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Hot Dog Vs Polish

Hot Dog Vs Polish – Which One Will Conquer Your Tastebuds?

Hot dogs are a common snack worldwide, and they are particularly popular in the US, but Polish sausage has also been getting a lot of attention these days. Since these two delicious food items are similar in taste and appearance, people make the common mistake of confusing one with the other.

If you have clicked on this hot dog vs polish sausage article, then you are probably wondering what the differences between a hot dog and polish sausage are. 

Well, today, we will be discussing exactly that, and we will also be taking a look at hot dogs and polish sausage individually; therefore, you’ll have a clearer idea about both of them. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the details.

Hot Dog | Everything You Need To Know

Around the 13th century, pork sausages that are quite identical to hot dogs were named Frankfurt in Germany. Slowly throughout history, these sausages were not limited to being just made out of pork. They were mixed with beef, and now it has become the hot dog we know. 

Although hot dogs originally had pork in them, nowadays, hot dogs are made without any pork at all. In some countries, such as German-speaking countries, hot dogs are called wieners or even wiener wurstchen to distinguish them from the Frankfurt sausages entirely made of pork.

Meat Used

Today hot dogs are not just made of pork or beef; many different sorts of meat are used to make hot dogs since people have a much wider palate now. Chicken hot dogs are very popular, and one of the major reasons is that it is incredibly cheap and makes for a cheap source of protein.

Usually, hot dogs are made of meat trimmings, also known as skeletal meat; this type of meat is used for ground meat. 

This kind of meat is used not because it is really bad quality meat or something; it is just that skeletal meat does not make the best steaks. We needed to clarify this because a lot of people are misinformed that the meat used for hot dogs is leftovers.

The meat has to be grounded very finely, then salt is sprinkled into the uniform meat mixture. Salt acts as a binding agent for the meat and makes the mixture sticky. 

After that step, water is poured in, and the whole thing is mixed. While mixing, the mixture can get very hot, so along with water, sometimes, ice is also added so it is kept at optimum temperature. 

Shape & Flavor

Hot dogs get their shape because the meat mixture is pumped into long tubes and then into a plastic casing. Then machines twist the casing stuffed with the meat into links where the shape of the hot dog is achieved. 

After that, the hot dog is cooked with the casing on, and when the cooking is done the casing is peeled very quickly by a machine known as the peeler. 

You have probably noticed that hot dogs have a distinct pink color and have a flavor that is not present in regular meat. This comes from nitrates that are added to hot dogs. In addition to nitrites, each company adds plenty of flavorings to hot dogs, which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Polish Sausage | Everything You Need To Know

Polish sausage goes by the common name of ‘Kielbasa’, and has been extremely popular in Europe for decades now. If you have ever seen one, you might know that traditionally polish sausages have a U shape. These meaty sausages are usually made with pork, but people have been making it with all other kinds of meats these days. 

Meat Used

The way that Polish sausages were originally made might surprise a lot of you. Initially, the meat is cured, ground finely with fat until it comes to form a homogenous mixture. 

Then, some spices are added, and then one of the core ingredients of Polish sausages is added – Garlic. After all the flavorings and spices are added to the meat, the mixture is pumped by a machine into the intestines. 

Yes, you read that right, it is stuffed into INTESTINES which sounds a bit disgusting, but it is no big deal. However, the polish sausages you will find in general grocery stores will probably get their shape from artificial casing.


The distinct flavor and aroma of garlic in this treat sets it apart from a lot of other sausages in the market. Marjoram is another spice that is a staple ingredient when it comes to making Polish sausages, and it enhances the flavor of the meat itself. 

If you love some smoky flavor in your food for the extra kick, you will love Polish sausages. The smoky flavor Polish sausage is an absolute delicacy, and it is loved so much that many Polish families always have space for them on their dinner tables. 

It is most probably the smokiest sausage there is in this world. This smokiness is even more enriched if you can grill your Polish sausages over an open grill instead of a stove. 

Ways of Cooking

There are many ways you can enjoy some polish sausages. Generally, people cook it, and this Polish sausage will have a light brown color when it is raw, and the color will darken upon cooking it. However, there is another type of polish sausage called Mysliwska, which is also quite popular in the land of Polish. 

This type of polish sausage has a smaller diameter of about an inch, has a much darker and shorter look, and is even much smokier than other polish sausages. Some polish sausages can even be enjoyed uncooked as a dried and smoked snack. 

A good polish sausage will have a very crispy outer skin that goes perfectly on a breakfast platter, by the way, while it is very juicy and succulent inside. But it is also added to a variety of dishes such as soups, stews, and stir-fries. 

Difference Between Hot Dogs And Polish

Although hot dogs and polish sausages look similar, and both are made of meat they do have some differences that you must know if you are deciding which one to have for your dinner party. 


To be honest both of these sausages taste amazing and can be used in many dishes. The biggest difference between hot dogs and polish is that, as we mentioned before, Polish sausages have a distinctly smokey taste that is missing in hot dogs. Another difference is that hot dogs have many other flavors and spices in them, while the taste of garlic is the most dominant in Polish sausages.

Both hot dogs and polish sausages can differ in taste depending on where they are made and who they are made by. For context, Polish sausages that you will find in a Polish deli will taste a bit different than ones you will find at a large grocery store like Wholefoods. 

Hot dogs tend to have the taste of strong artificial flavorings more because people usually buy hot dogs manufactured by large companies. If you buy hot dogs from a butcher shop, it will taste less like the artificial flavoring.

Meat Content

Generally, both hot dogs and polish sausages are made from meat trimmings, and they were both originally made entirely out of pork. 

Now both of them are made of different kinds of meat, including pork, to be suitable for a greater number of people’s diets. A difference between the meat content of a hot dog and a polish sausage is that polish sausages usually are cured with higher amounts of fat. 


We are all aware that hot dogs are usually served inside a hot dog bun, but it is also used in many other dishes as a small component. Although Polish sausages are sometimes served in a bun like hot dogs, more often than not, they are incorporated into a stir fry, soups, stews, and other popular polish dishes. Also, Polish sausages are cooked for a bit longer than hot dogs. This is often done so the complete smokiness of the sausage can be brought out.

You will know your hot dog and polish sausage are cooked to perfection when both of them have a crispy outer skin but have a soft and juicy inside.


Hot dogs have a long, straight shape and look somewhat like a tube made of meat. On the other hand, polish sausages have a unique U shape, but in terms of length, it is pretty long. But Polish sausages have different types, which differ when it comes to appearance as well. 

There are three types: Mysliwska are short and have a darker color, Krakowska are very wide and is usually sliced, and lastly, there’s Kabanosy which is very thin and long. 


We cannot say whether hot dogs are better or polish sausages because this is entirely a matter of personal preference. However, after going through the detailed hot dog vs polish guide, we hope you can decide which one you would love the most, or better, you might have decided you want both! 

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