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Commercial Auto Insurance When Do You Need It

Commercial Auto Insurance: When Do You Need It?

Businesses of all sizes need commercial auto insurance. While many people assume that bigger companies absorb most of the risks of the road, small business owners are in just as much danger. Here, we will review what is covered by commercial policies, how they differ from personal coverage, and why business owners in Massachusetts need it.

Commercial Auto Policies: What Do They Cover?

While they are similar in that they protect drivers from the financial losses associated with auto accidents, commercial auto policies are not the same as personal vehicle policies. If you need commercial auto insurance, consider what these policies cover before making a purchase decision.


Whether they occur because of poor weather or another driver’s distraction, accidents are inevitable. Commercial auto insurance helps business owners ensure their fleets are protected from the effects of collisions with objects or other vehicles. If you have commercial insurance, you won’t have to pay for repairs; they’ll be covered subject to the policy’s deductible.

Comprehensive Insurance

Falling tree branches, fires, theft, and vandalism are not always covered by conventional auto insurance policies, but they’re covered by almost all commercial policies. With the right insurance, your company’s vehicles will be covered no matter where they are.

Loading/Moving Coverage

A vehicle covered by a commercial auto insurance policy may be used to move expensive, heavy products and equipment. The loading, transportation, and unloading processes can also be covered. If, during the loading or unloading of a covered vehicle, an injury or property loss occurs, your company will be protected.

Medical Payments

Commercial auto insurance policies don’t just protect business owners. Medical payments coverage also protects team members who are hurt in accidents. If a worker is injured in a vehicular incident, they will receive covered medical care at no cost.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Sometimes covered under a personal policy, uninsured motorist coverage ensures that business owners won’t be held liable for personal injuries and property damage if they’re hit by someone who lacks insurance coverage. While Massachusetts has a low percentage of uninsured drivers, accidents still happen, and these policies provide protection from the unexpected.

When Do Business Owners Need Commercial Insurance?

Commercial auto policies are intended to protect companies from the risks of auto accident-related litigation. Whether it’s a traffic crash, an accident on a loading dock, or a stolen work vehicle, commercial auto insurance helps business owners recover financially. Read on to learn why these policies are so important.

Business owners have a lot of expenses. Providing stable, well-paid employment is costly. Therefore, protecting your equipment and team is essential. Commercial policies are affordable expenses that ensure proper coverage in the event of a lawsuit or property loss.

While no business owner wants to endure any of these difficulties, the future can’t be predicted. Even a diligent, careful driver may be involved in an accident. Protecting the company by minimizing risks with a commercial insurance policy is an efficient, affordable way to keep things moving. It’s vital coverage—don’t be caught without it!

Find Out About Commercial Insurance Policies

Whether you need to find the right level of coverage for a startup company or need to keep up with changes in the insurance industry, we have it covered. Request additional information online or call today to request a personalized coverage quote from a licensed insurance agent.

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