Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?

Are you worried about your cat’s whiskers falling off? This is a common concern for all cat owners because they fear whether the yielding scissor activities of children will cause permanent damage to a cat.

However, whiskers have a vital role in enabling a cat to navigate its surroundings. The key role of the whisker is to aid with a vision for a cat. In the dark surroundings, cats are also known for their ability to see at night, and whiskers support this. So, whiskers are an essential part of a cat’s body.

Now, let’s get an answer to the question: do cats’ whiskers grow back? Also, before that, let’s understand the role of a whisker in detail.

What Is A Whisker?

A whisker is a form of hair that is longer and stiffer. The roots of the whisker go deeper into a kitty’s body than the fur which covers the rest of her body. Whisker is scientifically named ‘vibrissae’ connected directly with the muscular and central nervous system of a cat.

Whisker does not have a feeling or sense in itself. Instead, it does its work by vibrating when a whisker touches it. This vibration causes stimulation to the nerve endings in hair follicles and sends it to the brain for further processing. So, we can say that it is like an antenna that gives a sense of surroundings to a cat.

You know what a Whisker is now; let’s know how long a whisker of a cat can grow.

How Long Do Whiskers Grow?

The length of a cat’s whiskers can vary greatly. Some cats have very long whiskers, just like their big size. There is a world record for Maine coon cat, with a long whisker of about 7 and a half inches long. On the other hand, small cats or cats with less hair have short whiskers. Multiple factors affect the growth of whiskers which includes,

  • Diet
  • Breed
  • Health issues

A cat’s whiskers are thicker at the base than it is on the top. As per studies, this shape of a whisker enables it to have more sensitivity towards its surroundings.

Now you know the length of a cat’s whiskers, so let’s get an answer for our key question: Do cats’ whiskers grow back.

Do Cat’s Whiskers Grow Back?

The Answer is Yes; a cat’s whiskers grow back if they are cut or naturally shed. As mentioned above, it is more than long and stiff hairs like a sensory tool for a car. It is important to remember that they should not be cut or trimmed during any bathing or grooming activity.

It takes about 6 weeks to 3 months for it to grow back. However, it will not grow back to its original length. But it will be long enough to be functional.

Why Are Cat Whiskers Important?

The cat’s whiskers help her analyze if she can fit into a tight space even if she is unable to see it. Also, it can even respond to vibrations in the air, like when the cat is chasing prey. As you might have noticed, cats can gracefully and quickly leap compared to other animals. The reason for it is that whiskers help her to measure distance visually.

So, cutting off a cat’s whiskers is a terrible idea. Without whiskers, a cat can be disoriented and become scared of her surroundings. In short, it enables a cat to analyze and make sense of its surroundings.

However, the whiskers will grow back, but a cat needs her whiskers to be intact for herself. Just like we humans need touch senses to go around, in the same way, a cat needs her whiskers to determine darkness and threatening situations. Even when the cat sheds whiskers and grows back naturally, it must be left alone.

You now know that cats’ whiskers take time but grow back naturally. So, let’s know whether a cat sheds her whiskers naturally or not.

Do Cat’s Shed Whiskers Naturally?

It is normal for a cat to shed her whisker in her lifetime. But, it would help if you did not panic about it. If you notice that your cat’s whiskers are missing, you must visit a veterinarian. The loss of whiskers is a sign of vitamin or mineral deficiency. If the whiskers get broken or have something like split ends, it can cause medical concern and needs to be consulted by a vet.

Will It Hurt A Cat If Their Whiskers Are Cut?

No, the cat will not feel hurt because it does not have nerves itself. It is attached to nerves in the face of a cat. So, cutting a cat’s whiskers will not cause pain. But, just because it will not cause pain, you must not cut it. Without whiskers, the cat will feel lost.


Now, we have come to the end of the article and we hope that you would have got an answer to your question: Do cats’ whiskers grow back?

Now, let’s have a quick recap of it.

Cats need their whiskers, but it will take a long time to grow back naturally. Until then, your cat will suffer from mobility issues. For this, you should not cut the whiskers off your cat and if it sheds, naturally consult a vet for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for whiskers to grow again?

Usually, the cat sheds its whiskers like other hairs, and it can take between 6 weeks to 3 months for a cat’s facial whisker to grow back to its original length to be functional.

2. Should you trim the whiskers of a cat?

The answer is no. The whiskers of a cat don’t need trimming. A cat with cut whiskers will become disoriented and get afraid. It will take away its touch sensation, like blindfolding someone.

3. Can I trim the eyebrows of my cat?

The eyebrows of a cat should not be trimmed or cut. That’s because it plays an essential role in the sensory function for perception and night vision.

4. Why do cats bite the whiskers of other cats?

Naturally, kittens grow on each other. But, biting the whiskers of another cat is excessive. It is common for kittens to do this when they are young or under a lot of stress.

5. Can I trim the claws of my cat?

Trimming or cutting the claws of a cut every few weeks is significant for maintaining good health; nail trimming is also a quick and ideal solution for declawing that might include surgical amputation and cause behavioral or health issues.

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