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Do You Know All The Valuable Things Your iPhone Can Do

Do You Know All The Valuable Things Your iPhone Can Do? Let’s Find Out!

You may use your iPhone every day, but you might be missing out on accessing all the capabilities of your phone. Want to find out? Here’s a list of some of the most beneficial things your iPhone can do. Prepare to pat your back for already knowing them, or quickly make a note of it so you can show it off to your friends. 

Set Your iPhone To Recognize An Alternate Appearance 

Setting up a Face ID is a convenient way of unlocking your device. All you need to do is look at your device, and it’ll automatically unlock itself. However, it isn’t delightful when Face ID refuses to recognize you. It might be because you are wearing readers or a scarf is hugging your face. Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround. If you’re using iOS 12, you can set your device to recognize an alternate appearance. 

Make your way to the Settings > select Face ID & Passcode > select Set up an alternate appearance and follow the instructions. Ensure to wear eccentric apparel when setting this up, so your device recognizes you even when you’re wearing a funny hat. 

Download Text Messages From iPhone 

Some text messages are worth more, and you wouldn’t want to lose them because the iMessage and the iCloud server didn’t sync. Creating an iTunes backup is one of the best ways to download and transfer text messages from your iOS device to your computer. In addition, it will ensure that all your messages are stored in the backup before being exported. 

You need to plug your iPhone into your Mac computer > launch iTunes > select your iPhone > select Backup Now and start the process. 

Alternatively, you can use AnyTrans to download iPhone messages and keep them safe. 

Siri Shortcuts 

Have you seen the Shortcuts application on your iPhone? It is a powerful tool, and you can use Siri Shortcuts to automate a wide range of actions triggered by the Siri phrase or something else, such as your location or a phone call. For instance, you can set up a Shortcut to automatically deactivate Do Not Disturb when you leave a specific location. Or, you can use it to switch on the smart lights when the morning alarm goes off. 

Try to invest a few minutes in browsing the application, and you’ll find there’s no limit to what you can do with the tool. 

Use Your Headphone To Take Photos 

Even though it is an iPhone and comes with advanced features, pictures may become jittery. You can lessen the possibility of clicking blurry images by using your headphones to take photos. The headphones can be the shutter button. 

For this, you need to press the center of the headphones when in the camera application, and the picture will be clicked. 

Hide The Native Applications 

The App Store provides you with several ways to make your device work for you. For example, users can find more advanced applications or make tasks more straightforward, and therefore, native applications might become unnecessary. So, when you leave the native apps out in the open, they might become an eyesore and take up a lot of space. 

You can use Parental Controls to hide the native apps. When device restrictions are activated, it prevents access by hiding the apps. Head to Settings > click General > click Restrictions > select Enable Restrictions > Enter Your Password and switch toggle off to enable the restrictions. 

Know When Recipients Are Reading Your iMessages 

Read Receipts is not an exclusive feature of WhatsApp, and you can enable the same feature to find out when recipients are reading your iMessages. The feature lets you view when your message has been read and at what date or time. Go to Settings to activate the feature > select Messages > toggle on Send Read Receipts. 

Use The iPhone Keyboard As A Trackpad 

The iPhone keyboard can work as a trackpad, and with this feature, you can move the cursor accurately. You can jump to bits of text quickly without tapping on the screen. The feature is used with iPhones with 3D capabilities, and it also works on iPads. 

On your device, firmly press and hold anywhere on the keyboard, and the trackpad will be activated. When the keyboard goes blank, you’ll know it has transformed into a trackpad. As a result, you can drag your fingers around and move through the text. 

To activate this feature on your iPad, drag two fingers on the keyboard, and you’ll enter the trackpad mode. 

Hide Your Private Images 

Are you guilty of carelessly leaving your phone anywhere? Or, do you casually hand over your phone to your friends to share videos or photos? Whatever the case, your phone may include private or sensitive pictures that you wouldn’t want anyone to see. Fortunately, iPhone users can quickly hide their personal pictures from view without hassle. 

Select one or more pictures inside Photos > tap the Share button > select Hide. A confirmation message will pop up on your screen, and your selected pictures will be hidden from view. Those pictures will even disappear from all the locations in your photo library. Instead, you’ll find them in the Hidden folder within Albums. 

Create Custom Vibrations 

If you love customizing your iPhone, you’ll love this trick. The customization feature has been hiding in plain sight for so long within your Sounds and Haptics settings. Similar to a personalized ringtone, you can have custom vibrations. You can even create the vibration’s beat to match your favorite rhythm or song. 

Create custom vibrations by going to Settings > choose Sounds & Haptics > choose which use you want the vibration for (alerts, text tone or ringtone, etc.) > select Vibration > scroll down and select create new vibration. Then, you need to tap your pattern on the screen and review the custom vibration before clicking Save. 

Wrapping Up 

So, how many of the cool iPhone things mentioned above were you already using? There are more useful features hidden in plain sight. You need to spend a few minutes exploring your device to uncover such features.

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