funding and support for their projects. According to HFH’s 2022 annual impact report, the organization has helped over 46 million people build and renovate their homes.

4: HFH’s mission is essential:

Shelter is one of the necessities of life. That is why Habitat for Humanity’s mission is so meaningful. The organization is getting people off the street, helping them take control over their lives.
The importance of HFH’s mission makes it easier for the organization to secure funding, genuine volunteers and advocates. It is also one of the reasons for the organization’s massive media support.

5: An attractive work environment:

Are you seeking a job at a not-for-profit organization? There’s a chance you’ll enjoy working at Habitat for Humanity.
You’ll feel fulfilled helping others with their home renovation or building. Another thing that sets HFH apart is their employee benefits.
The organization offers days off and holiday pay, which can contribute to employees’ well-being and job satisfaction. These benefits make Habitat for Humanity a great place to work.

6: Opportunity to work as volunteers:

Becoming a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity is one of the best decisions you will ever make. You’ll not only help people to secure shelter or renovate their homes without breaking the bank.
As a volunteer, you’ll get a chance to learn new skills and experience personal, including professional growth. The skills and experience you’ll acquire as a volunteer can make all the difference in your professional career.

Is Habitat For Humanity Active on Social Media?

Is Habitat For Humanity Active on Social Media

Source: Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is active on social media. The organization even has a Twitter account and constantly updates its followers with content regarding projects in progress and those completed.

The organization has a million followers on its Twitter account and has made thousands of tweets since joining the platform. Follow HFH’s Twitter handle for more updates about the organization’s activities.

Is Habitat For Humanity In Africa?

Habitat for Humanity is a global not-for-profit organization that operates in over 70 countries. The organization operates in sub-Saharan Africa, including Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Malawi and more.

Is Habitat For Humanity In Africa

What Habitat For Humanity Does

By now, you may have understood what HFH does. But let’s discuss more on that to clear the air.

Habitat for Humanity’s primary area of focus is shelter. The organization believes shelter shouldn’t be a problem for anyone at this moment in time.

So, what does Habitat for Humanity do? The not-for-profit organization assists individuals in repairing, building, and improving their homes.

So, whether you’re homeless, or looking to renovate your current apartment, Habitat for Humanity can come through for you. If you’re seeking to purchase a house via this organization, you should be ready to perform what they term as “sweat equity.”

This equity refers to hours of work a potential homeowner must commit to the construction of HFH homes. Future homeowners have to work alongside other volunteers and be ready to pay a mortgage, considered affordable.

So, Habitat for Humanity makes the construction of energy-efficient homes a breeze. They also provide sanitation and water solutions, mitigate dangers caused by disasters, and render support for housing microfinance loans.

Is Habitat for Humanity An Arm Of Government?

The answer is no. Habitat for Humanity isn’t an arm of government. Instead, they’re a non-for-profit Christian organization, established to help people find a place to call home.

Furthermore, Habitat for Humanity isn’t a member of any church. It’s also not owned by a specific church. It’s an independent organization with a specific modus-operandi.

It’s also important to explain that this organization accepts government funds, but on the condition that such funds won’t affect its capacity to proclaim its Christian witness. 

Is Habitat For Humanity Building Houses Only In Major Cities?

Habitat for Humanity’s major focus is to eradicate poverty housing. Millions of people around the world are homeless, and nothing could be worse than not having a place to call home. 

Habitat for Humanity works in major cities, rural areas and suburbs in both developing and highly developed countries. And because a lot of people are facing poverty housing, they work 365 days in the year. 

So there’s no truth in saying that Habitat for Humanity works or builds houses only in cities.    

Is Habitat For Humanity Houses Extravagant?

Unfortunately, Habitat houses are not extravagant. By the way, people living in a shack or run-down apartment shouldn’t be thinking of moving into extravagant apartments when they get help. Securing a roof over one’s head and ensuring the apartment is comfortable for the family should be the major priority. 

Habitat homes are comfortable. They build decent and simple homes. A family that has been living in a shack or homeless will experience significant improvement when they move into a Habitat home. 

Is Habitat for Humanity Offering Houses To Poor People?

The claim that Habitat for Humanity builds houses only for the poor is false. Habitat doesn’t build houses for a select group of people. Instead, it builds its houses with people in need and sells them to homeowners partners via a no-profit loan.

Habitat’s mortgage payments are reasonable for families unable to secure conventional financing. Why? The houses in question are built by volunteers. 

A Handy Tip: Habitat homeowners are low-income earners. Their income is within the range of 30 to 50 percent of the median income where they area. 

However, you must be ready to repay the favor HFH offered you via “sweat equity.”  This implies spending hundreds of hours alongside other employees, building HFH homes. The organization also requires homeowners to pay mortgage which is quite reasonable.

The good thing is, you’ll have a roof over your head. HFH will help you resolve your housing problem, so you can focus on reclaiming your life. The organization’s modus operandi may not appeal to most people. But the fact that they’re transparent and helping people land their dream home shows that they’re worth giving a shot. 


You have read why Habitat for Humanity is bad, including the organization’s good side.

Why is Habitat for Humanity bad? Like every organization, HFH has had its downside. But that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Many families have gotten a roof over their heads, thanks to the organization.

How HFH operates is one of the reasons many people claim they are bad. But the truth is, if you’re not comfortable with the organization’s modus operandi, there’s no point applying for a home. You can consider other options.

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