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Does Shampoo Expire? Read Now To Find Out

Does Shampoo Expire

Springtime cleaning your bathroom has always been on your to-do checklist for what seems like an eternity. You notice you still have several containers of old shampoos or unused shampoo bars after taking an assessment of your bathroom rack and bathroom drawers. But unfortunately, the expiration date of each shampoo …

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4 Ways Recovery Services Help To Deal With Substance Use

4 Ways Recovery Services Help To Deal With Substance Use

It is no secret that substance abuse ravages communities and destroys people’s lives and their families. Perhaps lesser known is that recovery services can help individuals and families deal with the aftermath of drug use. Reports state that around 19 percent of people have used illicit drugs. Recovery services for …

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Are Pharmacists Doctors? Similarities And Differences Explained

Are Pharmacists Doctors

Pharmacists and doctors can be hard to tell apart. They both wear white coats and may consult with patients as well. As such, many people can make mistakes between the two and end up in embarrassing situations. Are pharmacists doctors? Or are they different fields of work together? Pharmacists hold …

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Does Ice Cream Expire? What You Didn’t Know

Does Ice Cream Expire

Is ice cream good once it’s been frozen? That is a question that has plagued humankind for generations. Thankfully, we’ve come up with an answer! Of course, as in everything, there are a few exceptions that we’ll talk about later on. So don’t worry — you can breathe easy knowing …

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Does Champagne Expire? Let’s Find Out

Does Champagne Expire

There are two types of champagne. Vintage and non-vintage. Vintage champagne is made using grapes from a single harvest year and will age well for 5-10 years. Non-vintage champagne is blended from multiple years’ harvests and will age well for 3-4 years.  However, if you choose not to store your …

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Does Mouthwash Expire? Facts About Mouthwash

Does Mouthwash Expire

Mouthwash expiration is something that’s overlooked by many. It gets thrown into the back of our medicine cabinet, out of sight and mind. We use it when we’re sick to make our breath feel fresh and get rid of the mouth odor. But when do we need to use it? …

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How Do Protein Powders Work?

How Do Protein Powders Work

Protein is a macronutrient that is in building and maintaining the muscular structure. Unlike carbohydrates which are also macronutrients, proteins can’t be stored in the human body. Thus, persons wishing to bulk up their muscles must consume proteins constantly to refuel their protein supplies. Here is where protein powders become …

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Do Ramen Noodles Expire? Read This Before Eating Ramen

Do Ramen Noodles Expire

Ramen noodles have a long shelf life and typically come in a large package, which means they can be quite cost-effective. They are usually sold in packages to carry convenience and ease when purchasing. The food and grocery industries are filled with many people discussing whether ramen noodles expire. The …

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