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Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

Starbucks is probably everywhere these days, thanks to its excellent coffee. Many Starbucks branches are also equipped with the most up-to-date payment systems, allowing you to pay with many payment options. However, does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

Starbucks does take Apple Pay, beginning October 2014. You may use any of your Apple devices to pay with Apple Pay, such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. You may pay for your Starbucks purchases with Apple Pay at the counter, drive-through, or delivery.

This article will answer if Starbucks takes Apple Pay and how you use Apple Pay to make payments at Starbucks. We will also show the steps to set up your Apple Pay by pairing it with your card. 

Starbucks and Apple Pay

Starbucks started accepting Apple Pay in all their stores on October 24, 2014. The change was a shock since Starbucks was doing well with its own payment systems at the time. Since 2013, Starbucks customers can pay for their purchases by scanning their phones at the counter. 

However, Starbucks decided to move into Apple Pay after seeing its competitors and other major businesses start using it. These companies are Whole Foods, Subway, Nike, Disney, Walgreen, and several others. The move was rather drastic at the time and surprised many. 

However, Starbucks has been known to prioritize customer experience heavily, so if Apple Pay take-up is high, they should change too. You may also consider switching to Apple Pay to improve customers’ mobile payment experience. This fits into what the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, said back in 2014.

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How To Pay With Apple Pay At Starbucks’ Counter?

To pay with Apple Pay at Starbucks’ counter, simply make your order and inform the barista that you will pay with Apple Pay. When requested, bring your phone close to the NFC card reader, and then either provide your ID or scan your fingerprint to confirm payment. 

Stop worrying about paying for your drinks and food with cards or cash. Just have your Apple devices ready to pay with Apple Pay. Just follow these steps if you intend to pay for your purchases over a Starbucks counter:

  1. First, inform the cashier what you intend to purchase. 
  2. Once you have finalized the order, the barista should update you on the amount and may ask you how you intend to pay for it. 
  3. Tell the barista helping you that you will use Apple Pay as your payment method.
  4. The barista would do some preparation and then may ask you to bring your phone close to the NFC card reader. 
  5. Once scanned, you may be asked for your ID, or you may scan your fingers to confirm your identity. 
  6. A confirmation message will appear on your phone’s screen if the transaction works.

You are done, and a receipt should be given to you. Just wait a few minutes, and then enjoy your Starbucks!

How To Pay With Apple Pay At Starbucks’ Drive-through?

The exact process should apply to paying at Starbucks’ Drive-Through, just as you are paying over the counter. The only difference is you will need to first make your order and then make payment at the next station before picking up your order at the third station. 

Using Apple Pay at Starbucks’ drive-through is the same as paying at the counter. 

The only difference is that you may be doing it inside a car, which may present its own challenges. At times, you may not park your vehicle at a position good enough to reach the NFC card reader to make a payment. 

However, your barista should be able to hand the device to you to make the payment. Just make sure to return it before you drive away!

  1. Drive your vehicle into the drive-through, and order the speaker to the barista inside. 
  2. When you finish making an order, you should be told the amount payable, and you may prepare your Apple device to make payment. 
  3. When you go to the next station to pay, you tell the cashier that you want to pay with Apple Pay.
  4. Bring your Apple device close to the NFC card reader, just like you must when paying at the counter. 
  5. You may not need to leave your car or give up your phone or watch to make a payment. If you cannot reach the card readers, the barista should be able to pass it to you. 
  6. Once scanned, you may be asked for your ID, or you may scan your fingers to confirm your identity. 
  7. A confirmation message will appear on your phone’s screen if the transaction works.
  8. Make sure to return the NFC to the barista before picking up your order.

How To Pay Through The Starbucks App?

To pay with Apple Pay from the Starbucks app, start by making your order. During checkout, choose Apple Pay; then you select which cards you intend to pay with, and the payment will be processed. You may be asked to enter your ID or fingerprint scan. 

You can also pay from Apple Pay within the Starbucks app. The app allows you to order your favorite Starbucks food and drink and deliver it to you in multiple ways. 

You can have it delivered to you. Starbucks uses its own delivery service and, at times, may also use Uber Eats. 

You may also pick it up for takeaway or dine-in. Pickups can be done through the drive-through, or you may walk into the restaurant to pick up from the counter. 

  1. Start by logging into your Starbucks app and making your order. 
  2. During checkout, select your intended delivery option.
  3. Select Apply Pay for the payment option. 
  4. You may be prompted to select which card to use to make your payment. You may also be asked for your ID or fingerprint scan. 
  5. If you opted to have your orders delivered, you may either be assigned Starbucks own delivery driver or Uber Eats. Ensure you check appropriately before making delivery orders. 
  6. If you decide to pick up, choose the right Starbucks store to pick up your order to avoid mistakes and delays. 

How To Set Up Apple Pay?

You may set up your Apple Pay with an Apple device. Simply launch the ‘Wallet’ app on your phone, and follow the instructions. You need a credit or debit card to use Apple Pay, so have that prepared beforehand. 

If you are keen to try to use Apple Pay at Starbucks, you must first set up your Apple Pay. Setting up Apple Pay requires an Apple device and a working and active credit card

The setting up process is easy. You should be able to complete it in a few minutes. The following guide assumes you are setting up your Apple Pay from an iPhone:

  1. From your home screen, launch the ‘Wallet’ app.
  2. You may see a ‘+’ symbol at the top corner of the dashboard. Tap it to add a new payment method. 
  3. At this point, you may see some introduction about Apple Pay and information on how Apple will handle your private data. Tap’ continue.’
  4. You should now see payment options. If you want to add a credit card, tap ‘credit card’ and continue. 
  5. Enter your credit card details manually here. Always type the numbers correctly, and double-check to confirm before proceeding.
  6. If you are lazy, you can scan the card using your phone, and your iPhone will record the numbers automatically. 
  7. Key into the phone your name and CVV number. The CVV number should be on the back of your card. For American Express cards, the CVV is on the front of your card, usually in four digits. 
  8. Read the terms and conditions. You must agree to the terms and conditions to use Apple Pay. 
  9. You may also be prompted to grant your iPhone access to your location. Apple needs the information to help track your purchases. 
  10. At this point, Apple Pay may try to verify your card by sending you a verification code through a phone call or text. 
  11. You might be required to call your bank and confirm your application to use Apple Pay, but this may only be done in particular cases. 
  12. Once verified, your card is now ready for use, and you should see a graphic representation of your card inside your Apple Pay app.

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Is Apple Pay Secure?

Apple Pay is safe and secure, although there is no 100% safe guarantee. You should still try to at least ensure you protect the information of your credit card. If you lose your device, you need to lock and wipe the data remotely using the Find My app. 

Apple Pay is primarily secure, using 256-bit encryption to protect your data. This means that the data is in some codes, even if hackers managed to intercept information when you make payments. 

256-bit codes would take millions of years to crack, even if you use Milkyway 2, the world’s fastest supercomputer. 

However, encryption is not the only thing to protect your data. You should also protect it by preventing it from falling into the wrong hands in the first place. 

First, ensure you keep your card information private and not seen by anyone. You also want to prevent your Apple devices from falling into the wrong hands. If you lose the device, always lock it using another Apple device you have through the Find My app. 

If you have given up on trying to locate the device, you may wipe the data off remotely as well, again by using the Find My app.

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